The “wisest” being alive against the Sages

Three decades ago, this universe gave birth to a prodigious entity.
She was a girl of the Sapientia clan, and she spoke at 3 months old, read at 6 months old and at 1 year old she already read quite the number of books.
Her family almost enshrined her, and her intelligence was followed by great wisdom.
Conflicts after conflicts, and problems after problems were solved by the young one, and soon her family became even greater than before.
Years passed, and as her knowledge increased the more people she helped.
Be it with economical, philosophical, tactical, strategic, life, cultivation or emotional advices, she was happy to help.
And then she came in contact with her first “Sage”, whom she defeated through a debate and forbid from ever helping other again.
She thought that the sages were just intentionally too cryptic lest they have to shoulder some responsibility.
And as she could see through their lies, illusions and true emotions she took it upon herself to dismantle all the fake helpers in this universe.
For that, she increased her cultivation as she travelled from planet to planet, seeking to have ideological debates with their fame and profession at stake.
Fortunately for her, the title of “Sage” isn’t actually given to anyone, as she thinks, as there are many scholars vying for such an honour, yet failing to acquire it.
So, in less than 2 decades she successfully contended with most Sages in the realm, leaving behind just 1, the rumoured “Oldest Sage”.
Her statistics looked impressive, with 100 wins and 3 draws, she was being hailed as “The Wisest amongst them all”.
Now her title would be true to itself, if she just wins the debate against the last Sage.
This last Sage lived on an uninhabited planet, well safe for himself.
The planet was one filled with mountain ranges, and relatively inhospitable weather.
“Another poser.”
The Sapientia girl said, snorting as she and her followers landed on the planet.
Then they travelled a few hours, until they’ve reached a peculiar mountain range.
It was a zone of utmost peace.
No blizzard, sandstorm, dust storm, acidic rain, lightning storm or any other extreme weather that’s commonplace on this planet can be felt here.
Nor the creatures that are known for their wildness and berserker behaviour are the same here.
They are calm, and almost intelligent, even though this planet is rumoured to have had its civilisation destroyed eons ago.
The girl just ignored all these signs, and climbed the mountain, or at least she wanted to, but before getting a step in, she saw something.
A middle-aged man was cutting wood at the foot of the mountain.
“It must be the poser…”
She said to her followers, as she quickly walked up to him.
“Excuse me, are you the Oldest Sage?”
She asked.
The man stopped cutting the wood, and looked at the newcomers.
“Well hello there young’uns.
I don’t know, I might or might not be, who knows who’s the oldest around these parts.”
He said shrugging, resting his weight on the axe.
“You so called Sages always talk in such an evasive manner, today I will end your reign.
I am here to…”
The girl started to say, but was interrupted.
“Reign? We were ruling over something and they didn’t tell me? Damn, feels bad.”
The man said, chuckling.
“You must’ve heard about me, and now you are trying to evade the debate.”
The girl said, pride filling her every word.
“You are the little girlie who is going around kicking the ass of us old folk.
I’ve heard of you, but why would I evade a debate, when no such thing has been discussed?”
The man said, fiddling with the axe.
“What do you mean no such thing has been discussed?
Also, I am not doing such a violent thing as you suggest.
I am simply proving my point.”
The girl said.
“Well, for you it’s nothing violent, but for them it’s their lifestyle you are taking away.
An action, that in my eyes is quite of extreme.
And traditionally, debates between those that think they are wise are public, as to spread knowledge.
Thus sagely debates are announced prior to them happening with 1 to 10 years of given time, so that all those who want to attend can attend.”
The man said, smiling.
The girl fidgeted a bit, before regaining her composure.
“Yes, but these debates aren’t sagely ones.
After all, none of you are true sages.”
The girl said.
“What’s a true sage to you?”
The man asked.
“A wise individual who helps others.”
The girl said.
“And those whom you defeated weren’t helping others, nor were they wise?”
The man asked.
“They helped, but they were too cryptic.
 They were wise, but didn’t proactively help, so why the need for them to be worshipped?
I pulled down their masks, and shown their true selfish selves to the world.”
The girl said.
“Everyone is selfish, that’s how we are lass, that’s how we are.”
The man said shaking his head.
“You think you are above me, right?”
The girl asked.
“Not really.
We are both living beings, subjected to the same rules of the universe.
So, stop trying to rile me up, and start your little debate.”
The man said smiling.
“I’ve heard about your deeds.
How great heroes were inspired by you, and your talks about not forgetting one’s roots and one’s love.
But you are filled with hatred, and apathy, how can you even begin to talk about kindness and love?”
The girl asked, as her eyes glowed like myriad stars on the dark sky.
“It’s because I am filled with hatred, that I know the value of kindness and love.
Is it so hard for you to believe that one can understand something, even though they don’t possess it?”
The man answered.
“You are right, but that doesn’t change your second most famous advice.
You’ve given it to a great Empress, about how she should focus on her people instead of herself.
That led to her being weaker than other Emperors and losing her life.”
The girl said.
“She didn’t lose her life, she lost her throne.
And the people of her Empire took revenge in less than a decade, and ever since she’s the Guardian Deity of their lands.
She isn’t the strongest, but she nurtured the strong, which was better for someone who choose to lead.”
The man said calmly.
“Her being an Empress was her life, and yet she is now just a mascot of some kind.
Don’t you think your advice ruined her life?”
The girl insisted.
“If I ruined her life, but made her happy with it, I am content.”
The man said, smiling.
The girl was baffled.
“You are no Sage, just someone giving random advices.”
The girl shouted at the man.
“You are right, but it’s not up to me if people listen or not to what I say, am I right?”
The man said, chuckling as he hoisted the axe on his shoulder and walked towards his house.
“You! Now you are running away!”
The girl shouted.
Her followers were restless as well, clearly disdaining the man’s behaviour.
“Look, young’uns.
You came here to prove you are right.
Whatever I say, I am in the wrong in your eyes, so why should I bother?”
The man turned towards them, and said.
“Sophistry! If you think you are right, I will listen to you.”
The girl said.
“But I don’t think I am right.
I just state my opinions on topics I’ve known for more years than there are stars in the sky, young one.
No amount of knowledge, books read, or events experienced will make you wise.
It’s the choice of what to do with all those things that make you wise.”
The man said.
“I know. That’s why I am helping people, while you just wait for them to appear.”
The girl said righteously.
“You’ve helped more people in your short life, than I did, that’s true.
But have you truly helped them?”
The man asked.
The girl tilted her head, while her followers gnashed their teeth and threw deadly gazes towards the man.
“Fate exists for a reason.
One shall seek and one shall find is the guideline of the universe.
If people get their answers before even asking the questions, they won’t need to think.
And people losing their motivation and need for improvement… is dangerous.
You are the wisest being alive, but you are still too young.”
The man said, entering his house.
The girl stood outside frozen in one place.
She stood like that for ten whole days, while the man just lived his life like usually.
The followers were worried, but on the 11th day the girl snorted and left.
After that, she furiously started to help the people of the universe, small and big, rich and poor.
She wanted to prove that her way was right.
On the uninhabited planet, the man just looked at the sky, seeing dimming lights on the outskirts of the universe.
“And so it begins once more…”
He said, sighing, before continuing his usual routine.

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