Mocked and underestimated familiar

We live in a truly magical world.
Wizards and witches alongside their familiars are working hard to progress the magical field.
In our world, at the age of 16 everyone awakens their familiar and summons it to this realm, but even before that at birth, one’s familiar can be seen in one’s stars.
And this is the story about Rocky, my familiar who was misunderstood for so long.
So, let us start with the beginning: my birth.
When I was born, a constellation far away from our world lit up and shone brightly.
Then an image started to form above me that was my fated familiar: a small rock spirit.
When my parents told me this story, they were really sorry for me, and I didn’t understand why.
As I learnt magic, and started to infuse mana in my body, I started to connect with little Rocky.
And what I’ve felt was boundlessness.
My mana is denser and heavier than others of my level, and my connection to the elements of Earth, Metal and Gravity are all Demonic. (the affinities go from low-mid-high-peak-genius-prodigy-demonic-divine).
My body was also way easier to be trained and I grew faster and taller than others of my age.
Thus, my father always wanted to make me choose the Magical Warrior path, infusing mana in my body continuously, and fighting solely with my body.
I refused.
In that way, little rocky’s role would be almost null and I also wouldn’t be able to train and help him grow.
Oh yes, I knew that the rock spirit was male, and also he was just as stubborn as I was.
My studies went without a hitch, and I was always the top of the class…
Alas it was all for nothing, because people knew what my familiar was, so they mocked me.
Regardless how many battles I’ve won, how many exams I’ve aced and how many records I’ve broken, everyone besides my parents thought that I will get stuck sooner or later anyway.
My future was bleak, because our world relies heavily on the familiars help.
Even warriors would fuse with their familiars before ascending to demigod level, which again made me a target for those with demons, deities and high-levelled spirits as familiars.
And when my ceremony came, all my relatives and everyone from the academy came to see it.
Not to root for me, but to see my familiar and enjoy my embarrassment.
How wrong they were.
The moment I connected with Rocky, I felt heavy and weightless at the same time.
A heavy light descended from the realms beyond ours and appeared in the temple we were in.
Soon we could finally open our eyes.
Rocky, my rock spirit appeared in all his glory.
He was actually a mutated variant, that despite being called and seen as a rock spirit, evolved into a Mountain Spirit.
There he was, towering in the boundless temple, almost piercing the unseen roof of it.
I touched the mountain and rocky entered my Spirit Zone.
I felt a surge of power and my body changed.
I grew half a meter in height and my muscles became smaller, but much more well-toned.
Rocky’s been accepted as a disciple under a Mountain God from the antiquity, and I got myself an apprenticeship within said God’s faction.
My relatives showered my parents in gifts, and so did everyone whom I ever met.
They mocked Rocky for so long, and now they were in need of our help.
As after all, nothing lasts forever, not even peace and war was upon us.
And who could be better as a vanguard, than someone with a Mountain as a familiar?
And I helped them with pleasure, and I fought with excitement together with Rocky.
We showed everyone that they were mistaken.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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