The bugs whisper

You know about bugs?
Those little critters that are like infinite more populous than us?
And they are like, really, really annoying people, especially in spring and summer?
Well, I’ve haven’t seen them since childhood.
No, oh God, no, they haven’t disappeared, that would spell the end of the world for us, no.
They are just kept at bay by my parents.
Like they don’t let any bug get close to me.
And due to uncertainty and whatnot, I’ve been homeschooled…
Quite annoying…
But both my parents are working, and they are quite busy.
I don’t know their jobs, but they have a lot of overtime.
This would mean, that I could have the chance to sneak out or something, but no…
They’ve hired a maid to take care of me…
She’s an amazing person, and we are besties…but, but she’s too serious about her work.
My homework needs to be 10/10, my exercise routine must be completed, not even a second less…
And when I say homework, it’s some university curriculum, as my parents said they will solve the diploma problem somehow…
Never mind, back to the maid.
She’s totally an ex-soldier, I am pretty sure about that.
Once, when I tried to sneak out, she literally jumped from the 2nd floor, over me, and appeared like a guardian statue in front of the door.
Was awesome, made my heart flutter, but at the same time, greatly annoyed me.
I felt caged.
Well, I was kind of caged, but I got wifi, internet access, a lot of books and comics, so I was okay being in this house/mansion/prison of mine.
But, humans are perfect.
And Alice, my bestie, my jailer and maid, is a human being.
One day, when the weather outside was just like the end of the world, I’ve finally met a bug.
The sky was ashen grey, rain drops fell swift and heavily and the wind was raging.
Thunder and lightning competed to see whose presence is more brilliant, and we were just simply overwhelmed and awed by Mother Nature’s creation.
Long story short: we were hiding underneath a blanket, and watching Doctor Who.
Alice fell asleep, and I went back to my room, to search for a bigger hoodie, as she drooled a bit too much on my shoulder.
As I went to my room, I saw something in my window.
Now, I said that Alice isn’t perfect, meaning that I finally could see a bug, but it wasn’t really her fault.
Usually, the moment I open a window, she appears like a ghost behind me, and watches over it.
But with her being in a semi-weather coma, the outside weather being loud as hell, she certainly couldn’t hear it.
And fate willed it so that…
That a bee was drenched and barely moving there.
I quickly took it in, put it on a small handkerchief and placed it in a box and under my blanket.
Then, I changed my hoodie, and went back downstairs, of course, before that, I closed the window.
Alice was still sleeping, but woke up when I scuttled back under the blanket.
“You changed?”
She asked groggily.
“Someone drooled all over my shoulder, I had to.”
I said, poking her cheek.
She blushed, and hid her face behind a pillow.
She was older than me by a few years, but oh damn, was she easy and fun to tease.
But, she wasn’t one to be underestimated.
A few second later, she dropped the pillow, smiled devilishly, and groped me.
“Well, with such a motherly figure and vibe, am I at fault that I slept so sweetly?”
She said, being too handy with me.
I just laughed, and we started to play-fight.
But alas, nothing good lasts too long.
She stopped, and sighed.
“I need to cook dinner.
You need to eat in an hour or so.”
She said, looking at her watch.
So, she stood up and left.
I just sighed, and went back to my room.
There I quickly checked the bee, and I saw it was getting better, as it was slowly moving.
I had a chocolate bar in my room.
So I dissolved some chocolate coating in water, and put it in a bottle cap before giving it to the bee.
Then, I hid it again and left for dinner.
Well, to talk and joke with Alice as she was cooking dinner.
The dinner, was amazing as always.
“Marry me Alice. This dinner was too delicious, I won’t be able to eat normal food after having yours.”
I said.
Alice just threw a towel in my face, and giggled.
We watched a movie, before going to bed.
I carefully went to bed, as Alice was watching me and even tucked me in “jokingly”.
“Sweet dreams.”
She said, as she left my room.
I smiled foolishly, before turning to the other side, and remembering about the bee.
Taking a look at the box, the bee was moving around normally by now, and the sugary water was all drank.
Before I could say anything to the bee, it…it talked.
“Thanks for saving me, Your Highness!
What are your orders?”
The bee buzzed, as it took flight and danced around.
I froze a bit.
“Fl…Fl..Fly to the left, then right, then up, then down.”
I said, a bit stutteringly.
The bee did as told.
I pinched myself.
“This isn’t a dream…”
I murmured.
“Of course it’s not a dream, Your Highness!
We’ve been looking for you for ages!
Ever since your youth when you disappeared!”
The bee buzzed.
“We? As in the bees?”
I asked.
“We”, as in the bugs, Your Highness.
You are our leader!”
The bee buzzed.
I froze, before I told him to stay quiet until the storm passed.
The next few days, I joke around with Alice, but I was just acting.
The moment the sun shone for more than just an hour, I sent the bee home.
As soon as I opened the window, the bee flew out, and Alice appeared behind me.
“Was there a bug there?”
She asked.
“No, but it feels stuffy.”
I said, smiling.
She just nodded and stood by the window.
The next day, countless bugs, especially bees and ants started to behave strangely in our neighborhood.
Not even an hour later, my parents were home, and I was told that we are moving…
Something was strange…
One day, I will find out…
They can’t keep it a secret from me forever…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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