An unlikely partner

A joyous phone call woke me up from my so much needed sleep, after I read “only” one chapter last night.
“Sis! Sis! I said yes!”
My sister shouted in the phone.
It made my head feel like splitting in four.
“You said yes to…to what?”
I asked, groggily.
“George! He asked me to marry him, and I said yes!”
My sister screamed.
Despite my splitting headache, and heavy eye-lids, I jumped out of the bed.
“What? Seriously? Congrats sis! He’s a good one, but he brought you some fake ass ring, I will have him meet with my knuckles.”
I said, chuckling, while taking a sip from the glass of water I had on the night stand.
“Ho-ho. Lo and behold.”
She said as she turned on the video call.
There she was…my sister.
Tall, fairy like skin and long blonde hair with deep blue eyes.
And now, she was showing me her fair hand, on which an amazing diamond ring was.
“Damn, he wasn’t a cheapskate this time.”
I whistled.
“No he wasn’t.”
My sister beamed.
I was still sleepy, it was barely 9 A.M., but I was genuinely happy.
“When will be the wedding held?”
I asked.
We lived quite far away from each other, so I can’t go to the engagement party, but I won’t miss the wedding for nothing in the world.
“On November 10th , please bring a partner.”
She said, cheerfully.
I groaned, and my sister frowned.
“Lily…Don’t tell me you are still single…”
She asked.
“Nope, I don’t, so I will go alone.”
I said, as I walked around the house, searching for my glasses.
“You are walking around in your underwear again, right?”
She asked.
“Yes. That’s why only you are on video call.”
I said.
“You will catch a cold, sleeping like that.”
She said.
“You know that I am like a flame, always hot.”
I said, winking, before face-palming as I realized she can’t see me.
“Nonetheless, you will bring a partner with you, no room for discussions.
See ya.”
She said, and ended the call before I could retort.
I found my glasses underneath the bed. (Don’t judge me, I am a messy sleeper)
I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.
I wasn’t as tall as Iris, but I found myself quite cute.
Red hair, freckles, pale skin and emerald green eyes.
You could label me: “redhead” and it wouldn’t be a mistake.
I was quite blessed with several good assets, but alas, my love for oversized hoodies and sweatpants hid all my treasures.
“How will I find someone willing to come with me to a wedding in 7 months…”
I sighed, as I turned on the shower…
I was 23, but I have never had a relationship before…
Well, never mind, will solve it in a way or another, now…
Let’s enjoy the shower.
Afterwards, I spent my days as usually.
Waking up, eating, taking a shower, going to the office and going out to my favorite café or to the library.
I tried to talk to some men, but besides some small talk, I haven’t had any success.
And I hate small talk…
Months passed by, and nothing happened.
I tried online dating, but let’s say I am not interested in undressing to a stranger I met once.
Soon, I don’t know how did time pass so fast, but it was already September.
I was at my best friend’s place, complaining.
“How am I supposed to get someone to accompany me to the wedding?
Should I just go alone or pay someone to come with me?”
I asked, sipping some tea.
“You could summon a demon hottie to accompany you.”
My best friend, Alice said.
She was a newbie teacher at the university, and we hit it off well.
But…she was too obsessed with the occult, and Japanese games for girls, she called them.
“Summon a demon?
Yeah sure, then maybe an angel as well, so I have the full package.”
I said, rolling my eyes.
“Angels seem boring, you need a bit of life in your life, so demons are the ones you should choose.
Here, take this book, it teaches you how to do it.”
She said.
I took the book and put it in my bag.
I couldn’t hurt her feelings, she always took care of me.
“Well Alice, I have to go now.”
I said, hugging her.
“Go, and don’t worry too much.”
She said smiling.
She had tests to grade, yet she spent half a day, consoling me…
I was blessed to have her.
I went home, and after a shower and dinner, started looking through my messages.
Let’s say they weren’t kid friendly for most of the part.
Sighing, I threw my phone on the bed.
“What the hell should I do?
Sis will kill me if I go alone…”
I murmured.
I was really getting anxious, as I never thought this will be this hard.
And as I rolled around the bed, my eyes fell on the book I took from Alice.
It was on my table, simply sitting there…
“Well…It couldn’t hurt…”
I said, taking and starting to read it.
The ritual for summoning was fairly simple.
Drawing some runes, reciting some words and then dripping a drop of blood on it.
Well, there is no better time than now, so I got to it.
I took the carpet up from the living room, and drew with a green chalk the runes.
Yeah, green, not white nor red, boo me for liking the color green.
When everything was finished, I started “Chanting” and pricked my finger with a needle.
As soon as my blood hit the drawing, it lit up.
“Oh shit, it…it actually works?!”
I exclaimed as I stepped back, and fell down.
I never expected it to work, I just tried it as…as a show…
Out of the ritualistic cycle came out a dashing young man.
He was tall but not too tall.
He was handsome, but not extremely attractive, he was more of a charming handsome type.
He had short hair of the darkest color which contrasted well with his pale complexion.
With blood red lips and fiery red eyes, he was devilish to say the least.
Wearing a royal blue Armani suit, with a ruby red tie he had a business-like air to him.
“So, a human actually managed to summon me…
How interesting.”
He said in a magnetic voice, smirking and looking at me.
He walked to me, and helped me up.
While looking lean, and not muscular at all, he brought me to my feet like it was nothing.
“Thank you.”
I said, staring at him dazed.
“Well, little lamb, why did you summon me?”
He asked.
“For…For a wedding.
I need a +1.
But…could you tell me who you are?”
I asked, feeling uncharacteristically shy.
“Oh, where are my manners?
My name is Lucifer, a pleasure to meet you.”
He said, bowing theatrically.
I just nodded.
“So…a wedding?
Father sure plays with fate in an unknown way.”
He said, chuckling.
“Why do you say so?”
I asked.
“Well, I was just looking for a plus 1 as well.”
He said, laughing, and putting a stray strand of hair behind my ear.
“If you are Lucifer…Don’t you have millions of demons at your feet?
I mean there are sure some ladies who look heave…hellishly good, no?”
I asked.
“Yes, but this wedding is in the human world.
And my friend whom is having this wedding expressly said that I need to come with a human woman.”
He said, sighing.
I looked at him for a while, before a light bulb lit up.
I asked, smiling expectantly.
“Yes, Faust indeed.
You are well-read, little lamb.”
He chuckled, patting my head.
It was a weird feeling.
“Well, the wedding of my sister is on November 10th, when is Faust’s?”
I said.
“On December 1st. So we still have time and will have time to spend together.
Well then, I will take a shower, please prepare some food meanwhile.
Thanks little lamb.”
As he said that, he whooshed past me towards the bathroom, which… I don’t know how he knew where it was.
I just shrugged, and went to prepare something until he finished.
After he came out form the shower, he was even more otherworldly.
I almost drooled when I saw him.
“Let’s talk a bit about hobbies, shall we?”
He said.
And we started to talk about books, travelling, movies, shows and sights never seen before.
He was oddly up to date with everything from Earth, so our conversations flowed smoothly.
Before we knew it, it was the middle of the night.
“Let’s go to sleep.”
He said.
I blushed, and couldn’t say a word.
“I will sleep on the couch, don’t worry.”
He chuckled.
I went to my bedroom, and collapsed on the bed.
“What…What’s going on…”
With such a thought, I fell into a deep sleep.
In the morning, I woke up to the smell of bacon and toast.
“Wakey, little lamb, breakfast is ready.”
Lucifer said from the kitchen.
I groaned, but woke up and wobbling I walked there.
Sitting down powerlessly at the table, I looked at the breakfast feast he made.
It was scrumptious.
“This…This was amazing!”
I exclaimed after we were done.
“Of course.
It was made by Yours Truly.”
He laughed.
“Never thought the devil could cook.”
I said.
“And bake. Eternity is long, so it’s not hard to learn a thing or two.
You might be surprised a several times after this…”
He said, winking.
I just laughed, as I started to get more comfortable around him.
Until the wedding, we spent our time talking, watching shows or shopping and walking around.
When Alice saw him, she outright fainted.
It took some time for her to calm down.
Although, it was quite hard for me to stop her undressing and jumping on Lucifer.
Time slowly trickled by, and soon it was the wedding day.
We arrived at the venue, a tad bit early.
“I am so sorry that we couldn’t arrive at the dinner…”
I mumbled.
“Now, now little lamb.
We were half-a-continent away, it’s good that we are here now.”
Lucifer said.
As we walked by, people who arrived before us were staring at us.
“Are we… are we out of place?”
I asked, whispering.
“No, it’s just we look too good.
Mostly me, but you aren’t bad either.”
He said chuckling.
I just giggled, and with arms locked, we entered the church.
Yes, church, and don’t worry, he wasn’t smoking, but he was smoking hot.
As soon as we went in, even the priest got dazed by how Lucifer looked.
He wore a grey suit, with a black tie and black shoes.
He just simply looked devilishly.
“Well hello there, father…”
He said to the priest, while I was taken to the side by Iris and my parents.
“Lily… who is that piece of heavenly candy?”
Iris asked.
“You are getting married, behave…
But she’s right Lily, who is he?”
Mother said, as he hit Iris slightly in the side.
“He’s my….”
Or at least, I hope so.”
Lucifer chimed in, hugging me by the waist as he appeared from behind me.
“A pleasure to meet you all, Lily told me so much about everyone.”
He said with a smile, while shaking hands with everyone.
Mom and Iris were captivated from the get-go, but dad was a bit harder to buy…
Or so I thought..
“I saw a beautiful Mustang Mk2 classic in blood red, is it by any chance yours?”
Lucifer suddenly asked from father, and that was it.
The two started to talk about cars, and Lucifer successfully gained the approval of my family.
I just chuckled.
“Let’s go Iris, let me help you to prepare.”
I said, as I took my sister to another room in the church.
After all, she had to look her best.
While helping her, she couldn’t stop praising my luck and Lucifer.
I just nodded obediently, and laughed, while brushing her hair.
After all I couldn’t tell her the truth, right?
“You see sis, Lucifer is actually really Lucifer, the dude we read in Sunday school.”
As I thought that, Iris sighed.
“What’s the problem sis?
Getting cold feet?”
I teased.
“No, it’s just seeing your silly smile, I feel like you are growing up.”
She said.
I blushed.
“Don’t think about stupid things, this is your big day!”
I said, trying to hide my blush, but failed.
Iris just smiled.
The wedding went without a hitch, even better than expected.
Dad got drunk a bit, and he didn’t want to let Lucifer leave with me.
“W-When aer ya marrying Lyli ?
She’s a lass good!”
He slurred and swapped the words.
Lucifer just laughed.
I blushed and hurried my steps, as I dragged Lucifer away.
“Shy much?”
He asked after starting to drive away.
He actually had a car.
A black Chevy Impala 1967.
Needless to say, it was a smooth ride.
“Not shy, but it feels weird…
I won’t beat around the bush, I feel good when I am with you, so it feels me with dread to know that one day you will just disappear.”
I said, my voice getting quieter and quieter.
“Lily, I like you as well.
And who told you I will just disappear?
I am the Devil, I can remain on Earth as long as I want.”
He said, pinching my cheek.
“Don’t do that!”
I said, trying to bite his fingers.
We laughed.
The mood got better, and we got closer.
In the almost a month time we had until Faust’s wedding, we travelled a lot.
I think he did something to the car, because we travelled more than it should’ve been possible.
We get closer and closer, and finally I understood one more thing from the adulthood repertoire.
At Faust’s wedding, everything was simple.
The ceremony was held in a forest, with eccentric individuals being the guests.
Faust himself was a quirky funny guy, who was quite lucky.
He was marrying an angel.
Lucifer was the one who prepared a speech, and it was amazing.
The angel was his youngest sister, while Faust actually was an old enemy turned friend.
It was a rollercoaster of a speech.
When Faust came to our table, he started with a blessing.
“I hope you two will be happy.
It won’t be an easy road.”
He said.
Lucifer just chuckled, but I didn’t understand what he was talking about.
“You know it, brother, but you also know me.”
Lucifer said, drinking his wine.
“I know, Luci, I know…
It will be all good, but tumultuous.”
Faust shook his head, before turning to me.
“Young lady, take care of him.
He tends to not care about himself.”
Faust said to me.
“I know, he thinks that being immortal makes the injuries less tolerable.”
I said, sighing.
“But I don’t feel pain.”
Lucifer chimed in.
“But I do!”
I exclaimed, elbowing him in the ribs.
Faust chuckled seeing us.
“When you marry, you must invite me.”
He said.
This, left me speechless, but Lucifer just laughed.
“Sure! You will be my best man!”
He said.
It was wonderful, and after the wedding, we went back to our daily lives…
Although, mine got more colorful as Lucifer casually bought the company I worked at and made me the CEO…
“I am not qualified for this!”
I said.
“I will teach you this…and many more…”
He said.
I blushed, and sighed.
I don’t know how long this will go… but I was content.
From an unlikely thing to happen, to partners to a wedding…
Now it became my life…how unusual…how good…

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