A tired pair of “enemies”

After Zero cut down the Demon General, half a dozen girls surrounded him cheering.
“You did again Zero”
One of them said.
“We are closer to defeat this Demon Lord.”
Another one chimed in.
Zero just sighed.
The girls around him clamored.
They almost fell on him, at this Zero sighed again.
“I have to test a new skill I acquired, I will return before dinner.”
He said, before leaving.
The girls nodded, and went to the encampment.
Zero left them, and sped up.
Soon, he passed an entire forest, and stood at a cliff.
“If I fell, I would just gain another power-up, companion or new quest, right?”
He said, as he sighed and watched the deep abyss underneath the cliff.
“Complain more, little hero, it’s cute to see.”
Suddenly a voice could be heard.
It was a woman, surrounded by a golden light.
She was tall, charming, well endowed…she was a Goddess.
Zero just rolled his eyes.
“My sword is unnecessarily heavy, because legends say it absorbs the blood of those it injures.
My skills are max level from the start, and only way I can hone them is to become half-dead.
My “companions” are all girls…with whom I have an “accident” twice a day…each…
It’s tiring, it’s boring, it’s cliché…”
Zero said.
The Goddess wanted to say something, but Zero was faster.
“”Other’s would die to have what you have”, right Goddess?”
He asked.
The Goddess just smiled.
“I don’t want you.”
Zero said, before the Goddess talked again.
At this, the Goddess pouted.
“I am better than those girls down there.”
She said coquettishly.
“Yes, but I don’t want them either.
I just want to retire already…”
He said, sighing.
Everyone is praising you, there is no piece of land that doesn’t resound of your name.
What’s so wrong with it?”
The Goddess asked.
“Just for the name “Hero”, I need to encounter ridiculous people, requests and events…
It’s not worth it, Puezaerta…It’s not worth it.”
Zero said, sitting down and watching the sky.
The Goddess just shrugged, and disappeared.
Zero sat there until it was starting to get dark, before getting up and going back.
As he was walking back slowly through the woods, he heard a rustling sound.
He looked to his left, and there was a demoness walking out from behind the trees, locking gaze with him.
She had long red blood hair, and two emerald green horns.
She was tall, with royal blue skin and golden eyes.
Wearing a black robe, underneath which one could steal glances to a golden armor.
She was the 2nd Demon Lord, and the youngest one.
Zero just waved at her and smiled.
“Running away as well, Mr. Hero?”
She asked, in an amused tone.
Zero feet stopped for a while.
“You know what, yeah. I am running away.”
Zero nodded.
The Demon Lord just smiled, nodded in response and continued her journey.
But she wasn’t alone anymore.
Zero, the Hero was walking next to her.
“What are you doing?”
She asked.
“Running away.”
Zero said.
“Why are you coming with me?”
She asked, tilting her head.
“You seem more experienced in this, so I will follow your lead.”
Zero said, shrugging.
“You ran away because you hate what is happening to you?”
She asked.
Zero nodded.
“You don’t like being surrounded by heavenly beauties?”
The Demon Lord asked, smiling teasingly.
“Yeah sure it’s nice for the first time…
But when we fall over each other for no reason at all…or they come in naked for no reason at all…
Or when the Sage suddenly has the I.Q. of a squirrel for no reason at all…”
Zero said, but before he ended the sentence, the Demon Lord ended it for him.
“It’s tiring…”
She said, sighing.
Zero nodded.
The Demon Lord patted his shoulder.
“I know the feeling, come, I know of a desolate land which is inhabited by some wilderness and nothing else.”
She said.
“We can make our little house there.”
Zero said, laughing.
The Demon Lord corrected him.
The two main actors of the world’s conflict left, while those who were originally accompanying them were running everywhere, trying to find them.
But for a reason or another…not even the Gods could find them.
The two were the strongest mortals, and the combined skills of the two, seemed to work even against the prying eyes of those up above.
Coincidences and fate tired the two out and now…they might be able to rest a bit…
Ironically the two, who were supposed to battle and whose fight was supposed to end all conflicts, now could rest together.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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