Dizzy Awakening

I woke up, but I still didn’t open my eyes.
I was feeling groggy.
I stretched on the bed, turned right then left, lay powerlessly on my stomach, before finally getting enough will-power and strength to sit up.
I sat up and turned to the right…I was sitting on the edge of the bed.
Opening my eyes, everything was misty.
I rubbed my eyes, and yawned.
Stretching my legs, I was blindly looking for my slippers…which weren’t there.
Weird…they should be on this side of the bed…
I rubbed my eyes a bit more, and my sight cleared up enough to see the room I was in…
It was a room…but not mine…it wasn’t my bedroom.
I froze and chills went down my spine.
I huddled up on the bed, and under the blanket.
I couldn’t stop shaking…it was too weird.
What happened?
How did I get here?
Where I am?
Who took him?
Why did they take me?
What do they want?
A million questions went through my head, all leading me to more and more dangerous conjectures.
I stopped myself from falling deeper in despair with long deep breaths.
Cliché meditation technique, but it works for me.
I spent a few solid minutes under the blanket, before finally taking a peek outside.
The room was dark, but not too dark.
There were some lights here and there that I couldn’t identify the source of.
Gathering my courage, I uncovered myself and started to examine the room.
It was like a botched up escape room.
And the theme of the escape room: my bedroom.
There were two nightstands that were just like mine, but empty, without my phone, wallet or lamp.
There was a shelf on the far side of the room, but without my books.
There was a closet, and when I stood up to check it…it was empty.
Only the bed, which now I could properly see was a perfect copy.
It looked the same, even the blanket, and pillow as well.
My pajamas were the same I went sleeping in, so it must be after I fell asleep that this happened.
My heart was beating in my head already…
I was terrified, and a feeling of dread set in.
I walked up to the door, and placed by ear on it.
What I heard petrified me.
First it was a loud thud.
With a certain rhythm just like a heartbeat, but much louder and stronger.
Then, I heard a song being sing.
The song’s lyrics were about forests, mountains and journeys.
But the tone, pacing of it was…off.
When cheery, when desolate, when a woman’s voice, when a man’s voice.
It gave an awkward, and eerie feeling.
When the song was getting sang, again and again, I gulped.
I don’t know if who was singing heard me or not, but they stopped singing.
The feeling of dread intensified.
I went quickly, but quietly back to the bed, and pretended to sleep.
The loud thuds became clearer and were getting closer.
I pinched myself, drew my fingernails into my palm, bit the sides of my mouth, but nothing…
This…this wasn’t a dream.
I waited and waited, but nothing happened.
Suddenly, the smell of cinnamon, lavender, lime and fresh dew hit me.
I felt drowsy, and I think I’ve fallen asleep.
When I came to myself once more.
The room changed.
It still didn’t look like my room, but it got closer.
On the nightstand, there was a lamp, just like mine, and the bookshelf started to have books.
The closet had some clothes, like hoodies and sweatpants that were 100% like mine.
And now, on the other nightstand…there was a tray with my favorite breakfast and juice…
The singing could be heard.
Now…it was entirely cheerful.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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