Bar for the departed

Between the realm of the living and the dead there is a region called “The Veil”.
The veil is what splits the two realms, and stops any interaction between them.
The veil is completely uninhabited and empty, safe for one establishment.
This establishment is a bar with a myriad rooms, that serves the souls of those who are travelling to the afterlife.
It can be considered as a first step for anyone, regardless if they are headed towards Hell, Heaven, Purgatory or reincarnation.
The bar owner and bartender of this establishment is Amara.
She was a young lady with fiery red hair, pale blue eyes, pale sandy skin and a love for tank-tops and military pants and boots.
Today, a young man in a royal blue suit entered her bar.
The moment he stepped in, the bar morphed and became high-end, filled with precious drinks and even extended to have a private golf field.
“Well, hello there, what can I get you?”
Amara asked.
“Who the hell are you? And where am I?
Is this some kind of prank someone hired you to do?”
The young man questioned.
Amara just smiled.
“Old fashioned, without cherry and extra ice, right?”
Amara asked, as she poured the drink into a fancy, diamond shaped glass.
The young man took the glass and threw it on the ground.
“Answer my question, you…”
He wanted to swear, but he realized that the glass didn’t break, nor did it hit the ground.
It floated barely above the ground for a second, before returning to the counter.
He sat down warily on a stool.
“Where…Where am I?”
The young man asked again.
“Guess where could you be, after racing on a mountainous road, half-drunk, while making out with not 1 but 2 girls?”
Amara asked, with a smile that wasn’t a smile.
“Am I…?”
The young man asked, unconsciously downing the glass of Old Fashioned.
Amara answered, refilling the young man’s drink.
“I should be okay, right?
I donated to a lot of charities, and I don’t remember doing something too bad…”
The young man said, finishing the sentence a tad bit weakly.
Amara looked at the young man, who was nothing but a kid in her eyes.
“You’ve made the lives of countless people miserable with your behavior, but as you said you’ve done a lot of good things as well.
You’ve been a spoiled brat your entire life, but in your last moments, you rather had the emergency services save the 2 girls instead of you.
You just barely got your hands on a ticket to Heaven.”
Amara said, chuckling as the glass in the young man’s hands transformed into a pure white ticket.
As the young man gripped the ticket, a door opened on the other side of the bar.
“ Have a good trip.
Also, you are quite athletic, you might try the Angel Course up there.
Being a soldier of the One is not that bad of a job.”
Amara said, waving to the young man.
As the young man disappeared, a new person entered the bar.
It was a middle-aged woman.
She wore a plain grey dress, and as she stepped in, the bar changed to a run-down one.
She walked up to the counter, and ordered a beer.
Amara just nodded and served her.
“Is this my Hell?”
After a few seconds of silence, the woman asked.
“No, not yet.
But you already know your destination.”
Amara said.
“Of course I know. The universe itself is against me!
I’ve done so many things for the good of others, yet I was always mocked!
Nothing is fair!”
The woman whined, as he downed bottle after bottle of beer.
“You’ve raised orphans, and helped women and men who were down on their luck your entire life.
But the moment their life’s turned for the better, you resented and envied them.
Often blackmailing, or ruining their reputation.
You did good just for the sake of having people owe you…
That’s not a mindset people enjoy.”
Amara said, shrugging.
“You are one of the privileged one’s as well.
Who are you to judge me?”
The woman asked.
“Someone who’s bored and enjoys judging people.”
Amara said, chuckling.
The woman angrily drank her beer, yet it seemed she couldn’t get drunk.
“So, am I going truly to Hell?”
She asked, staring with her eyes filled with hope.
“You have a chance for redemption, as whether you did it for yourself or for others, you indeed helped a lot of people.
Reincarnate, and live a honestly good life, you might actually enjoy it.”
As Amara said that, the beer bottle in the woman’s hand became a black and white disc.
The woman gripped it tightly, and a door appeared behind her.
“A little advice before you go.
Life has its ups and downs, don’t worry too much and try your best.
Be happy for others blessings, maybe some of it will befall on you as well.
And don’t be so bitter, worst case scenario, you shall meet me again.”
Amara said with a smile, as she waved at the woman.
The woman nodded, and entered the door.
After the woman disappeared, new people appeared one after the other.
After hundreds of thousands, there was a silence as the bar’s door closed for a while.
As Amara was happily humming a tune, someone approached her.
“Hey Amara, are you done for the day?”
A young girl’s cheerful voice was heard.
“Sup Death, yeah, done.
Your kids are really doing a great job, they must be busy.”
Amara answered, pouring Death a cup of tea.
“Well, we got our work given to us.”
Death said, as she sipped the tea.
“Forgiveness is to be done by God
Satan will help the souls to repent.
The one who is always bored will be there to Judge them…
Such a lousy poem…”
Amara said.
“You wrote it, don’t complain.”
Death chuckled.
“Let me whine a bit, it feels good, I can understand the souls that whine so much…”
Amara said as she poured herself some wine.
Death just laughed and the two enjoyed their conversation, until a new day of work started…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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