Love beyond relations

It’s been a lovely night, on a lovely day.
Emily and Ethan were on a date, that couldn’t have been better.
They’ve watched a movie they’ve been both waiting for 2 years, even before they started dating.
Then, they went to their favourite café, had an amazing evening, discussing the movie and the possible sequels after the open ending.
After a few hours that seemed seconds, Ethan knew he had to take Emily home.
Sadly, it seemed like 24 hours a day weren’t enough for the two lovebirds.
Walking home was one of their favourite and at the same time the most hated moment every time they met.
She was always leaning closer to him at this point of the day, then earlier on.
He was always holding her hands tighter.
Their conversations seemed better, and sweeter.
Sadly, soon they will part for the night.
But this day, as good as it was, was about to turn worse in a second.
As they were getting just to the corner of Emily’s neighbourhood, someone jumped in front of them.
It was a young girl, not much older than they were.
She has been clearly drinking, as the smell of alcohol and her wobbly movements gave her away.
“Give… me… your purse.
I like it.”
She said to Emily, slurring her words.
Emily stiffened, and grabbed Ethan’s arm tightly.
Ethan moved in front of her, and shook his head.
“No, please go away, you are drunk.”
Ethan said, towering over the assailant.
He also started to recognise the girl, as he thought that he saw her in this neighbourhood several times.
“Everyone thinks I am a joke!”
The girl screamed as she took out a knife.
Ethan stepped back with Emily behind him, while slowly taking his backpack down from his shoulders.
“Now, this will show everyone that I am serious.”
The girl giggled, as she lunged unsteadily towards the couple.
Ethan quickly put his backpack in front of him, and pushed it towards the knife.
The knife got stuck inside the backpack, which Ethan used as a shield.
With a sudden pull, Ethan got the girls hands off the knife.
With the sudden movement, the girl fell to the ground, and started sobbing.
“Should we call the cops?”
Ethan asked.
“No…I know her, I will tell her parents to come after her.”
Emily, now out of her stupor said.
Ethan just nodded, taking the knife out of his backpack and putting it in it.
Then, he walked to Emily and smiled.
“Let me walk you to their house.”
He said.
Emily didn’t move.
“It was…dangerous.”
She muttered.
“It was, but for you, I will brave any danger.
I will always be there when you need me!”
He said, hugging her.
“I love you.”
Emily said.
“I love you too.”
Ethan said looking into her eyes.
Emily smiled, teared up a bit and kissed him.
The kiss was short, but sweet.
Both blushed a bit, and quickly continued their walk.
It was a cheesy confession, but the two were young, and in love, so these were heartfelt words.
But what the two didn’t know, that a certain Goddess of Love heard this confession.
Be it because she was moved or because of boredom, she gave a blessing upon the couple.
“Let thy words be true, and forever appear as her shining knight in armour.”
Her words echoed through the world, but remained unheard.
The two went to the girl’s house and notified her parents about what she has done.
The mother quickly ran out, going for her precious daughter, while the father quickly thanked and apologised to the couple before leaving as well.
At this house, the two parted ways, as Emily’s house was just on the other side of the road.
They kissed once more, even quicker this time, but the two had the most dazzling smiles on their faces.
Three weeks later they broke up.
Was it due a misunderstanding, conflicting views or simply incompatibility, nobody knew, not even them, but it happened.
The two remained friendly acquaintances, but nothing more and thought nothing much about their relation.
But the two didn’t know, about the Goddess’ blessing.
Fast forward twelve years, the two should be 30 years old.
In a dark alley, a woman of a holy beauty was stopped by two muggers, just to see the two muggers being hit hard by a man in his underwear.
The man hit one of the man with a cup, and stabbed the other in his liver with a toothbrush, before proceeding to kick them once more.
“Seriously, are you hiring these idiots, just to make me appear randomly?”
The man asked, with his mouth being clearly white from toothpaste.
“I would rather be mugged, than to see your face.”
The woman said with a smile, while rolling her eyes.
She might’ve used those words, but the man was tall, well-built and quite handsome.
“Oh come on! It’s the 2nd time this month!
At this rate I will be the next vigilante whom will have a comic wrote about.”
The man said, complaining.
The woman just shrugged, as he gave pants and a t-shirt to the man.
Clearly, as the man said, this wasn’t the first time this happened.
“Not my fault you are blessed or cursed or whatever…
Thanks Ethan.”
The woman said, clearly having it hard to say those words.
Forget it, stay safe…
Oh well, if you don’t stay safe, I will appear anyway.
Have a good night.”
Ethan said, as he left.
Emily looked after Ethan, and bit her lips.
She tried to say something, but in the end she gave up, and left as well.
What she didn’t knew that Ethan gazed upon her retreating back for a long time as well…
Arriving home Emily screamed into the pillow, tossing and turning around, she looked to the ceiling.
“Why did we break up?!”
She questioned herself.
Arriving home, Ethan entered the living room, where a huge shelf occupied the northern wall.
The shelf was filled with items, and he added a black hockey mask and a small knife to it.
“Another trophy…”
Ethan murmured, as he watched the myriad knives, guns, baseball bats, and other weapons and memories of the times he saved Emily.
going to his bedroom, he looked to his nightstand.
There a picture of a young, happy couple stood alone.
Sighing, he entered the bathroom to take a shower.
Under the torrent of cold water, he felt his blood calming down.
“Why did we break up…”
Ethan questioned himself…
Far away, a certain Goddess watched the two with interest.
“If this goes for long, I might need to schedule their next lives to be better…”
She said, as she ate some grapes and other fruits, being surrounded by angels and great warriors.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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