A voluntary choice?

I didn’t know that this will happen.
Randomly being hit by a lightning bolt, sure feels bad.
As my consciousness blurred completely, I could feel…warmth.
Soon, light bloomed around me, and I could open my…eyes?
“How…How is this possible?”
I murmured, looking down to my feet, my hands and seeing I am wearing the same suit, I was wearing when I…
“When you were hit by the lightning, yep.”
A voice suddenly said.
I jumped in fright.
This one…this voice read my…
“Your thoughts, and I have a name.
I am Azaerla, pleasure to meet you.”
The voice said, as my surrounding got clearer.
I was at a crossroads.
To the left it was “Heaven” to the right “Hell.”
And in the middle was a desk, with a beautiful red-haired woman sitting at it.
“Oh, thank you.”
She said, playing with her hair.
“So, now what?”
I asked.
“Choose a side.
Heaven or Hell.”
She said.
“What? I can choose?!”
I exclaimed.
She just nodded, while giggling.
“What if I don’t deserve to go to Heaven…”
I whispered.
“No worries.
Saving damned souls is our job.
Even the worse criminal can be redeemed…
They would just need some extra steps before truly entering Heaven.”
She said, smiling sweetly.
“Oh, then I choose Hell.”
“Don’t say tha..”
I said, rolling my eyes.
I joked, as I usually do in awkward situations.
Azaerla tried to stop me.
“Well, in Hell you go.”
She said, sighing, as a beam of light exited from the direction of Hell, and dragged me back with it.
After that, I fainted.
When I woke up, I was surrounded by pillows on a royal bed.
A bit further away, there was a table filled with sweets, snacks and beverages.
The room itself was luxuriously decorated and furnished.
“OH, finally, you are awake!”
A voice woke me from my daze.
It was a young man, with pitch-black hair, pale white skin, and eyes of the deepest red.
“I am Lucifer, or Satan, but friends call me Luci.
Well, “Friends”, as they are more like subjects than friends.
A pleasure to meet you.”
He said, with a cheery attitude.
“What’s going on?”
I asked, baffled.
“Oh, you are the first human in Hell.
And as demons are my servants…you are the first one I can talk freely.”
He said, sitting at the end of the bed…and starting to rant.
How bored he was of killing otherworldly creatures to protect his Father’s creation.
How bored he was of the succubi, who knew nothing of romance but were led purely by lust…
How gluttonous demons cooking was delicious, but so damn repetitive…
And on and on he whined, and joked and whined and joked…
At a moment, my stomach grumbled.
“Oh, you must be hungry, my bad.
Come let’s eat.”
He said, dragging me out of the bed.
That was the start, of my friendship with Satan…I guess…
I never would’ve imagined that a joke, could change my life…rather said my afterlife so much..

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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