Annoying but wholesome

I considered myself very lucky, for my girlfriend was amazing.
She was smart, beautiful and to top all of it, she was a golden dragon.
She was a royalty amongst supernatural creatures.
Albeit, my friends and even hers, thought that she was more trouble than it was worth it.
I disagreed, as she was almost perfect.
There was only one, tiny itsy-bitsy problem with her.
“Ah, farewell cruel world.
I shall take revenge for this affront!”
She said nasally, as she laid on my lap, snot and tear running on her face.
“Stop this Lizzie, you are immortal!
You can’t die.”
I said sighing and taking some tissues, giving them to her.
“But the atrocity of this life!
Oh the lack of empathy that fate has upon those within its grasp!”
Lizzie said, her eyes getting blurrier.
You have allergies to cats, not such a big deal.
Stop this drama, and run your magic power so you can be okay again!”
I said, poking her sides.
She sighed, and stood up.
Now, she was all better, her eyes weren’t bloodshot, not did her face look like a waterfall.
But then, she jumped on my lap again, and hugged me tightly.
“But I like when you take care of me…”
She said.
I caressed her back, and sighed.
“You could just ask me, you know?”
I said, sighing.
She released her steel grasp on me, and looked me straight into my eyes.
“Where would be the fun in that?”
She said giggling, before kissing me.
I wanted to retort, but the kiss was too damn sweet to care about that.
The next day, her antics continued.
I woke up, took a shower, dressed up, made breakfast, yet she was still snoring.
“Lizzie, wake up!
Breakfast is ready.”
I said smiling, while poking her cheek.
She just grumbled, before biting down on my finger.
It didn’t hurt, but it scared the hell out of me…again.
I took the pillow and hit her right in the face.
I said.
She giggled, and jumped on me.
She was hanging like a koala from a tree.
Despite me being the human, and she the dragon, I was a lot taller than she was.
Although, I still think she took a smaller form to blend in easily into human society.
After all…her true form was just…magnificent.
“Take me to the food, hubby.”
She said, resting her chin on my shoulder.
“Yes, my liege.”
I said, sighing.
At the table, she had perfect manners.
It was a joy seeing her eat, albeit quite a shock as well, as she ate 10 times what I ate.
And I was also considered quite the glutton.
“What’s today’s schedule Lizzie?”
I asked.
At this she froze a bit, and looked like she just found out she had fingers.
“Lizzie…What did you forget to tell me now?”
I asked, as calmly as I could.
Lizzie hesitated.
I stood up, took my chair and sat down next to her.
“Now, my dear.
Tell me, what do we have to do today?”
I asked, taking her chin into my hand and looking into her eyes.
She blushed, and quietly said something.
“What? I didn’t hear it.”
I said.
“My parents are coming to visit.”
She said.
I sighed in relief.
“That’s all?
Good, I have to talk about something with them anyway.”
I said, nodding.
“Nooooo, it’s not good.
Mom can always see what I am hiding, and dad will try to bring us back to the Empire.
It’s so boring there, no TV, no internet, no games!
Just boring cultivation, and fighting!”
Lizzie started to throw a tantrum.
“But you know, cultivation is wonderful.”
I said.
She just pouted.
“without cultivation, I most likely would be dead in seven to eight decades if I were to be lucky.
But now, I can accompany you for quite a long time, even if not forever…”
I said, hugging her.
She froze a bit, and nodded, stopping her tantrum.
She was smart, beautiful and I loved her with all my being, but God was she childish.
After breakfast, we cleaned up the house a bit and waited for her parents’ arrival.
And at noon, the doorbell rang.
Opening the door, I was greeted by a celestial couple.
A tall, imposing man that looked like a war god alongside with a beautiful tall, lean woman looking like a goddess.
“Erik, Leia, welcome, welcome.
Please come in, was the journey pleasant?”
I asked, as I invited the two in.
Erik, Lizzie’s father just nodded, but Leia her mother was more approachable.
She hugged me.
“Yes, little one, there were no problems.”
She said.
“Who would dare to cause us problems?”
Erik snorted coldly.
Leia just chuckled, while I smiled wryly.
In the living room, Lizzie was nervously waiting for them.
“Father! Mother! I-i-i-i-I am happy to see you!”
She stuttered, was what all three of us thought.
Leia didn’t care, and quickly hugged her daughter.
“I missed you, my sunshine!”
She said, hugging Lizzie tightly.
I swear, I heard some bones cracking there.
Erik then also went and hugged her briefly.
“Did he treat you well?”
He asked her.
Lizzie blushed, and nodded.
Erik wanted to say something, but Leia elbowed him in the ribs.
“Stop this. The little one takes good care of our daughter.
But she…I see her aura is unstable, she did a thing or two she shouldn’t have, right sunshine?”
Leia said with a smile, but it gave me the chills.
Lizzie also paled, and retreated a bit.
“M-m-mom… I just lazed a bit around, nothing much…”
She said.
“Hoh, so he had to take care of everything, right?
This is how I..”
Leia almost started a lecture, but I went ahead, and took Lizzie’s side.
“Don’t worry.
Despite being quite annoying, she has more lovely qualities than annoying ones.
No need to stress about her, I will take care of everything.”
I said.
Leia smiled knowingly, but Erik frowned.
Not a surprise, he always thought I was too weak for her daughter.
Lizzie snuggled up to me, and we all sat down afterwards.
After eating a bit, and casually talking, I brought the attention to me.
“Actually, I have something important to tell you all.
I want to marry Lizzie, wonder if you would agree?”
I asked Erik and Leia.
They are from a different culture, so this is the normal procedure.
Lizzie blushed, and buried her face into a pillow.
Leia just giggled, while Erik gave me a death stare.
“What about the dowry?”
Erik asked, looking around.
“How about I give you the most precious treasure in the entire universe?”
I said.
Erik just raised his eyebrows.
“I can make Lizzie go back home.”
I said.
Erik actually smiled I think, while even Leia was curiously looking at me.
“No! I am not going back. It’s boring.”
Lizzie shouted from besides me.
“And if I say that I solved the problem, and I can make the internet work in your place as well?”
I said.
Lizzie froze a bit.
“You…You can do that?”
She asked.
I just nodded, before taking out several notebooks.
Giving each of them one.
After a while, Leia and Erik nodded.
“This could work…And it’s not expensive at all.
With this the integration of our cultures will be faster and Earth will join our ranks as an ally soon.”
Erik said.
Lizzie was in tears.
“So…I take it as a yes.”
I said.
Leia and Erik nodded.
Then, I kneeled in front of Lizzie, and took out a ring I bought not too long ago.
“Lizzie, will you marry me?”
I asked.
“Even though I will prank and annoy you for the rest of your life?”
She asked.
“That’s the fun part, isn’t it?”
I returned her own words.
She smiled, and nodded.
“Yes, I will marry you!”
She said.
I hugged and kissed her, which got a good response out of Leia and a dangerous vibe from Erik.
Afterwards my life never was boring anymore…though if I think about, ever since I met her, I had never felt bored or under the weather.
Truly, such a bless she is.

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