The struggle of a Grim Reaper

As Caleb sat on the side of the road, he laughed.
This action drenched his shirt in blood and the pain he felt…well, he was already numb to it.
“Freaking, freaks…”
He murmured, as he watched the 2 knives that were sticking out of him.
One in his lung area, the other in his stomach area.
“This is one weird way to go…”
He murmured, as everything started to get blurrier.
With his blurry view, he saw a tall figure approaching him.
It was a pale woman, dressed in a white dress.
She had a humongous scythe with her.
“So, you are real…
Come, swing your scythe and let’s get over with…it…”
Caleb said with no power in his words.
But the woman just smiled, and touched his head.
Everything went black for a moment, before he appeared next to the woman…right in front of his body…
“So I am a…”
Caleb started.
“A soul indeed.”
She said.
Now, Caleb could see the Reaper better.
It was a pale woman with bright, flame like hair.
She had red eyes with golden lines adorning them.
“Why not whoosh me with the scythe?”
He asked.
The woman opened a smoky portal and looked back.
“The scythe is not for you…”
She said coldly as she took Caleb’s hand and dragged him in.
Inside the portal, Caleb could see a pitch back road surrounded by a sea of myriad colored explosion.
“That’s how the big bang looked like.”
She said.
Caleb was amazed at the view around him.
Colors he could not even name flashed here and there, while even objects popped out from time to time.
“Don’t step off the road.”
She said and waited for Caleb to start walking, before following him.
Caleb was walking slowly, as he got this deep and strong feeling of danger when he took his first step on the road.
As he walked on, not even a few meters in a roar could be heard to his left.
A creature with unimaginable number of mouths shifting through its body appeared and bit towards him.
The Reaper took a swing with her scythe, disintegrating the creature in one swing.
“So this is what the scythe is for…”
Caleb murmured, completely pale and trembling.
“These are just the aperitifs…take care.
You are a soul now, I don’t want to lose another one of you…”
She said, plainly.
Caleb just gulped and his pace slowed down.
Every now and then a creature or two appeared but the Reaper solved them.
But as they got deeper and deeper into the road they were taking, the creatures became more and more incredible.
The Reaper started to get to sweat to actually kill one of them and there was always more than one.
As they walked on, the Reaper started to get injured while protecting Caleb.
Unconsciously, Caleb sped up a bit.
As they were getting closer to the Gate of Afterlife, and Caleb could actually see the Golden and White door, a tremendous soul shaking shriek could be heard.
Then, a small strike of lightning like creature zoomed towards Caleb, with drool dripping off of its mouth.
Caleb froze and watched terrified as the creatures mouth enlarged and chomped towards him.
Then, a force pushed Caleb forwards, right pass through the door.
He turned around to see the creature eating the Reaper hand, while she was already swinging the scythe with the other one.
The door closed and there was silence.
Caleb was surrounded by peace and a relaxing atmosphere but he was still anxious…anxious for the Reaper that brought him.
From behind him a voice sounded.
“Don’t worry, she is a veteran.”
A sweet voice said.
Turning around, he saw a young woman with golden hair, sandy skin and eyes as blue as the skies.
Just when he wanted to say something, the door opened and in came the Reaper.
She was missing her right arm.
Caleb felt guilt.
“Don’t look at me like that.
It will grow back in a day or two.
At least I completed my mission.”
She said, as she nodded toward the golden haired young woman before leaving through another smoky door.
Caleb watched her leave and sighed.
“Now, don’t be sorry for her.
The Reapers have their struggles, but it’s their duty.
Come, let me take to the place you will spend the next eternity at.”
She said, chuckling.
Caleb nodded, and went along, but he was unable to stop himself from stealing glances from the spot the Reaper disappeared.
He will never forget her…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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