The funny Godfather

I was sitting, and chilling with the Ice Giants of Jottunheim, while their prince…Loki, was snowboarding through a planet-wide avalanche on a Silver Wolf…
“Remind me, why is he doing that?”
I asked.
“Oh, he just loved the thrill of it…
Also, the Silver Wolf needs to train.”
An Ice Giant said, as he handed me some roasted Winterland Elk meat.
By the way, I am a normal human.
Do you want to know how did I connect with the realms of Gods?
It all started when my parents stopped caring about who my godfather should be…
It was all quite simple.
My parents eloped.
A young artist and a Doctor, eloping coming to Canada.
My mom was already expecting me, so yeah, there was no time to befriend anyone, as I was already on my way.
So, with no godfather prospects in sight, my mom, who’s an avid mythology lover, jokingly said.
“How about Loki being his godfather?”
My father just chuckled and agreed.
It wasn’t like there was another choice to be made.
I was born, yada-yada, and there came the time for the baptism.
Lo and behold, a tall, green-haired young man appeared, being dressed sharply in a beige amazing suit, and a yellow tie. (I know it was amazing, because I saw pictures.)
It was Loki, and he was here to be my Godfather.
My parents thought he was a friendly Canadian, and accepted his offer.
He moved in next-doors just to keep up the act, and to this day, my parents think he is just a friendly, not aging Canadian.
While when I was not even 1 year old, I could remember him casting spells on me, to keep me healthy and transform me from being a true normal human, into a human that can cast spells.
Fast-forward 16 years, and I lost count on how many times I almost died because of his or her antics.
Yeah, legends are true, Loki can shapeshift.
It’s all fun when you travel around on a huge flying whale, but it gets nasty when either the husband or the wife starts to chase you, because Loki fooled around with their spouses.
Especially since Loki usually targets gods, demons, devils and other inhumanely unimaginable races.
As I reminisced, Loki finished snowboarding, and came up to me.
“Oy kiddo, are you ready to steal Thor’s mead?”
He asked, smiling viciously.
I just chuckled, and nodded.
Don’t give me that look.
He was part of my upbringing, did you think I am any better?
My whining was just for the sake of it.
I like to complain.
Ever since he/she started to take me on adventures, I never had a single boring day.
And regarding school…
I can cast spells, do any of you think I can’t have a perfect memory?
Or a spell that can charm or confuse the papers themselves and anyone that reads them?
With my trickster Godfather, I travel the stars…
I don’t think any normal job would cut it for me anymore…
Well, my parents will think and “know” that I have a business in the IT field, but actually I will probably be zooming around with Uncle/Auntie Loki.
We have it all planned out already.
Seemingly even Loki took a liking to my parents.
Together we shall have fun and spread joy and ba-dumm-tss, mischief, all over the lands.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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