The effects of one’s closeness to nature

I’ve been living alone at the outskirts of the town for a long time.
Well, many think that I live outside the town, as I am closer to the forest than to my closest neighbour.
But it’s amazing.
I have all the quiet I would wish for and the forest is filled with friendly fuzzy animals.
I’ve made friends with a murder of crows, several ravens, two foxes, a bear and its cubs and an owl.
Been feeding them for a long period of time, and they are often seen lurking around my garden.
It’s funny and heart-warming to see them check up on me, while sometimes also bringing me “gifts”.
Especially the crows and ravens were quite amazing, as in recent times they actually brought me some valuable jewellery and rare stones.
But it also has a downside, despite being so fairy tale like.
The townsfolk are avoiding my house, and me as well in consequence, thinking I am a weirdo.
They aren’t wrong, but that doesn’t mean I am dangerous or anything.
I just enjoy the company of nature itself.
But who knew that nature had more plans with me, than just to keep me company.
One fateful day, when I finished all the chores around the house, went shopping, helped out a friend of mine in the town I arrived home to a welcoming crowd.
The crows, ravens were perched upon my fence, while the bear simply blocked the gate.
“Hey guys, and gals, what’s up?
Are you hungry?”
I asked, smiling and waving at them.
It wasn’t the first time they waited for me, but it was the first time they looked “organised”.
The bear, that I called “Ursa”, corny I know, just moved away to uncover 3 things laying on the ground.
A spring green envelope, a staff with a weirdly shaped head and a necklace was waiting for me in front of the gate, right where Ursa was sitting a moment ago.
“What’s this guys?”
I asked.
The crows cawed, while the ravens actually sounded out a word like sound.
“Mather or Mother” was the word I heard.
I chuckled, and slightly patted Ursa and one of the ravens, while taking up the envelope, staff and necklace.
The envelope was as I said spring green, with blood red letters on it.
“For Mr. Silhvan, in regards of an urgent matter.”
I put the envelope in my inner pocket, before checking the remaining two items.
Let me talk about the staff.
It was actually taller than I was, and I was a tad bit over 1,9m tall.
The staff was made of wood, but I didn’t recognise the type which was weird as I was a pretty good carpenter.
And the head of the staff was roughly in the shape of the crown of a tree, with amazing minute details.
Now, the necklace was clearly made of some kind of unknown ore, which had the colour of rust, but felt really neat and even.
It was a snakelike necklace, with an emerald green pendant in the shape of a leaf hanging on it.
I wore it, as I found it rather charming.
Instantly I felt refreshed and my mind felt quicker, but I ignored these feelings and entered the house.
As I close the gate, and then the door, the animals were still waiting and watching over me.
Actually, I could see other cute ones lurking in the shadows of the trees of the forest.
After making myself a nice cup of tea, I sat down in the living room.
At the sound of my favourite music, I took out the envelope, and started reading it.
“Dear child,

 I am in awe to see your closeness with nature, regardless of which of your brothers and sisters approaches you, you are always kind and welcoming.
Sadly, there is an undercurrent forming in the vast world that needs to be tackled.
I usually choose a druid, elf, or an awakened child of mine as Champion to brave the dangers…
But this time, they can’t help…
This danger is both magical and normal, both dangerous and helpful.
We need someone who experienced the toughness of life and the happiness of it to face the future events.
And unfortunately, and I am really sorry for this my child, I’ve chosen you.
With the staff of my first born Yggdrassil and the necklace of Gaia, you will be able to handle anything.
Your brothers and sisters with whom you interacted until now will guide you on your quest.

I wish you the best my child.
Hope nothing I imagined to happen will happen, take care
I bless you with luck and good faith.

With love,
Mother Nature” I rubbed my eyes, as they got teary.
Why do I feel so moved, yet so sad?
I chuckled, as I stood up and went for the staff.
This time, when I grabbed the staff, I felt a power rushing through me.
My feet connected with the earth and my mind was connected to the skies.
I could hear the townsfolk talking, while also feeling the billions of lives in the forest, walking around.
And they were all…restless.
“So this isn’t a joke…”
I sighed.
I am not a firm believer in the supernatural, but living long enough, and alone at that, made me open my mind to a lot of things.
Leaving the house, I smiled.

In front of my fence there were countless friends waiting for me.
Besides my usual besties, now they were joined by a pack of wolves, three more owls, an eagle, several butterflies, a few hedgehogs, and three more foxes.
Closing the gate behind me, I bowed to them.
“Lead me, my friends.”
I said chuckling.
If anyone saw me now, following a horde of wild animals, they would sure call the authorities on me.
As I thought this, I started following the animals, but the direction they took me in, made me smile wryly.
“So…we need to re-enter civilisation, huh?”
I murmured, as I steeled my resolve, and happily followed the bunch of guides I’ve been given.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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