The average one

The multiverse is infinite.
With countless stars, countless worlds and countless beings, there are innumerable powers, power systems and ways to become something…something more.
In all of creation, or at least from the creation that’s been discovered, mapped and recorded, there is one individual that stands out…due to her averageness.
She was considered talented at first.
After all, she learnt languages in days, spells in weeks and entire power systems in months…
But there was a catch.
She was average in all that she learnt.
Languages? She spoke them well enough to be understood, but that was it, she wasn’t an expert in those languages, nor could she speak about deeper topics at first.
Spells? She learnt them properly, but their power was mediocre at best, same with their accuracy.
Power systems? Yeah, she could actually cultivate multiple types of power systems, but she wasn’t good at any of them, she was at best mediocre…
So, like that the awe and pride everyone felt towards her became mockery and disdain.
They were really heartless beings in her family.
Her usefulness was gone, and so was her value in their eyes.
Oh, how wrong they were.
And how much they’ve underestimated her.
Indeed, she was average at everything she did.
But she was average at everything.
There was nothing she couldn’t learn, and there was nothing she couldn’t do at a passable level.
This seems to be something laughable for most people.
“What’s good that she’s mediocre at everything?
Jack of all trades, but master of none.
She wouldn’t be able to hold herself against an elite.”
Is what most people think.
But is that accurate?
Yes and no.
If she were to engage with an expert of a certain power system, whilst using the same power, she would be instantly defeated.
But would she just use that single power system?
She has an arsenal of spells, powers, and different ways to approach the same problem.
Running away? She has at least a million ways to do so.
Surviving a deadly blow? She has at least a million ways to do so.
Negotiate a deal? She has at least a million ways to do so.
And so on.
Are these ways the best?
Of course not, she is barely decent at everything.
But being decent at everything, means she has endless choices.
One must know.
Sometimes, the perfect choice is the average one, and an average skill can be more useful than a perfect, expert one.
And thus, she bloomed.
She learnt everything she encountered like a sponge.
She travelled the multiverse and absorbed the knowledge of the myriad civilizations.
Some say she’s like a walking library, others say she’s the sparring partner.
Regardless what one might think about her, time has proven a thing.
She doesn’t die, and she’s the last one standing.
Might her way be the correct one?
Maybe, maybe not.
All ways if persevered upon lead to the same destination, and each person has its own way.
Being the average one, started her on a difficult journey.
Yet, with an unyielding attitude and ignoring the mocking gazes, she arrived at the peak…without ever truly mastering a skill.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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