A professional’s oath

Mr. Tenebrum was just tidying up the documents for the day, when someone knocked on the door.
The knock was so loud that the glasses in Mr. Tenebrum’s room were shaking, some even showed cracks.
Not waiting for an answer, the individual who knocked opened the door in a rude manner.
First, it was a tall police officer.
She was a tall golden-haired woman, with piercing blue eyes.
She entered with a smirk, and a knowing look in her eyes.
After her, there was a short red-haired man entering.
Wearing the same uniform, he had an apologetic look on his face.
“Sorry Sir. for the door, but we have a warrant…”
The man said to Mr. Tenebrum.
The woman just chuckled.
“He knows this Matthew, after all, he’s a villain.
He is used to getting arrested.”
She said, smiling teasingly.
“Taken in for a questioning, not arrested.
Not the same thing.
And I am a therapist who specializes in helping villains, not a villain.
Not the same thing.”
Mr. Tenebrum said, before calmly standing up, taking his jacket, and waiting for the officers to escort him.
The woman grabbed him with an iron grip, while the man started to apologize.
“I am sorry, she’s rather forceful.”
He said.
“It’s the nature of your job.
In a world with superpowers, law enforcing isn’t quite easy.
Also, Matilda and I are old friends, no worries.”
Mr. Tenebrum said.
The police officer was calmed down by this, but the woman just chuckled.
“Of course we are old friends.
I visit you weekly.”
She said, as she pushed Mr. Tenebrum into her car.
The trio drove away, and quickly arrived at the station.
There, Mr. Tenebrum was given a green tea, and shoved into his usual room.
And then he was let to wait…1 hour…2 hours…3 hours…
Behind the one-way mirror, the young police officer was fidgety.
“Officer Matilda…are you sure this is okay?”
He asked.
It was highly unusual to do this, especially since the warrant was a custom made one, specifically for Mr. Tenebrum to be treated like an important guest.
“Don’t worry Bruno, relax.
That stone of human Tenebrum likes this silence, sipping the tea he can finally relax after a long day of work.
But you know what, here take the questionnaire, and go in.”
Officer Matilda said, smiling.
Officer Bruno knew something was amiss, but he still listened to her.
Entering the interrogation room, he sat down in front of Mr. Tenebrum.
“Young one, you seem to be quite anxious, don’t worry.”
Mr. Tenebrum said, with his usual soothing, and “work” voice.
“Mr. Tenebrum, although I am extremely unsatisfied with how we’ve treated you…
You are a categorized as a villain, with no criminal records yet, as thus, I am forced to treat you as such.
Legally, I need to inform you about my superpower, lest I am accused of using it without your knowledge.
My superpower is dragon body, which I am sure you know it’s a pretty common, but high-tier one.
Now, let’s start with the questions.
Are you ready?”
Officer Bruno said, in his most confident and serious voice he could muster…but his sweating and slight tremble didn’t go unnoticed.
“Go ahead, young one.”
Mr. Tenebrum said.
“Are you Tenebrum Alearkthel?”
The officer asked.
Mr. Tenebrum answered.
“Is your power super-regeneration and ultrahuman-reflexes?”
The officer continued.
Mr. Tenebrum said.
“Are you a villain?”
 Officer Bruno asked.
Mr. Tenebrum said, before sipping his tea.
“There, look at these photos.”
The officer said, handing a stack of photos, taken out from within the questionnaires dossier.
Mr. Tenebrum casually glanced over them and chuckled.
“What seems the problem, Mr. Tenebrum?
Don’t tell me that suddenly, you don’t recognize them.”
Officer Bruno said.
“Of course I recognize them.
They are my patients.”
Mr. Tenebrum said.
Officer Bruno chuckled, as he spread more and more photos.
There must’ve been at least 500 hundred of them.
“Over the years, there have been almost a thousand villain sightings at your office.
Do you think this is normal?”
The officer asked.
“Of course it’s normal.
I am a villain therapist, my patients are villains.”
Mr. Tenebrum said with a smile.
Officer Bruno froze a bit.
After regaining his composure, he continued with the questions, but he didn’t really get a proper answer.
The last questions were at hand.
“Now, tell me Mr. Tenebrum.
Do you know the villains real identities?”
Officer Bruno asked.
“Of course I do.”
Mr. Tenebrum nodded.
“Tell us, and you would’ve saved millions of lives.
Tell us, and you will be treated as a hero, the greatest hero!
I am sure you know the calamities the villains bring, please help us stop them!”
Officer Bruno exclaimed.
Mr. Tenebrum just chuckled.
“That was a good speech, you might’ve chosen the wrong career, young man.”
Mr. Tenebrum said.
Officer Bruno just smiled, and gestured for Mr. Tenebrum to continue.
“First of all, I am not a hero, I am a professional psychologist and I am in charge of my patients safety and nothing more.
I don’t want to be a hero, I just love and want to do my job.
And frankly, as I said Matilda a billion times, I am stopping the villains.
Slowly, by one session at a time.”
Mr. Tenebrum said, smiling before asking for another cup of tea.
Officer Bruno was baffled.
He hit the table, barely calming down.
“You could die!
They are villains!
They see lives of others as nothing!”
He shot off on a rant about how evil villains were.
But Mr. Tenebrum wasn’t moved, his warm, calm smile never leaving his face.
“I appreciate your concern, but there is yet a villain to be born, that could hurt me.
And trust me, my job is trying to help them see those lives as something more than dust.”
Mr. Tenebrum said chuckling.
Right then, Officer Matilda came in.
“Okay, Thel you are free to go.”
She said, giving Mr. Tenebrum his jacket.
“Thanks Matilda, Sunday is still our date day, right?”
He asked as he took his jacket, and from his pocket he took a candy that he gave to Officer Bruno.
Officer Bruno was frozen.
He couldn’t believe his ears.
Officer Matilda…his superior is…is…dating Mr. Tenebrum?
“Sure Thel, I wouldn’t miss it for anything.
After all, it’s our 10 year anniversary.”
Officer Matilda said.
Mr. Tenebrum just chuckled, and nodded before leaving.
After he left, the silence grew too strong for Officer Bruno, and as he wanted to ask Officer Matilda, she already started speaking.
“We met like 11 years ago when I was a rookie.
Due to our weekly meetings we get acquainted and before we knew, we were dating.
We got married seven years ago, and have 3 little bundles of joy.”
She said, chuckling as she left the interrogation room.
Officer Bruno ran after her.
“Then…then why are we doing this?
Or why aren’t you convincing him to tell you their identities?”
Officer Bruno asked, confused.
“A professional’s oath or something.
He’s wonderful, gentle, caring and funny.
He would die for me and the kids.
But he won’t break his principles…and I love him like that.”
Officer Matilda said, chuckling.
“Then why are you so…”
Officer Bruno started.
“Violent with him?
First of all, he likes it, as he doesn’t really feel pain as we the others do.
Secondly, he gives me extra-work, he needs a bit of punishment.
And I get punish him home, as he is too…hmm, what’s the word for it…perfect? Careful? Attentive?
Eh, whatever, I think you get it.
See you later, need to talk about the interrogation with the Chief.”
Officer Matilda said, leaving.
Officer Bruno stood frozen in place…
“What a messy situation this is…“
He thought.

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