Denied peace

The hero won, but at what cost?
Battle after battle, his party, his teammates were falling one after the other.
When the final battle came, he was all alone, yet he persevered.
The fight with the last enemy was dreadful.
Mountains split, oceans dried out and forests withered.
The entire world burnt down and nothing remained whole.
At the end of all of it, somehow the hero won.
But at what cost?
Around him was nothing, and nobody but flaming remains of a once prosperous world.
Ashes fell like snow in a blizzard.
The flames of the skills they’ve used while battling raging and devouring everything around him.
But he felt no heat only coldness.
As the world crumbled around him, he was not defending himself at all.
He let the rage of Mother Nature consume and destroy him.
“I am coming…”
He murmured, as figures of past appeared before his eyes.
But then, a light engulfed him and transported him far away.
When he came to his senses, he was in a lush forest.
“Where is this?! Where am I?!”
He exclaimed, his voice shaking heaven and earth.
The forest beasts clamored and ran away from his surroundings.
A gentle voice sounded from the sky.
“I saved you and now you will save this world.”
The voice said.
“NO! I’ve already “saved” a world and look what is left of it!
Leave me alone!”
He shouted towards the skies.
“You just had a too slow start, but now you can be considered a veteran Hero.
And Heroes save worlds…you have no choice here.”
The voice said, before disappearing.
The hero stood frozen, before starting to laugh maniacally.
“Let’s see if it’s like that…”
He said, and waved his hands.
The trees around him disappeared.
Then waving his hands once more, a wooden mansion appeared.
“This will do…
I shall have a bath underground…”
He murmured, as he started to work around his new home.
He wanted nothing to do with being a hero once more…he wanted to pass his days in peace…
But alas, he couldn’t escape his fate.
A few days later, he saved a princess from a group of assassins…and thus the pieces started to move once more.
He helped said princess to become an Empress, and rule righteously over the Empire, saving and making the lives of millions better.
He was forced to do this, so he left and choose a random small island in the middle of the never ending ocean to live his life…finally in peace.
But again, a few months later a shipwreck brought a priestess to his house.
She was chased by worshippers of demons and outer gods that were hell-bent on killing everyone they sat their sights on.
Thus, he was once more forced to play the Hero and with his help, a new Saintess for the Holy religion was born.
She helped countless people, healed elites and commoners alike and spread an ideology of fairness and kindness.
But the hero wasn’t moved, he just sighed and left once more…
This time, he left the planet and moved to its moon.
But, sadly it wasn’t enough.
Invaders from a warmonger and hunger driven race came towards the planet, and the moon was in their way.
So they tried to destroy it, and in this way they’ve triggered the Hero’s counter-attack.
He once more saved and changed the world, but at least this time, nobody knew about it.
And like this, again and again, he was forced to do heroic deeds, and better the life and fate on this planet.
But that wasn’t enough for the Goddess who brought him here.
She set things in motion that the hero will help not just one planet…but all of them.
The Hero moved from a planet to another, from a moon to an asteroid and sometimes even living in the void itself.
But, be it a flaming star, a planet of utmost darkness or a planet made out of lightning…nothing stopped his fate from coming to fruition.
He was put again and again at the frontline of countless disasters.
And his powers grew, they grew so much that his first task as a hero, wouldn’t take more than a second to his current self.
But it was useless…because as his powers grew so did his responsibilities.
After tens of thousands of years…he accepted his fate.
He chose not to have anyone to close to him, lest they will be endangered, but he was happy and carefree.
He chose to live a wandering life, and tackle whatever comes in a stride.
“If you deny my happiness, I will just deny your denial.”
Was what he murmured, as he was drunkenly jumping from one galaxy to another…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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