The Library of Everything

I was a Librarian.
Nothing too fancy, my job was to lend out books, take in books and take care of the books and library.
It was a medium sized library that I already knew like the back of my hand.
After all, I’ve been working here for 6 years now.
But oh boy, how wrong I was!
I was walking with the tray, putting the books that have been taken out, or brought back, back to their places.
I was walking and walking, lost in the music that was playing in my ears.
As I glanced up, I saw a book I didn’t recognize.
“How and Why? : A guide to a stable life”.
“What a weird title.”
I thought, and tried to continue my work.
But the tray was already empty, and it might’ve been empty for a long time.
I glanced ahead of me, where endless shelves spread alongside the walls.
“Weird…was the library always this big?”
I murmured, walking forward.
The books around me were completely unfamiliar.
“Wood, Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Gold: from the elements to eternity”
“Mythos of everything: Your legends might be true”
“Reverse Existence: Your life might be a legend in another universe.”
Books with ridiculous titles appeared one after the other.
I just chuckled, and thought I was dreaming.
I pinched myself…but nothing happened.
“Oh, I think I’ve read somewhere that in a dream, you can’t read.”
I said, and took a book from the self that was in front of me.
“Breathing: How to take energy from the universe”
It was titled as such, and I just chuckled, before opening it.
I started reading it, and suddenly I couldn’t stop.
I read and read, and I don’t know how much time has passed.
But when I stopped reading it, I was already breathing in a different pattern, and my entire body was covered in filth that was cleansed by my body…impurities.
“No way…this is real…”
I said, and started running back, from the route I’ve came.
But it didn’t work.
The rows of shelves just stretched and stretched, and the books covered any topic you could think of.
Magic, cultivation, faith gathering, carving legends to become immortal, writing everlasting stories to become a god, how to create robots, how to create life, how to create an universe…
How to become acquainted to eldritch entities, to gods, to devils and demons and angels and many more…
I was starting to feel weird.
“Why…Why don’t I feel hungry or thirsty…”
I murmured.
“That’s because you entered the trial to become the Librarian.”
A voice suddenly said.
“Who are you?”
I asked.
“I am the library’s spirit.
Hopefully, we will work together in the future.”
Now, the voice was actually gentle.
“How…How can I exist this trial?”
I asked.
“Become the Librarian, and you will be able to enter and exist as you will.”
The voice said, laughing.
“How do I become the Librarian?”
I asked, massaging my temples.
“Find the books that are looking for you.
Quite easy.”
The voice said, and I swear, I could hear him shrug and roll its eyes.
“Books are looking for me?”
I asked.
“Yes, there are some books that are looking for you, in order to change you a bit.
Like this, you have the will and spirit necessary for one to be the Librarian, but you are a tad bit weak.”
The voice said.
“Like the book about breathing?”
I asked.
“Oh, that was just a lucky coincidence…
The books that are looking for you are a bit better and harder and heavier with their…methods of teaching.”
The voice chuckled.
I just sighed…before continued to search the endless sea of books.
I don’t know how long I searched before finding the 12 books that were looking for me.
And I don’t know how long did I spend trying to learn their teachings…
But one thing is sure.
I became the Librarian, and when I arrived back in the normal library, not even 10 minutes have passed.
Ever since, my life became much more exciting.
After all, even entities that could sneeze our universe out of existence…are searching for books in the library and need my help.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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