Is this truly a reward or a test?

As I opened my eyes, I’ve found myself in a strange…office?
I don’t know, but it looked too…clean.
Golden walls with paintings of unknown origin but clearly high-quality adorned them.
The desk I’ve been sitting in front of was mahogany, with strangely comforting engravings.
Behind the desk sat a beautiful woman, and behind her was a window that showed nothing of the outside world, but pure whiteness.
The woman was tall even while sitting, with perfectly straight back.
I envied that, I always found it hard to sit straight.
She had long royal blue hair, fair sandy skin and golden eyes.
Her lips were full and were blood red.
She was writing something on a computer, so we sat in silence, with only the sound of her typing echoing through the room.
I was calm, I already figured out what was going on.
This was the first stop, before I go to my next destination.
I sighed.
As I did that, the woman finished typing, looked at me and flashed me a mesmerizing smile.
“Welcome, Mr. Edward. I shall explain to you what happened and what will happen.”
She said, in a sweet voice.
“Well, I already understand what happened, so no need to worry about that part.
Just tell me what’s going to happen from now on.”
I said.
“Weird to hear that from you Mr. Edward, as your reason of being here is due to overworking.”
The woman chuckled.
“Well, risks of the job, what can I say?”
I said, laughing weakly.
“Regarding that, we are giving you a second chance.”
She said.
“A second chance?”
I raised an eyebrow.
“Yes, we are sending you back to Earth and with a reward.
You can do anything you want.”
She said.
I said.
If you want to be the richest person alive, it’s done.
If you want the dinosaurs to be pets, it’s done.
If you want the worlds from the novels and games of your people be real? It’s done.
Basically, you gain omnipotence, but only for 87,3 years.”
She said.
“For the same amount of time I was alive…”
I murmured.
So, are you ready to go?”
She asked.
“This is a test.”
I said.
“Excuse me?”
She asked, with a smile that was a bit sharper than before.
“This is a test.”
I repeated.
“Okay, you might think like that, but this is a reward.
Go now.”
She said, waving her hand.
As she did that, a blinding light covered me, and I disappeared from her office.
When I could see once more, I was on the street in front of my old house.
My hands were young, and so was I.
I smiled and then shook my head.
“Let’s try this out.”
I murmured, as I thought about being the richest one alive.
As I thought that, my surroundings changed and I found myself in a lavishly furnished study.
Behind me was a wall window that had a view that took my breath away.
A beautiful garden with a lake and fountain was behind the mansion I guessed I was in, while further away I could see a forest.
Sitting down at the desk, I took the newspaper in my hand and read the headline.
“Richest man’s business acumen is still undefeated, yet he hasn’t made a public appearance in ages.”
I chuckled, when I read this.
“I just reappeared, how could I make an appearance anywhere?”
I murmured.
Thinking a bit more, I imagined solving hunger and homelessness, while becoming even richer with some sci-fi and fantasy innovations.
Then, the paper in my hand changed.
Now, a different headline was blinding my eyes.
“Richest man alive used 10% of his wealth and solved hunger and homelessness.”
I widened my eyes.
“Just 10%…”
I murmured as I read the article.
“With the discovery of portals, our resources increased and we’ve found both scientific and magical civilizations out there.
The man who was the spearhead and creator of this movement…”
The article carried on with its praises towards me, it was boring to be fair.
As I stood there in silence, I sighed.
“Let’s test the opposite direction…”
I murmured, as my imagination came to life.
Now, I thought of erasing almost all human life from Earth.
Only those who had any connection to me remained alive.
My office changed, and now instead of paintings and relics it was filled with weapons, maps and pure gold items.
It was tacky, but oh well.
Glancing down, the newspaper’s headline changed once more.
“The Glorious Ruler won. “
I guessed that’s me.
I continued reading the article.
“His Magnificence eradicated all the…all the rebels and only those who were worthy remained…”
With this, I was sure, this was all but a test.
I urged my imagination to surge once more, and everything changed.
I found myself in a so-familiar small room, with a laptop and countless fast-food packages.
It was how I lived in my old life.
“Maybe the food could be a bit healthier…”
I chuckled, as I turned on the laptop, and started writing.
I haven’t typed more than a word when a flash of light blinded me.
It was the woman who sent me to this “reward”.
“You…Why aren’t you doing whatever you want?”
She asked.
“I am though…”
I said, shrugging.
“You are back to your old life…
A subpar writer, with not even a dozen readers…
This is what your wish looks like?”
She asked.
“I loved my life, and still love it.
Had a long and fulfilling life, even if I didn’t make it big.”
I said.
“Your wife whom you haven’t even met yet, will leave you.
Your kids do love you, but never visit because you are too busy writing…
Is this the life you want to live?”
She asked.
This was given to me in my first life, and I enjoyed it.”
I said.
“You didn’t accomplish anything!
You could rule this world or the entire universe!
You could do whatever you want!”
She exclaimed, with more and more enthusiasm.
“Meh, it’s overrated.
I tried being rich for a few minutes, it was boring, didn’t really want to fly with my own airplane or dragon.
Nor did I want to eat ridiculously expensive food, wear ridiculously expensive clothing and so on.
Same with the villain thingy…ruling the world is boring, and I can do it in my imagination anyway from my room, with no real consequences.”
I said, shrugging.
“You really knew this was just a test.”
She said, sighing.
“It was obviously too good to be true.
You should just give a few wishes and “reincarnate” people to truly test them.”
I said.
“A writer to the end and beyond that, huh?”
She said, with a smile.
I just chuckled.
“Okay, you passed the test, albeit both your tries were quite dangerous.
You shall reincarnate into a cultivation world with the fate of a Chronicler.
You will roam the myriad worlds and record the stories you encounter.
Of course, you will most likely become one of the strongest entities due to this fate, but it’s not like that power matters to you.”
She said, taking out a glass filled with a golden liquid.
“Don’t be so sad.
I will enjoy immortality, at the very least.”
I said, smiling.
She just smiled, and gestured me to drink the liquid.
After I drank it, I started to get sleepier and sleepier.
This drowsiness affected my very soul.
As I slipped into a strange state, the woman spoke.
“I hope, you truly never change.”
With that, everything went black, and when I awoke, I found myself in a new life…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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