The little shop of everything

There was a rumor floating around the city, the country and slowly spreading everywhere.
That a little shop, that could almost be considered the size of a one room flat, was selling…everything.
Everything that one can imagine, will be provided by the Shopkeeper…for a price.
The price for items…varies.
From a blade of grass from to your favorite spot to your very life, the Shopkeeper demands are unpredictable.
And now, more than ever, more and more attention and customers are attracted to the little shop.
Inside the shop, the Shopkeeper was dusting off the shelves.
She called herself the Shopkeeper, and nobody knew her real name, but maybe…this was it.
She was a sporty young woman, with blood red hair, and a fair complexion.
Usually wearing a black suit, with a golden tie, she seemed tomboyish, but one look and you could tell she was a country toppling beauty.
As she was dusting off the shelves, or rather just playing around, the bells at the door rang, as someone entered the shop.
It was a middle-aged man with a confident look on his face.
“I am here, because I’ve heard you sell…everything.”
He said, with mirth evident in his voice.
“Yes, you think of it, we sell it.”
The Shopkeeper said, with a gentle smile.
“A 3-headed-chicken, but only one head is that of a chicken, respectively the left one.
The middle one is the head of an elephant while the right one is the head of a mantis.
The body is that of a chicken, but bigger and stronger.
That is the item I seek to buy, do you have it?”
The man said, chuckling at the end.
“Of course, Sir.
In what size would you like the body?
We have it ranging from the size of a golden retriever to the body size of an Aalertian Behemoth Ape.
Although I advise on getting it in a size that wouldn’t crush this planet.”
The Shopkeeper said, her characteristic smile never leaving her.
A golden retriever sized would be enough.”
The man stuttered.
“Okee dokee, one second, Sir.”
The Shopkeeper said, as she turned to the shelves.
There a cage was rattling now, and as she took the cage off the shelf, it grew in size.
Yet, she still held it with one hand easily.
“Here it is, Sir.”
She said, unveiling the cage.
In it, the exact creature the man asked for was sitting, and fighting itself…
The chicken head was attacking the mantis head, while the elephant head was trying to calm the other two heads.
A loud shriek was heard at that moment.
The middle aged man was frightened.
“Sir, do you still need it?”
The Shopkeeper asked.
The man looked at the creature, and he could see…affection in its eyes…
“How…How much…”
He asked, even though his original plan was just to mock and unveil the shady dealings of the shop.
“Hmm, the memories of your childhood pet, the chameleon would be enough.”
The Shopkeeper said.
The man froze.
“How could she know about that.”
He thought.
But the look in the eyes of the creature bothered him…it was too familiar…it was drawing him.
He nodded, and agreed.
Soon, he found that he couldn’t remember something from his childhood, but couldn’t put his finger on it what was missing.
As soon as the payment was done, the cage opened and the creature happily walked out and ran circles around the man.
The creature had a leash, which the man took, before leaving.
“I hope you have a nice day.”
The Shopkeeper said, as the man left.
People like that man came and went in packs each day.
After all, who would believe that the shop really had everything?
But after ridiculous wish after wish was granted, and they gained their items, people started to believe.
Some people asked for an universal cure for all diseases.
“Sure we have it, but you have to pay with half your life.”
The Shopkeeper’s answer was almost immediate and polite.
The woman who asked for such an item was elated and accepted.
When she got her hands on the cure, it was already wrinkly.
From a young woman, to an old woman she aged.
And many other world changing items were bought, with prices as heavy as the items uses.
Immortality? Eternal beauty? World domination?
The little shop had an item for any kind of request…you just needed to pay the price.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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