Perfectly fitting ability

I am a liquor store owner.
It’s not only because I like liquor, but it is also because this has been my father’s dream.
And no need to worry, I don’t get drunk.
Wait, let me rectify that, I can’t get drunk.
I have had some peculiarities about me since I’ve been born.
I learnt to walk, talk, read and so on, very early on.
I’ve been pretty smart and pretty athletic compared to those around me.
But most importantly: I can see someone’s age, floating above them as a transparent number.
It’s visible only to me, and it was never wrong.
I don’t know how many chicks did I impress with this ability, and how many bets I’ve won.
But most importantly, this ability can help me in my job.
Yes, you guessed it, just as the Hollywoodian stereotype says it, a lot of kids try their luck in acquiring some alcohol, before they are of age.
Well, no one can slip by my all-seeing eye.
Cheesy line, but I always wanted to say it.
Besides that, I am quite good at running and fighting as well, and I am friends with a lot of officers of the law, and more.
Even concerning the shadowy parts of our society, I have my connections, so I have nothing to worry about.
That is…
That is until today.
A young woman entered the store.
She nodded politely and went to the wines.
Above her head…
Above her head the number read…
Okay, that was impossible.
“It’s the first time this ability of mine, malfunctioned.
It’s still a pretty good success to failure ratio.”
And as I thought this, the woman came to the counter.
“Hello. “
She said, with a sweet smile.
She was buying two red-wines.
“Big party, huh?”
I said, scanning her items.
“Ah no, it’s just there is a lot of stress at my work, so I need to wind down.”
She said, giggling.
Well, have fun, but don’t drink directly from the bottle.”
I said, laughing.
She laughed it off, paid for her items, and left.
I had this urge to ask her about her age…but I know better than to ask a woman that.
But next day, she was back.
“Already emptied the two bottles?”
I asked, when she came up to the counter.
“Oh, you remembered me?”
She asked, raising an eyebrow, and flashing a brilliant smile.
“It’s been just a day, and to be fair, it’s hard to forget such a lovely smile.”
I said.
She giggled, and brushed a start strand of hair.
“Such a glib mouth.
I’ve just moved to the neighborhood, and your wine suits my taste.
You will see me plenty.”
She said, as she left.
I just stared at her as she left.
Not only because, damn, she was just my type, but because her age…
It didn’t change.
I’ve had costumers after and before her.
Their ages were accurately shown above them.
But she…
Hers is still 3463, which is frankly…impossible…right?
Then I started to think…
I am 30, but look 20, and my physical abilities are at their peak constantly…
I barely tire, and I can do a tad bit more than I should be able to…
Also, my ability to see one’s age…
Who is to say, she’s not someone who developed some abilities…long long ago?
Well, we shall see.
And the young woman did as she said.
Every 2-3 days, she came in to buy wine, or just to talk.
It was lovely, and before I knew what happened…we were dating.
We were really happy.
She was working as a senior accountant in a bigger firm, but she was really really lazy.
It was amazing how little she could do when she was working.
Barely eating, and sustaining herself on some pizza-rolls and wine.
That is…until we started seriously dating.
I started to cook and take care of her, while she kept me cheery with her own mood.
I tended to bury myself in work as well, and hide my problems, but with her…
I was an open book.
Thus, after roughly few months of dating, when we were approaching our 1 year anniversary, I decided to tell her about my abilities.
When I finished telling her, she just giggled.
“I knew something was special with you.”
She said.
“You knew?”
I asked.
“I am from Atlantis, people don’t remember us if we don’t want to…
But you did.
Also, you are my man!
Of course you are special!”
She beamed.
So, the 346…”
I wanted to ask about her age, but she pinched me.
“Don’t ask a woman about her age, it’s rude.”
She said, pouting.
I said.
We talked about everything afterwards.
She suspects that I am either an Atlantean descendant, or another race that visited this planet.
But we will know more.
As she wants me to visit her home…
I will visit Atlantis.
Seemingly, my ability to see people’s ages should be and can be much more developed…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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