A hero’s request of compensation

It was a long journey home, but Nicholas was finally able to see the islands he dreamt so often on the battlefield.
The fleet was slow but steady, and soon they’ve reached the shore.
Nicholas looked around, and a lot of citizens of his country gathered together to welcome them.
But…his wife wasn’t in the crowd.
A stone settled over his heart, his intuition that was honed in the battle against outer-gods, demons and creatures of other lands told him that something was off.
He half-heartedly smiled and shook hands with those he left in charge of his land, all the while he hurried through the sea of people towards his mansion…towards his home.
He was greeted by his servants, whom all avoided his eyes…
Something was truly wrong.
The moment he entered his wife’s chambers, he saw her with tears in her eyes, a wry smile on her beautiful face…and a two babies in her arms.
Nicholas smiled, and after giving his wife a kiss, he took the kids.
A boy and a girl.
Both almost a year old.
Pitch-black hair, fair skin and eyes blue like the skies.
They were very lively, and with intelligent eyes like they could understand everything that was around them.
Nicholas laughed, and played with the children until they’ve fallen asleep.
After that, he took his wife to the dinning-hall and had dinner with her.
The two ate in silence for a while, before Nicholas sighed.
“I am not angry or mad at you, Alexandra.
I love you too much for that, but I do deserve an answer.
When and how did it happen?”
Nicholas said.
Alexandra shivered, and tears started to form.
“My husband…
You’ve left for more than 2 years to fight alongside the gods against the invaders of our lands.
I’ve worked, sew and waited for you at the shore every day…
And one day, 8 months and a few days after you’ve left…
Your boat could be seen…”
Alexandra said, not daring to look straight into Nicholas’ eyes.
But Nicholas took her hands, and smiled at her.
“It was you who debarked…
 The man looked like you, talked like you, but wasn’t you.
We went back to the mansion and we…we loved each other.
But the love wasn’t like yours…it was boundless, endless, wild and rough…
It wasn’t pleasant all the time, and it was different from you, but…but I…
I thought that you just needed to vent…and everything will go back to normal…”
Alexandra said, as she started to cry.
Nicholas took his chair closer to her, and hugged her.
After she calmed down, she continued.
“But after the initial two days, that we mostly spent in the bedroom…
“You” disappeared, and I was pregnant…
No woman who thinks of herself as decently looking is unaware of beauty’s danger…
No woman in these lands knows not of whom they might attract…
Alexandra said, but couldn’t finish the sentence.
“A god took fancy of you, and took you with trickery and deceit.
Quite a sad day for him, but good for us.”
Nicholas said, caressing his wife’s face.
Alexandra was shocked.
“As I said, I am not mad.
And I got two beautiful and probably amazing children.
They are not mine, but they are yours, so I will raise them as they were mine, and they will grow into fine adults.”
Nicholas continued, kissing his wife.
The two spent countless days in a swirl of gentle love and long-time overdue longing.
After everything was settled, the sun has risen and set over 40 times.
“What will you do?”
Alexandra asked Nicholas, as they lay in bed, with the two children between them.
“I’ve saved Ares, and Tyr this time around.
Drank and fought together with countless minor gods, and demigods.
I’ve survived what others couldn’t even imagine, my mind is not shallow.

But the affront to you is unforgivable.
And the fact that those two kids are his is undeniable.
I shall wait until the children are 10 years old, and they start their formal education, before leaving for Mount Olympus and I shall ask…
Ask for compensation.”
Nicholas said.
And as he said, so he did.
He spent all his time with his family.
He taught the little Alies how to move his body like it was wind, and have him a spear that could be taken apart and used as a chain.
He taught little Andromeda poems and stories from other lands, and gave her countless books to read.
The two little ones grew fast, and at 3 were like others at 7.
When the two were 8, Nicholas and Alexandra decided to start their formal education.
But Nicholas still didn’t leave, he remained for two more years, and deepened the bond between the family member.
He also took care of his land, and started to teach Alies about bookkeeping, agriculture and more.
But alas, two years were too long and too short, and now Nicholas was seen leaving, as Alexandra, Alies and Andromeda were waving him goodbye.
He left all alone, and treads a long and dangerous path.
This journey of his will be either nigh-impossible or extremely easy.
But the moment he stepped outside his lands, a storm started to form over his head.
It seems it was bound to be a treacherous journey.
But as swift as it formed, just as quickly it dispersed.
Now, under a sunny sky, bells rang and a figure descended in front of Nicholas.
“Hermes, long time no see.”
Nicholas said with a smile, as he stretched his hand.
Hermes landed in front of him, shaking his hand firmly.
“Nicholas the Death Seeker, indeed it’s been a long time.”
Hermes said, laughing.
Nicholas just rolled his eyes.
“Look, Nick, are you sure you want to meet with the Big Guy?”
Hermes asked.
What he did to my wife is…unforgivable.
And before you say something, I know.
I know sometimes he does it out of lust, but there are times that he does it because fate whispered him things of ages yet to pass.
For the greater good and all that…but that won’t change a thing.
My wife is still my wife, and despite having a good life together, this affair is eating her from inside.”
Nicholas said.
“I know…
When Loki heard what happened, he wanted to steal some treasures of Zeus and give them to you.
Odin had to chain him again, just to keep him down.
Same with Ra, Susanoo and Lu Dongbin…”
Hermes said sighing.
“And you as well.
The six of us did some reckless things in the war.”
Nicholas said, laughing.
Hermes laughed as well.
“Indeed we did.
Well, if I can’t talk you down, then let me give you a lift.”
Hermes said, as he covered Nicholas in his power, before flying away.
The next moment, Nicholas was already on Mount Olympus.
“Damn, you do have some speed.”
Nicholas said.
“I have to have speed.”
Hermes laughed.
As the two were talking, several gods and goddesses appeared.
“Lo and behold, I can’t believe it.
It’s the human who is chasing Death.
Tanatos is really starting to admire you.”
One of the goddesses said, giggling.
The other gods and goddesses also started to talk with Nicholas.
After all, they’ve known him for a while.
Soon, the cheerful and loud atmosphere quieted down.
The main characters were here.
Zeus came walking out, hand in hand with Hera.
Poseidon was chatting away with some Nymphs, while Hades was seen in a corner, buried in some books.
“So, I hear you wish to talk with me, Nicholas.”
Zeus said, with a smirk.
“Yes. There is a compensation needed to be done.”
Nicholas said.
The clear skies, darkened.
Don’t you think that raising half-gods is a reward in itself?”
Zeus asked.
Hera just sighed next to him.
“Look, I am a god’s kid as well, you don’t have to tell me the benefits of that.
But regardless, you’ve tricked my wife, and left two kids with us.
I don’t want much.”
Nicholas said.
The skies thundered.
“Ho, so you don’t want much?
Then tell me, Halfling, what do you want?
Seeing your achievements from the wars, I might even fulfill your wish.”
Zeus said, his eyes ablaze.
“Name those two as my children.
And let my children become demigods and have a chance to become gods, if they acquire enough merits through wars.
Our lands are a mess, and all the god pantheons are working together, such a request should be doable.”
Nicholas said.
At this Hera smiled, Poseidon actually started paying attention, while Hades chortled.
And as for Zeus, he just smiled, but didn’t say a thing.
“Very well.
They shall be your children, and your children will be blessed, and given the chance to become gods.”
Zeus said.
The skies cleared, and the gods started to leave.
Only Nicholas, Hermes and Hera remained in the hall.
“You know, you are a great father, but don’t blame Zeus.
He…he has his own difficulties.”
Hera said to Nicholas.
“I know, but I still had to do something.
Alexandra is my life, after all.”
Nicholas said.
Hera just nodded and left.
Hermes smiled, and took Nicholas back home.
When Nicholas arrived home and told Alexandra she burst into tears of happiness.
And so did Nicholas.
After all, Alexandra was pregnant once more.
This time, it was certainly he who the father was.
And besides Alexandra, Alexandra’s twin sister became Nicholas’ new concubine.
Zeus promised that Nicholas’ children will become demigods, and will have chance to become gods.
So now, Alexandra, her sister and Nicholas will make sure that they exploit this benefit, as well as they can.
After all, which parent doesn’t want the best in the world for their children?

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