Awkward meeting with the Creator

I don’t know how it happened.
I’ve always loved sports, martial arts regardless if I was practicing them or reading, watching materials about them.
And at some point, something just…clicked.
I felt weightless, but I didn’t pay much attention to it back then.
When 10 years passed and I didn’t age, I felt lucky.
“Sports and a healthy life-style do help, huh?”
I thought.
When 20 years passed and I didn’t age, I felt blessed.
“My genes must be better than I thought.”
I thought to myself, while grinning at my envious friends.
When 30 years passed and I didn’t age, I felt weird.
“Okay…This isn’t normal.”
I thought, and started to take cautionary measures.
After all, I’ve seen too many movies in which something bad happens to someone out of the norm.
When 40 years passed and I didn’t age, I felt calm.
“Okay, that day when I became weightless a change occurred…I need to move.”
I thought, and bought myself land far away from civilization, in Alaska.
Sadly, it was too late, as some people already started to target me.
Thankfully, I never stopped training, and I never stopped growing stronger.
After witnessing bullets being unable to scratch me, and tanks being swatted away, those people stopped harassing me.
Although, it was a shocking sight even for me, after a while, I got used to it.
Time passed, and ages changed.
When 200 years passed, I was still the same, but humanity was far ahead already.
Now, with new technology, new weapons and friends from outside our planet, they tried to “invite” me.
When energy beams just got absorbed by me and spaceships were kicked out of the planet by me, they smiled, gave me the entirety of Alaska as remuneration and left.
I chuckled at the sight…and thanked my good nature.
I didn’t kill anyone, so they were tolerating me.
Time ignored me, but it didn’t ignore the world, and now even the planet has changed.
It’s been 3000 years since I haven’t changed at all, but everything else did.
Humans colonized space, and Earth became open for all the friendly races that we’ve met.
Not going to lie, I befriended some of them, and they were really amazing.
Sadly, from those I’ve met, even the longest lived ones only lived for 2-3 thousand years…
But I was happy to know that there are people out there that are more or less similar to me.
Or at least, that’s what I’ve heard from the intergalactic news.
Thus, I’ve decided to take some time off Earth and travel the universe.
It was a good choice.
What I’ve seen, heard and the people I’ve met…I will never forget them.
Nor could I forget them, after all, seemingly my memory is near perfect.
Time never stops, or at least that’s how it is for the rest of the universe.
It’s been 500 thousand years since I’ve stopped aging, and with intergalactic portals, I’ve seen a good part of the universe by now.
I’ve met kings and emperors, tyrants and dictators, saints and wannabe gods.
I’ve seen planets being born and die and I’ve seen how time washes over space and changes it…for better or worse.
But I’ve yet to change, or stop growing stronger and stronger.
After 2 million years passed and I’ve stayed the same in appearance, I’ve realized that cultivation from novels is not possible for others…but for me it was possible.
It was my blessing or curse, I don’t know, but it seems that I am immortal.
I’ve accepted my fate, and started to enjoy it.
I’ve tried my hands at creating and destroying planets.
I’ve bathed in stars and tried to fish in black holes.
I took meteor showers as baseball training and took unimaginable creatures as pets.
I’ve taught people how to be nice and patient.
How to grow through growing and helping others.
I’ve lived a full-filling life.
And then, I just roamed the universe.
Like this, countless ages passed.
Humanity was almost completely erased at some point, despite being a civilization that encroached the entirety of the universe.
I pulled some strings and saved a planet or two, and from there on a new human race flourished.
But soon, not even the space we were in…that is the universe itself could endure the passage of time.
The universe started to furiously expand before beginning a mad shrinking.
Everything collapsed and burst into waves of energy.
Everything was burning, and all of it was collapsing…on me.
Yet, I didn’t die…nor did I feel anything.
As I watched the blazing flames of myriad colors that were representing all the matter that collapsed and went back to its basic form, I heard a gasp.
“Oh my! Someone is still alive?”
A voice exclaimed, somewhere outside the burning sphere that was roughly the size…of my body.
I chuckled, and started to claw my way out.
It didn’t take a lot of effort.
As soon as I stepped out, the burning sphere collapsed more and more and soon it disappeared.
In front of me was a white space.
“So that’s where you are…
We need to discuss…”
I said, as I entered the place, where a nervous chuckle greeted me.
I met the one who created everything, and I had a looong discussion with them.
Afterwards, I continued to travel, and unravel the secrets of my existence.
But I will never forget the awkward meeting I had, with someone I should by all means, call as my “Creator”.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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