The legendary huntress

There was a bow that never missed.
This bow needed not arrows, and it could talk.
This bow, knew its targets name and they knew how afraid of death they were.
The moment it targeted someone, death wasn’t a possible outcome but a certainty.
And this bow was held by a young elven woman.
Legends say she was and is a huntress, that hunted the stars, moon and sun out of the sky.
The gods, angered by her actions cursed her.
“Immortal life, and a heart bigger and vaster than the universe itself you shall have.
A bow that is alive will be your only partner, as the others will be all your prey.
Hunting those who fear death you shall be doing for the rest of your life.
Feeling the dread, the pain and the helplessness they will a thousandfold and more.”
This was the curse she was under, and this was what kept her going on and on.
But she was not alone.
Besides the bow, there were others who she could call “friends”.
A mountain tortoise that predates the known universe, and watched how cosmic laws and energies birthed the gods, and everything after, is her best friend.
Alongside with an eldritch entity that got bored of terrorizing the gods, the three have tea parties every Sunday.
There is a mage that gained immortality, and tried to pursue the huntress and well pursue her, and any good-looking female.
And amongst the gods as well, there are a few that consider the huntress as a good conversational partner.
But the problem is…a curse is a curse.
The huntress’s emotions are always in the extreme.
Either too cold, either too emotional, either too lustful, either too aloof.
There is no balance.
But she doesn’t complain, for she accepted it, and tried to enjoy it.
But it’s hard.
Countless emotions tearing at her heart and soul on a daily basis.
After all, she’s a huntress, she needs to hunt.
Across the eras, it’s unknown just how many individuals, and emotions she saw and experienced.
But now, today, a peculiar human found her.
It was one of those who wanted to end themselves at her hands, but…this one was … different.
“You, you came to die.”
The huntress said.
“Yes. So, shoot the arrow, let’s get over with this.”
The young man said.
“Peculiar…you also want to die, just like so many others before you, but still…
You seem to lack…fear of death…”
The huntress murmured.
“Yeah, yeah, strange I am.
Can we get over with it?”
The young man said.
“Why do you want to die?”
This time, the bow asked the question.
“Because I am bored.”
The young man said.
At this the bow fell silent, while the huntress raised an eyebrow.
“What, you wanted some cliché answer?
Like: I lost everything, I have nothing left….
And so on…”
The young man started to say.
“No, not at all.”
The bow answered.
“You think how can I be bored right?
I could become a magician, but an ordinary one.
I could be a knight, but an ordinary one.
I am not that ugly, so I could easily start a family…
But I feel no attraction to these options nor to anything in particular that exists here…
Rather than waste away in mediocrity in this life, I might try the next one.”
The young man said.
He had no place in this world.
He felt alien in his own home, on his own planet.
“How lonely…”
The huntress said, tearing up, feeling the young man’s pain.
Maybe you thought I would fall in love with you, and follow you around?”
The young man asked, thinking that the tears are from disappointment.
The huntress chuckled, blushing a bit, before releasing an arrow.
The young man’s life was extinguished quickly, with no extra-pain involved.
The huntress panted, and sobbed.
She bit her lips, and crossed her legs.
“This curse…
While it’s good because you are immortal, this pain and desire you feel…”
The bow sighed.
The huntress said nothing, wandering away.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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