Unrecognized worth

This world is ruled by people who don’t care about those powerless.
And it’s been like this for millennia, ever since superpowers started to be found in certain individuals.
So I, someone who got superpowers decided to change the status quo.
Yet, I was labeled a villain, a terrorist and got myself in a lot of conflicts with the heroes of the world.
As I grew in strength and experience, only one team could actually keep up with me and foil my plans.
Today, I finally succeeded in kidnapping their most important person: their strategist.
I’ve brought him back to my mansion in the woods. (cliché I know, but I do love nature, what can I do?)
I locked him in a room full of books, games and vending machines.
After all, I am no monster, I am just someone who’s against the order of our current world.
After I have finished my chores, checking my finances, I sigh and go to check on him.
Before even opening the heavy, locked door I can hear him shout.
“Die, you demon! Die!”
At first, I thought he’s shouting at me, but when I entered the room, he was playing a game.
One of my favorite games, killing demons was the main objective.
“Strategist, have you decided?
Will you play the role of a damsel in distress for my ambush?”
I asked.
He paused the game, and sighed.
“Look, Beast Warlock, you are a nice guy and sure I will be your bait…
But look man, they aren’t coming and won’t ever come.”
He said.
“You are the most important member of the team and you want me to believe they don’t care about you?”
I asked, crossing my arms.
“Oh my…
You’ve already said this to me, but I still can’t believe how nice you are!”
He said, actually tearing up a bit.
“What is wrong with you heroes?”
I asked, shaking my head.
“Nothing, just that my team thinks my superpowers are lame.”
He said, shrugging.
“Inhuman thinking, processing speed and parallel thinking is lame?”
I asked, widening my eyes.
“For them it is.”
He said, slumping in the chair.
“Are they really clueless about why they were able to deduce my plans again and again?”
I asked.
“They just thought it’s normal for me to find you, after all there aren’t many places you would try to attack.”
He said.
At this, I snorted and left.
Not even bothering to close the door.
At night, when I was training my nocturnal sides I heard crying coming from downstairs.
Checking out, the Strategist was out from his room, and while looking out the window he was crying loudly.
“What’s wrong now?
It’s not like I am torturing or killing you, don’t be that sad.”
I said, as I gave him a glass of red wine.
He took it and tasted it.
“It’s amazing…”
He said about the wine, before starting to cry even louder.
Due to my powers, I didn’t age normally.
While this hero was roughly in his early 30s I was already over 550 years old.
So, he was a kid in my eyes, I couldn’t really accept a kid crying in front of me.
“What’s wrong man, be patient for a bit more.
If nothing happens in a week, I will release you.”
I said, patting his shoulder.
“NO! Don’t do that!”
He shouted suddenly.
“Explain to me please…What the hell is going on? Why are you crying then?”
I asked.
“Why am I crying? Hah! You ask why am I crying?”
He started to speak overzealously.
I just waited for him to continue.
“Because, I enjoy being here…”
He said, sighing.
“Then what’s the prob…”
I started to ask, but I realized.
“Exactly! This is the problem.
I am kidnapped, by a man that can transform into beasts, and has the strength to crush buildings with a finger.
But these past 2-3 days, were the best days of my life!
Imagine that! “
He said, with a mocking smile as he shook his head.
I didn’t know what to do, I just stood there in silence, as I watched him laugh, cry and drink the wine.
After a while, I got an idea.
“How about you work with me?”
I asked.
“For you?”
He asked.
“No, not for me, with me.
There is a difference.”
I said, smiling.
“Aren’t you afraid that all this is a ploy of mine?
That I am just pretending, and I will sell you out to the government and heroes association?”
He asked.
“You might be a genius, but I am not stupid either.
You will earn my trust slowly as you work, did you think I will give you full access from day 1?”
I asked, chuckling.
“True, if you were stupid, we would’ve already jailed you.”
He nodded.
“Been alive for a moment or two, can’t be caught that easily.”
I said.
“Okay, I agree.
I will work with you, but no killing innocents.”
He said.
“When did I ever kill anyone, let alone innocents?”
I asked, rolling my eyes.
“True, true, my bad there.”
He said.
“Names Jason, by the way.”
I said.
“Alex, a pleasure to meet you.”
Alex introduced himself, as we shook hands.
After that, I slowly started to show him my businesses, and introduced him to my contacts.
The heroes never actually came after him, and after losing him, they never found a trace of me.
Together with Alex, we studied and searched for a lot of information.
And my plans changed, as he opened my eyes.
There was no need to overturn governments, countries and the heroes.
We just needed to even the playing field.
With my funds, and the data we “got” from others, Alex started his own research.
We set up a pharmaceutical company that had two main products: an anti-aging pill that actually worked and a booster medicine that could enhance one’s physical and mental capacities.
And that was just the start.
With the public on our side, and a heavily guarded information network, we had no weak points to be used against us.
Thus, slowly, we changed the situation in the world for the better.
People lived longer, and became stronger.
After the initial success, Alex started to research terraforming in order to restore destroyed lands to their peak or to transform uninhabitable regions to fertile, prosperous lands.
He solved hunger, and gave the powerless a chance to stand against those who had superpowers.
And to my surprise, I was too harsh with the countries of the world.
Besides one or two who thought of our company as an enemy, everyone else accepted our products (of course, after a harsh testing period, and we got ourselves quite harsh taxes as well in the beginning), but overall we weren’t opposed.
And slowly, my dreams were fulfilled.
People got to live longer, healthier and the powerful stopped exploiting the weak.
Of course, it was more because the weak got strong enough to have a say, but still it counts as a win.
I retired as a villain (although, I always considered myself an activist), and lived peacefully with nature.
One thing, and one thing only is what I regret.
For our company to become global, for our products to be worldspread, for our thinking to be accepted, for our ideals to be understood…it took too long.
More than 2 centuries were needed to be exact, and while the anti-aging pills worked and improved…they weren’t exactly Ambrosia or immortal elixirs…
At the age of 180, Alex passed away peacefully, surrounded by family and loved ones…
His worth was unrecognized by the heroes he worked for at first, but after gaining a bit of freedom and trust, he spread his wings and changed the world.
I was, am and will be proud to have “met” him. (let’s forget the kidnapping part.)
He was the son that I never had, but to honor his memory…maybe in the future if my heart is moved, I might start a family as well…
And sure as hell, if I have a son the name is already settled on.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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