An era holding hero’s life

The universe is old, but the multiverse is older.
Countless eras passed, and countless power systems have been created, used, perfected and then forgotten.
Each era is defined by countless heroes being born, written into time and history itself, and then being replaced by a new generation.
But, there are heroes who are never forgotten and can’t be replaced.
These heroes are called generally as “Era holding heroes”, meaning that they influenced the whole era in a positive way. (There are evildoers of the same rank, but they are called Era destroyers.)
This story I will be telling you, will be about the Rose Empress, who is one of the greatest Era holding hero, our area of the multiverse ever had.
The Rose Empress wasn’t born as a lowborn as most novels depict great heroes, but neither was she a great noble, at least not for a long time.
She was the offspring of the royal family of a Divine Empire.
But, she was not only the youngest, but she was the kindest as well.
She loved…you guessed it: gardening, and flowers in general.
Her bloodline which should’ve been something related to Divine Lions or Divine Birds, was instead a Heavenly Wood Spirit bloodline.
This bloodline was a top-tier bloodline amongst supporting bloodlines, beloved by druids, elves, and alchemists…but her family was a warmonger one.
She was ostracised and exiled, at the young age of 14.
But nonetheless, she was of royal blood, she couldn’t live a poor life.
She was exiled, all relations cut with her family, but because she had their blood flowing in her, she got herself a farmhouse and an entire mountain range in the untamed wilderness of the Empire.
Don’t smirk, most who read her story always think the same.
“Oh, she got an entire mountain range, “poor” her.”
And they roll their eyes.
But she was 14 years old, and she got only a farmhouse and the mountain range.
No funds, no servants, no guidance.
She barely got some food, and water from a maid that pitied her in a spatial ring, that would be enough for her roughly for 1 year.
But she was happy.
She knew a lot about flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits.
With her pocket money that she saved, she easily bought countless seeds, and fertilisers.
Also, she might have a non-combative bloodline, but her prowess is staggering.
Her proficiency with a staff is better than most twice of her age, but it was still too weak compared to her brothers and sisters.
Albeit weak compared to the big players, she has more than enough strength to protect herself.
Arriving at the designed location, she found a shabby house, a rough fence and that was it.
No village, clan, tribe, sect or town was anywhere close to her “land”.
She was nonetheless happy.
The mountain range surrounded and covered in forests, while ahead of her territory, there was an endless plain filled with fertile land.
She instantly got to work.
Slowly she renovated the farmhouse, the fence and the land surrounding it.
Then she planted the flower, vegetable and fruit seeds.
After tending to her gardens, she began planning the exploration of the mountain range.
With her trusty staff, and several useful herbs she began her exploration.
Finding beasts, demonic creatures and rare herbs was what waiting for her.
She felled the ones she couldn’t talk peacefully with, but allied herself with those that had some level of intelligence.
Also, while picking the herbs, she took one if there were 2 and still only one if there were 3 stalks, making sure to not damage them.
By the age of 20, she already had a garden that was 10% as rich as her family’s garden, while her friends from the forest were easily equal to a legion of her former Empire’s army.
With her routine, she got closer to nature, and by the age of 30 her bloodline evolved into a Divine Nature Spirit bloodline.
This bloodline made her able to enter into a direct connection with both plants and animals.
This made her the have the potential to be the best herbologist and beast tamer that ever existed.
And she didn’t disappoint.
When the currents of war arrived to her territory, she led an army of beasts and sentient trees to quell any attacks.
But it wasn’t enough.
She loved peace and nature, but she wasn’t naïve.
She knew what will come to happen to her friends if she were to remain weak.
So she trained, and meditated, and asked her elderly friends who lived deep in the mountain range for guidance.
By the time she was 50, she still looked 18.
Her powers were overflowing, her lifeforce nurturing those around her, while those around her nurturing her.
She became an Empress, and created the Wilderness Empire, with a Rose as a symbol.
She swept the demons, undead, and foreigners that came to her planet and brought war.
But she never attacked the natives of her planet, and this made people think she was a pushover.
And, to a certain degree she was, but those around her weren’t.
An Empire that tried to cheat the Empress out of her resources quickly met their demise, under the claws, fangs and roots of the generals of the Empress’ army.
Then, as any great character, Rose Empress’ calling came now from a bigger playground.
The universe itself asked for her assistance, and she provided it.
Countless planets were healed and reformed under her powers.
Even stars and moons became healthier and capable of supporting life under her hard work.
The entirety of the universe became capable of supporting more and more experts, and the universe finally fought back the invaders from Hell, Abyss and other realms.
But her work didn’t stop there.
In exchange of alliances, favours and support she went out and cured countless dead planets from the multiverse, making her name go down in history.
She became the Rose Empress, the Healer, the Sage, the Kind one.
And at her peak, her family came back.
“My dear sister, we need your help.”
Her eldest brother, who now was the Emperor came with a big smile, and tried to hug her.
She just looked at him, and shook her head.
“I don’t know you.”
She said.
Her brother stopped, and looked at her with a “pained” look.
“I know we were harsh, and foolish, but we are family…Come back.”
He said.
“You are now here, but where were you when I struggled?
When I bled and cried?
When my friends died, my limbs broke and my life hanged by a single thread?”
She questioned, her aura making her brother sweat, and kneel.
“Be glad I forgave and forgotten you all.”
Rose Empress said, as she left.
The era in which she appeared was a golden era in multiple universes, and she still goes around healing planets from time to time, even in these days…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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