The trickster father’s unsightly behaviour

Our world was on the brink of collapse.
Invaders from foreign realms came like a never-ending wave, crushing our armies again and again.
We fought valiantly and the war entered a stalemate.
Through cultivation and training, the elites of both parties connected with the laws of the universe.
Through these laws they scoured the past, present and future to see possible outcomes and routes for this conflict.
And here comes my father in play.
He was acknowledged as the “Chosen One” and he was heavily trained for the great battles to come.
His battle record was amazing, but all those battles were minor skirmishes, but alas there is no need to complain, as the tide turned in our favour.
Then he had me with my mom (duuh), the daughter of our race’s leader.
He trained hard and he trained me harder, while the invaders got desperate and their attacks became more ruthless.
They outnumbered us, both the common soldiers and the experts, it’s just our races had more “experts amongst experts” so we could win more than lose.
Soon, the climax of this war was coming, and that was when father “died”.
It should’ve been a simple battle.
A small elite squadron of the invaders infiltrated our city, and father should’ve been able to wipe them out in one attack.
But for a reason or another, he perished, leaving behind only his warhammer …
I was sad, while Mother entered a church to pray for him.
That day, I lost my father and gained a great burden: I had become the new “Chosen One”.
With the loss of my father, our side lost morale, and the invaders took the opportunity to deal heavy damages to us.
I joined the battles when the situation became the same as before my father took over: it was a stalemate.
My attitude although, was different than my father’s.
I proactively attacked, and tried to pry open the invader’s defences.
I wanted all this to end, I longed for peace.
And my wishes were listened to, as we won battles after battles.
We beat the invaders back to their headquarters on our planet, the first piece of land that they’ve conquered.
We were so close to winning.
While scouting for a route to set an ambush for the chance that the invaders will try to escape, I stumbled upon a wooden house.
This wooden house was hidden in the forests of the mountains that surrounded the enemy’s city.
Looking inside the window, I frowned, sighed and went to kick open the door.
Inside, there was a man sitting on a couch close to the fireplace, enjoying red wine.
“Hello there father, how are you?”
I asked, as I pushed the fallen door to the side.
He spit out the wine he was sipping, and dropped the glass.
“Son…well, hi, uhm you see…they…they have…”
He stuttered.
“They kidnapped you and “forced” you to live luxuriously hidden here?”
I asked crossing my arms.
My father looked to the ground, sighed and then stared at me.
“You aren’t surprised at all, huh?”
He asked.
“Why would I be?
When training, I cut off your head, and you put it back like it was nothing.
You want to believe me they can kill you, who trained to become truly immortal and have eternal life?”
I asked, rolling my eyes.
“Your memory is too good son…”
Dad said.
“Spill the beans old man.”
I said.
Dad was just nervously fidgeting, and scratching the back of his head.
“You see…When we were training, I saw your poten…”
He started explaining.
“So, you thought I could do a better job, so you threw your responsibility over to me.
Then you came here to enjoy your life, am I right?”
I interrupted him.
He actually seemed to blush in embarrassment.
“More or less, yes…
Your attitude is better than mine, so is your talent….so…”
He started with the excuses.
“I don’t care dad.
You could’ve just sent me to the frontlines in your place, saying you’ve been cursed or something.
Also, you could’ve told at least mom that you are alive, she’s been taking care of me but not of herself ever since you left…”
I said, sighing.
“I am sorry…”
He said.
I just nodded and left.
We won the last battle and fought off the last of the invaders.
Our world was safe for now.
I told mom about father, and she went to live with him.
I…I visited from time to time, but it was yet too early for me to forgive him…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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