The Guardian Angel Trial

It wasn’t easy for us to protect our sweet, young child until this day.
In our world, myths and legends are truths and reality.
With demons, ghosts and myriad creatures roaming the world, babies aren’t really safe, no matter how strong we, the parents are.
But thankfully, the world is fair.
Everyone gains a Guardian Angel at the age of 7, and with the Guardian Angel, they can start training, and start awakening their own powers.
Now, don’t think that only angels can be Guardian Angels, the name is just that, a name.
Any mythical creature can be a Guardian Angel, be it a demon, eldritch creature, demon, dragon, or any of the myriad races.
We humans have been living like this for as long as the supernatural was born in our world, and now my son can finally start his own journey.
My wife and I were in our house, waiting for it to happen.
“A few more minutes, and he will be exactly 7…”
My wife said, smiling.
I just nodded, looking around.
We emptied our living room, just in case something huge become the Guardian Angel.
Also, we’ve surrounded the house with some defensive formations and charms, lest someone tries to use our little one as a stepping stone.
After all, there are large amounts of energy involved in this ritual.
Soon, the room started to get brighter and darker at the same time.
“What’s going on?”
My wife asked.
I just shrugged.
I don’t know everything related to what is happening now, but I guessed that our son will have to choose from multiple Guardian Angel candidates.
And right I was.
Soon, the light and darkness receded, and now Alex, my son was facing two individuals.
One of them was a tall, short golden haired man, fully suited in a pure white suit, and a spring green tie.
The other, was an average height, long blood red haired young man, wearing tracksuits and sandals.
“I am Stazikel, a newly ascended archangel, a pleasure to meet you.”
The blood-red haired young man, said bowing theatrically.
“I am Drilvasilden, a Variant Demonic Dragon, an archdemon per se.
Meeting me is your blessing, kid.”
The golden-haired man said, nodding to my son, with a smirk on his face.
“D-d-dad, could…could you help me?”
Alex said, turning around to look at us.
My wife just chuckled, while I went ahead.
“Greetings, two honored guests.
I am this child’s father, and seemingly, I will be his representative during this trial.”
I said. “What’s there to discuss?
Obviously, the child will choose me!”
Drilvasilden said, laughing loudly.
Stazikel just smiled at this.
I sighed.
“We can’t do that, honored dragon, I have to take my child’s future in consideration.”
I said.
“Heh, you have a Cosmic Hydra’s aura lingering around you, no wonder you dare to go against me.
Good, what do you need us to show you?”
Drilvasilden asked.
“Nothing much, my honored guests.
Just tell us what kind of powers can our child awaken if they choose you, and how far his affinities will lead him.”
I said.
The glorious powers this child will have if you choose me as the Guardian Angel are endless!
Infinite stamina, infinite strength, supernatural regeneration, impenetrable scales, nature attunement and many more can be awakened!
At one point, he will be able to draconify as well!”
Drilvasilden said, smugly.
I just nodded, while Alex was almost drooling.
“Heavenly Lightning, Fire and Wind affinities.
Strength, memory, endurance all enhanced.
His potential will be unlimited.”
Stazikel said, simply.
Alex didn’t really understand, but I did.
Heavenly Lightning, Fire and Wind affinities didn’t have a thing to do with the Heavens from the religions around the world.
Rather they were the highest leveled variants of said elements that can be found and cultivated.
His proposal is much better than the dragon’s.
“Alex, I would like you to choose Stazikel, do you agree?”
I said to Alex.
Drilvasilden wanted to erupt in anger, but when it comes to the decision, the Guardian Angels can’t interfere.
Alex looked at the two, and hesitated.
“I choose Drilvasilden.”
He said.
I knew he will do this, and hearing my wife chuckling behind me, I think she knew it too.
“Hahaha! The young one is wiser than the old one!
I shall make sure you will reach to the top of this little world of yours and even beyond!”
Drilvasilden said, as he touched Alex’s forehead, before slowly disappearing.
Alex’s body became sturdier, and his mind matured quickly.
“Dad…I see now…”
He said.
I just went up to him, and ruffled his hair.
“No worries, with hard work, you can still do whatever you want.”
I said.
Stazikel just looked at us, sighed and left.
From now on, all of us had some strength, but Alex’s journey just started.
Although, with such a Guardian Angel, he will have an explosive growth rate…
So bothersome, it will be hard to train, and feed him.
The resources needed for a genius are much higher both in quality and quantity than for us…but why can’t I stop smiling?
I just laughed and raised him over me, letting him sit on my shoulder.
My wife came next to us, and started to explain more things about dragons to Alex.
Together, we shall conquer any challenges.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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