Protection from an unexpected place

It started as usually for Marcus.
He woke up, took a shower, had breakfast, dressed up and went to his job.
His job was quite simple, at least according to him.
He worked at a bank, and took care of the accounts and portfolios of the designated clients.
Today should’ve been the same old routine for Marcus.
Alas, fate had something completely unexpected in plan for him.
After a few hours they opened, half a dozen masked individuals rushed into the bank.
“Everybody hands up, nobody moves!”
One of them shouted, as they fired some rounds from their guns.
“How cliché”
Marcus thought, but he did what he was told.
As one of the masked man looked around, Marcus met his eyes.
“Oh no, I hope this is not like in movies and he won’t shoot me or something…”
Was what Marcus thought.
But he was wrong, oh so wrong.
When their eyes met, the masked individual eyes widened, and he gasped.
Taking a step backwards and almost falling down, he shouted.
“Boss! Look … Look at him… He is…”
He said stutteringly.
Another individual came and looked at Marcus.
He also froze a bit up, before moving closer to Marcus and bowing.
“I didn’t know this is your turf. We will leave.
Please don’t tell the Thousand Methods Matriarch about this.”
He said, before urging his crew to leave.
Marcus was completely baffled, while everyone around him rushed out of the building.
Nobody heard their discussion, otherwise he would’ve been seriously interrogated.
Some detectives asked a question or two about the situation, but he brushed it off with an “I don’t know”.
Going home early, as they got the rest of the day off, he sat in front of his TV lost in thoughts…
“Thousand Methods Matriarch… why does that sound so familiar?”
He murmured, as he tried hard to search his memories.
“No way…”
He remembered a certain event, years ago in High School…
“No way…”
He murmured, as he took his keys and drove away.
He drove to the outskirt of the city, and searched for someone.
But he was unlucky, so he didn’t found the one he was looking for.
Then, he got a bolder idea.
He went to a famous underground gathering spot.
He was terrified as he walked into a dark alley, and into a night club.
At the door, the bouncer let him in without a word.
Inside, even the DJ stopped the music and everyone just stared at him.
He grabbed the closest person to him for questioning.
“What’s going on?”
He asked.
The person pointed towards the bartender.
Marcus went up, while the bartender just smiled and gave him a notebook.
The notebook was titled: “Never touch”
On the very first page there he was.
“Mr. Marcus, banker, childhood sweetheart of the Thousand Methods Matriarch, avoid at all costs…”
Was what was written about him.
“No way…”
He thought once more.
“Can you please tell me how do I get to her?”
He asked the bartender.
The bartender just smiled.
“I guess she already sent someone for you.”
She said, laughing as she pointed to the entrance.
There two women were waiting as a third one was making her way towards him.
“Mr. Marcus, the Matriarch wishes to see you.”
She said.
Marcus just nodded, and followed them.
He still couldn’t believe what was happening, and wanted to prove himself wrong.
He didn’t want to believe that that person…that person actually involved herself in such activities.
They got into a red fancy SUV and left.
Soon, they arrived at a house.
Taking Marcus inside, the three woman just stopped at the entrance.
Marcus entered the house and walked around, as he entered the living room, a voice greeted him.
A voice he knew so well.
“Hello Marcus, long time no see.”
The voice said, sweetly.
He said.
In the living room, sitting on a couch and watching the TV was Alice…his ex-girlfriend.
She was a petite woman, with golden locks and pure white skin.
Her eyes were of the palest blue, and even wearing oversized hoodies and sweatpants she still looked gorgeous.
She exuded confidence, with a small smirk on her face.
At the same time, Marcus knew the truth…he knew how fragile she actually was.
“Come sit down.”
She said, patting the spot next to her.
Marcus obliged.
“What happened with you?”
He asked.
“Nothing, my parents did a mistake or two, and I had to take over the business for them.”
She said smiling.
“I heard you issued a warning to anyone that meets me.
They should always protect me…why?”
Marcus asked.
“As straightforward as always.
Glad to see you haven’t changed, and congratulations to becoming a banker!
It was always your dream.”
Alice said, smiling at Marcus.
“Don’t beat around the push nor try to manipulate me.
You know your acts never worked on me.”
He said.
“And that is why I protected you.”
Alice said, looking away.
“Protected? By leaving without a world?
You were the world for me!
I was planning to take you into my house when I heard your parents just disappeared.
And before having the change to propose those plans, OUR plans to you…”
Marcus said, but couldn’t finish his sentence…
“I disappeared…”
Alice finished it for him with a sigh.
“Why Alice? Why?”
He asked.
“Because I loved you! And still do…”
Alice said.
Marcus froze a bit, before sighing.
“And this is how you act?
Just leave?”
Marcus asked.
“I had to.
My parents left a mess that I needed to clean up…
So I used all the resources that were left behind, all my tricks, illusions, lies and acts to defeat or pacify those that wanted to harm me…
It worked and I became an associate to a famous gang in the capital…
Came back here with my own force after just 10 years…it was…”
Alice said, but before she could finish it, she was embraced.
“It must’ve been hard…”
Marcus said.
“No it…”
Alice tried to say, but Marcus just hugged her even tighter.
“I missed you.”
He said.
At this, Alice, the Thousand Methods Matriarch, a person whose name is feared by murderers and criminals all across the globe…cried.
She cried, and hugged Marcus tightly.
The two talked about both old times and what happened after they “broke” up.
Their relationship will be not easy to mend, and it is yet unknown if they will get together or will remain just friend.
But one thing is sure.
The two still loved each other, and fate did them a favor.
Marcus had a protection he never knew about, while now, Alice got a feeling of safety she oh so desperately needed…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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