Doodling that changed her life

Maya was simply doodling as she usually does when she’s anxious.
She was an excellent artist, her freelancing commissions bringing in more than enough to live almost luxuriously.
But despite being relatively successful, she’s still shaken by events that should be considered normal for her.
Like the hate comments about her art or about herself.
Or how her parents still think this is just a phase, and she should just find herself a good 9-5 job.
Or how her friends think she’s too invested into drawing, and she forgets having fun.
“But this is how I have fun…”
She murmured, as she continued doodling.
Her doodles were random, and yet had a certain air and beauty about them.
As the page was filled with more and more random lines and patterns, the paper suddenly broke into a magnificent multi-coloured blaze.
Maya was blinded by it, but thankfully it had no heat to it, so she wasn’t burned.
After a while, when she opened her eyes, she could see the paper in front of her, completely blank.
“Oh my…I need to take a break from this brooding mood, I am going mad.”
She said, sighing.
As she stood up from her desk, she heard some noises from the kitchen.
“Now what?”
She sighed, and then proceeded to check it out.
As she entered the kitchen, she was greeted by a weird sight.
A girl, maybe 14 years old was trying to open the fridge by…pushing the door instead of pulling it.
She would’ve already shouted at her, if it weren’t for the fact that the girl was…out of place a bit.
Not because she was an intruder in Maya’s house, but because she was clearly not from around here.
The girl had long silvery hair, and wore a beautiful purple dress…but…
But her skin was red blood, her head was crowned with four pitch-black horns and her fingernails were almost puncturing the fridge.
“W-w-w-who are you?”
A sweet, but tired voice interrupted Maya’s frozen state.
It was the girl who was now looking curiously at her.
“I am Maya. Who are you? And what are you doing in my apartment?”
Maya asked, but clearly she was more curious about what the girl was.
“You are my Master then! Feed me!”
The girl said cheerfully, as she quickly ran to the table and took a seat.
“Master? What in the world are you talking about?…what are you”
Maya asked, her true thoughts finally shining through.
“Don’t get too worked up, Master.
I am a demon princess.
You’ve summoned me while doodling around, so I am contracted to obey your wishes until your soul gets completely corrupted by them.”
The girl said, playing with her hair.
“Summoned you with …with the doodles?”
Maya asked, sitting down in front of the girl, powerlessly.
“Yes, well when I was a young demonling, my mother, The Empress told me that the human world is filled with filth and beings that would use me as a toy.
So, when my awakening happened and I had to choose my ritualistic runes, I went crazy and filled an entire paper with random signs, lines, points and shapes.”
The girl said.
Maya smiled a bit at this.
“Food please, and then I continue my story.”
The girl said.
Maya just nodded absentmindedly and brought her some fruits and chocolate bars.
“I will cook later, but first clarify the things for me.”
Maya said.
The girl munched on the fruits first, before she nodded.
“Well, imagine my embarrassment when I finally became an adult, and got my dukedom that I got to know that the human world is filled with joy, and weaklings.
Top that with the fact that demons of my rank could do whatever they want up here, as long as we don’t destroy too many lives.”
The girl said.
Maya just gasped.
The girl nodded.
“Yes, must be shocking for you.
Then I spent like millennia or so, and I started to think I will forever be shackled to Hell, but here I am.
Now that I think about it, I have to thank you.”
The girl said, shining a beautiful smile upon Maya.
Maya actually blushed a bit.
“Okay, now I need to clarify a few more things.
Clearly you are real, as I can smell the fragrance of roses and ashes on you.”
Maya said.
“Thank you, I had a bath just before I was summoned.”
The girl said.
“Good I guess…
What about the “wishes part?” and what do you eat usually?
Also, what’s your name?
Calling you “You” feels wrong and rude to me.”
Maya said.
“Love your attitude Master, love your attitude.
Well, since you’ve contracted me, your soul surely belongs to Hell.
Sorry about that.”
The girl said.
Maya paled a bit, and sighed.
“A, but don’t worry, I will take care of you down there, and anyway it won’t be soon.”
The girl said.
Maya raised an eyebrow.
“Well, for your soul to be taken prematurely it needs to be completely tainted.
If you make a lot of wishes, the fact that I use my powers is affecting you, and corrupting your soul.
If you don’t make wishes, then you can live on Earth for a long time, before going to hell.
I can also take care so you live a bit more than normal humans.
Oh, by the way, my name is Alice and I can eat human food, no worries.”
Alice said, smiling.
Maya was flabbergasted, and dispirited for a second, before regaining her wits.
“You don’t want to corrupt me as soon as possible?”
She asked.
“Why would I want that?
I want to have fun on Earth for as long as possible.”
Alice said, throwing her hands around.
Maya nodded.
“So, pasta is good for you?”
She asked Alice.
“Yes! And maybe a bit of wine after it?”
Aliec said, jumping up.
“Aren’t you too young for…”
Maya started asking before stopping.
Alice now was taller, and much more developed than before.
“I forgot to change my appearance.
The previous one was the one I take when I am with my parents, sorry.”
Alice said.
Maya was speechless, and nodded after quite a while.
After that, Maya’s life completely changed for the better.
She wasn’t alone, and she learnt how to stand up for herself.
Alice and Maya had a blast for decades and even for a whole century before the time came to settle everything.
Even then, Alice was by Maya’s side, and when Maya arrived in Hell, she was greeted by a host of servants and maids.
Maya’s status in Hell was that of a royal from day 1, and it wasn’t hard to see why, when one looked at her and Alice…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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