Waiting for “it” to come

The world was filled with endless attractions.
Mountains with peaks covered in seas of mist, forests filled with countless lives, oceans filled with uncountable secrets.
There are plains that seem endless, and lakes that seem more like mirrors than lakes.
There are castles, cities and towns that would take your breath away.
There are islands that are upside down, floating or even flashing with myriad lights, with colors our language have yet to find a name for.
And many more sights, above and underground, in oceans, lakes and hidden in mountains and forests.
Some hidden amongst us and some hidden far away.
And yet, none of them can compare to the sights of the night sky.
The night sky, adorned with stars and objects of unknown nature can mesmerize even the most unfeeling being.
And such a being…such a being was staring at the sky.
Each day, whether it was clear or cloudy, raining, snowing or the weather was like the end of everything that was, is and will be…he was there, staring and watching the skies.
The elements avoided him, just like how the weak naturally can feel and avoid extremely dangerous places.
He just stood there, motionless…watching and waiting.
At first, when the legend was yet to born, it was just a simple story, a simple gossip, about a man who lost his marbles, and was waiting for death to come for him.
The townsfolk even started to bet: “How long will he survive?”
Some said a day, others said hours, some bolder ones talked about a week, but nobody thought he would resist more than two weeks without collapsing.
The doctor of the town even made sure that some healthy younglings watch over the man, and after he collapses bring the man to him.
But days turned into weeks and weeks into months, and the people realized something.
“This man…wasn’t normal.”
They thought.
But “normal” not in the sense of his sanity, but regarding his status.
Someone who could go motionless for months, then years wasn’t a normal human being, he must be something…more.
Yearly, before New Year’s Eve, people would go to check on him, just to find him staring intensely at the sky, while his breathing was stable, and strong.
Years turned into decades, decades into centuries and the story became a legend, while the legend became a tourist attraction.
People came from all over the continent to check the “The One Who Stares”, albeit some others used this moniker to make up terrifying children stories, but that’s a story for another day.
The man stood there, straight as a spear, unconcerned and unbothered by what was happening around him.
Of course, whilst the townsfolk and those who knew a thing or two about those who could survive for so long, didn’t try anything exaggerated.
But there are always some who know nothing about what fear is.
There were youths who tried to make the man move, but they failed.
In their anger, they brought out their weapons and attacked the man.
When the weapons, whether they be made out of wood, stone, steel or alloys used by those who ascended…nothing worked.
The man came out unscathed, without even reacting.
Centuries became millennia, and the people of the world got used to the man.
Some considered him a deity who failed to overcome the next realm’s trials and froze in time and space.
Others, considered him a construct of someone or even a creation of the universe itself, trying to show something to them.
But reality was much simpler.
He was an expert…who was waiting.
And after roughly half a cycle, which would equate a dozen million years that passed, the man lips quivered.
“Here they come…”
The man whispered, watching the sky.
It was night time, and the stars shone brightly.
But if one would take a closer look, they would see something horrifying.
The lights were getting brighter and bigger…the “stars” were getting closer.
The man didn’t move, but waited patiently, but his hands, which were hanging relaxed, were now tensed up.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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