Always me

We live in a messed up world.
Ever since the dawn of time, Demon Deities, Eldritch beings and Gods waged wars on mortal planes through their Chosen ones.
Demon Deities chose their Demon Kings, the Eldritch beings chose their Devourers and the Gods choose their heroes…
Every few centuries, the cycle start anew, and the skirmishes begin, before transforming into a full-blown war.
But there is a constant in this world.
It has always been me.
I have been always the Demon king…
It was always me who survived.
It was always me who was chosen again and again and again…
I was always targeted by the other 2 races from the get-go.
Why, one might ask, after all, seeing how it’s been going on for millions of years, the 3 races should be equal in strength, so why focus the demons?
Well, that’s because of the skills I’ve awakened.
When the deities created me, I got simple skills.
Super-regeneration, super-adaptability which back then wasn’t really known what it meant, and godlike intuition and state of mind.
Add to that that I am lazy and coward by nature, I wasn’t the best candidate for the role of the Demon King.
But alas, I was the first born demon, so they’ve chosen me.
Now, back to the wars.
The wars are rather simple, at first new heroes of several classes are being awakened amongst humans, while the monsters in the void are eating each-other until a Devourer is born.
Us demons have it easy, we just start dividing the supplies we stockpiled and start devising strategies for the upcoming battles.
Now, one might ask.
“Why are you annoyed, bored and tired of all of it?
Since you are alive since the dawn of time in your universe, that means you’ve always won, no?”
And the question would be understandable.
But it’s not true, mostly we’ve “lost” the wars.
Lost is a strong word, but it’s more or less accurate.
To understand it, it’s not hard, I might be still alive after a long time, but that doesn’t mean we’ve always won.
As this is when my 2nd skill, the one about adaptability comes in.
I can get used to anything…literally.
Spells of different attributes? No problem, just need to survive 10 or so hits of the same intensity, and the next ones will be just ticklish.
Weather? Natural Phenomena? Easy-peasy, I just need a prolonged time of suffering them and I will be able to ignore them.
Weapons, divine skills, space phenomena? Same thing, I just need to make sure I don’t die in one-hit, and it’s all good.
And now, here I am, millions of years old, do you reckon I tasted a few attacks, right?
And you would be right.
Right now, I am not sure if anyone other than those at the same rank as the ones who created me could damage me.
Please, read that carefully : “damage” not kill.
I’ve already stopped thinking about death, after being sealed in the sun, thrown in a black hole, disintegrated by an Eldritch being’s avatar and spread across the planet, yet my cells just reunited after a few days later…
And the Demon Deities that created me?
They are totally amassing resources in other worlds and universes.
They leave newbies just insta-choose me, when it comes to the Demon King selection, and pay absolutely no attention to this realm.
Well, I actually love that part of this mess.
My race is stronger than the other two combined, yet we started to live in a “small” area, around my castle.
I say small, because I’ve mastered spatial formations, and a house equates a planet, and if I would be honest, I don’t know how many of us there are…
We wage no wars, as resources are handled by my right hand tribes.
The succubi, the liches, and of course the fallen angels.
You would be surprised about how important money is for the succubi and liches, and how sharp their business acumen is. (mostly is because: clothes and perfume are expensive so succubi need to be good with money, while experiments are risky, thus liches need a lot of resources.)
And let’s not talk about the fallen angels, the little bundles of pride, those guys accept nothing less but perfection and above it.
With them being in leading positions, all I need to do is keep the Heroes and Devourer at bay.
So, while “always me”, might sound a bit like whining, and I am whining a bit, I still like my life.
Though, I doubt it will be long until some God or Eldritch being will try to mess with me…
After all, it’s been centuries since they’ve tried something with us…
But it doesn’t matter.
Whether they know about our endless resources or our spatial formations, it doesn’t change a thing.
Our race, the demons is protected.
I will protect them…
I will be in front, and will shield them from everything.
It will be always me…and I am content…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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