Complicated family matters

My family is wonderful and kind.
I’ve grown up with two older brothers and three older sisters, all doting on me.
Reading stories, helping with my homework, helping with my training, flying me to the moon, and many more.
Oh, don’t be surprised with the moon thingy, my family is a family of superheroes.
My father and mother are the strongest superheroes, while my brothers and sisters are also in the top 10.
Everything was perfect, until one by one, they started to get busier and busier.
At first, they were trainees, then associates.
At that point, they still spent a lot of time with me, helped me, and talked with me.
But when I was 12 my eldest sister became a fully-fledged hero, coming home just for dinner and to sleep.
At 13, 14, and 15 everyone else also became fully-fledged heroes, either moving out or remaining here, but barely being at home.
I was left all…all alone.
They loved me, and I loved them…but they were too good, and too kind.
They couldn’t ignore injustice and the deeds of criminals or villains.
But they could ignore me…
It was painful.
I worked harder than ever.
Got the best grades, and my physical qualities were increasing at a drastic rate.
But…since powers only awaken after 16, I still was a normal human being.
They congratulated me and gave me gifts…but after that, they’ve always left.
No matter what I achieved, I got a hug, a gift and then a “see you later”.
But then, my powers awakened.
I was a “Complete Elementalist”, meaning that I could control all the elements that could be found in nature.
I got a party thrown for me.
It was finally fun…until…until they all had to leave, because a villain appeared a few towns over.
Even afterwards, all I got was: “You powers are strong, even stronger than ours, thus you need to train.
Training how to control them, how to understand them…”
And that was it.
After a while, I was sent to a wild mountain range to train, as “closer to nature I was, the better the results of my training would be.”
It was a true statement, but I was barely 17 by then…
Then I started as a trainee, assigned to a random hero…
Not even one of my sisters or brothers…
It went good, but…I hated it.
I just wanted to spend time with my family, and my friends.
But all of them were just too occupied with being heroes.
Then, an idea struck me.
“If I were a villain, we would meet almost daily!”
This thought once it appeared, wouldn’t leave my mind.
So, I acted upon it.
I started wrecking-havoc, and guess what?
I had a talent at being a villain.
My powers were that of the elements.
A little bit of lightning here, an earthquake there, flooding an entire coastal city or engulfing a city with a forest wasn’t that hard for me.
Of course they’ve sent heroes to stop me or to catch me.
But the newbies didn’t succeed.
I didn’t kill them, and even while sowing chaos, I made sure that a root here, a breeze there, maybe an orb of gold, always saves the citizens.
Long story short: my kill count is 0, and hopefully will remain like that.
But the damages I’ve done to countries and cities are tallying up to a rather impressive number.
And again, I was wearing a disguise, so my family was yet to know of this.
Speaking about family, at home they were praising me for my advancement in my control over the powers I possess, while on TV they’ve were swearing that they will fight me and catch me.
Well, my villain persona, not me me, after all, I am good at lying.
And the day I’ve been waiting for arrived.
First it has been the twins who came to deal with the villain me.
These two were the lowest in the rankings, being at rank 9 and rank 8.
One of them possessed pyrokinesis and the other had superspeed as powers, while both of them having a physique way superior to a normal human’s.
Not going to lie, trashing Zeke with his own flames, and making Erik be unable to run by manipulating the fabric of his suit…it was fun.
It was like we were back playing villains and heroes when we were kids.
But I let them run.
I needed my whole family to be here.
Next it was the youngest of my sisters, Alicia.
She was the 5th ranked superhero, and her power was that of metamorphosis.
She was always artsy, so no wonder she can transform in anything she imagines…even chimeras.
It wasn’t easy to deal with her, especially since the attributes the creatures she imagined has, are replicated by her power in 50-60% ratio.
So, if she becomes a lightning dragon, then lightning isn’t really effective against her and so on.
After a few days of struggle, the twins joined in, but in the end, I won.
Of course, they’ve “escaped”.
Next it was Missy…my 2nd eldest sister, and my favorite sister.
She’s the 3rd ranked superhero, and her power is “Creation.”
She can create things out of thin air, kind of similar to Alicia’s power but much more comprehensive.
Of course energy can’t be destroyed or created, so she uses the energy her body has and the environment’s energy.
Thankfully, she can’t borrow endlessly from the environment, so she’s not omnipotent.
Our battle was epic!
My attacks defended, the residual energy transformed into fuel for her arrows, cannons, missiles, dragons and other creatures!
But I could use Earth, Metals, Air, wind, water, fire, lightning, light and darkness and even gravity against her…
My skill set was too varied.
And after we arrived in a deserted, foresty area, I was winning by a landslide.
Then, the twins and Alicia came in to help, but in the end, I won, I almost lost a limb or two, but I won.
And of course, once again…they’ve “escaped.”.
Next, it was my eldest sister who came to battle me, alongside all the others.
Rose, my eldest sister was already married, and recently had a child, that’s why her ranking dropped to 4th.
Her powers were frankly, disgusting.
She could teleport, and also use and control space.
My attacks weren’t hitting her, because of the folded space.
Rarely when my attacks found a breach, they would be just teleported somewhere else.
And she was continuously trying to grab me, and seal me in a folded space.
While the others were trying to injure me, to slow me down.
Well, it was the first time I unleashed my fire elements to their fullest.
Let’s say that everyone fainted due to the huge head, well, everyone but me.
Right then, two figures appeared.
One of them clapped, and the flames went out, while the shockwave pushed me back.
I had to bury my feet in the earth, while also tying myself up with some roots, just to not be sent flying away.
The two figures were, the 1st and 2nd ranked heroes…our parents.
My father had multiple powers, but mostly his immortality, and inhuman physique was what he was using.
Mother was a strong telepath, reading mind, brain washing, bending reality was her main path.
She looked at me with a frown, before sighing.
Father was angry and wanted to charge at me, after he checked my siblings but mother held him back.
Confused, he wanted to say something, but I was faster.
“Hello mom, dad.
Long time no see.”
I said.
Mom just shook her head, after all, she could read my mind, so she knew what and why I did.
But father was perplexed.
“John…is that really you?”
He asked.
I took down my jade mask, that fit perfectly due to my abilities, and nodded.
“Why?! Why did you do this?!”
He exclaimed.
“Because we were bad parents…”
Mom said, sighing.
“Bad parents? He got everything he ever needed and more!
And what “Long time no see?” we had dinner last Saturday!”
Father said, with his usual hotheadedness.
“What’s my favorite show, movie or song?”
I asked.
Mom went to check on my siblings, while father just stood there, fuming.
“Do I have friends? Maybe a crush, a girlfriend?
Do I like dogs, hikes, sport or am I more of a bookworm or nerd?”
I asked.
Father started to say.
“You don’t know.
All you did was provide for me, but that was the end of it.
My siblings raised me, but even they have abandoned me…”
I said sighing.
“We are heroes!
We save people!
We had to be away from home and I am sorry we neglected you, but it was…”
He started with his excuses.
“It was all for the greater good, right?
But why should I care about them?
I lost my parents when I was old enough to eat solid food.
I lost my eldest sister at 12, and by the age of 15 I was all alone.
The husks of tired entities that came back once or twice a day…
Those were strangers, no care, no energy, no love did I sense from them.”
I said, tearing up.
Father was speechless.
“Okay, let’s go home, we shall discuss it thoroughly.”
Mother chimed in, with all my siblings floating behind her, unconscious but safe.
She knew I did all this just for attention.
We went home, and had a long discussion.
Let’s say that for a few years, the family dinners were awkward, and my siblings tried quite a few times to smack me while I was sleeping.
“And kids, this is the most interesting story in our family.”
I said, to my niece and nephew.
The two were looking at me with wide eyes, and small, cheeky smiles.
“You were evil, Uncle!”
They said giggling, before they ran away.
I just laughed it off, while their mother, Rose hit me with a book.
“Don’t teach them your ways.”
She said, before leaving.
I just chuckled.
It was better.
Everyone retired from being a full time hero, and we spent more time together.
I had started a business in terra-forming.
With my abilities and with the help of other elementalists, we were working on keeping the planet habitable and healthy.
While also engaging from time to time in country wide reconstructions, after all, in a world with superpowers, construction businesses are blooming.

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