The snappy painting

I was house-sitting for my grandparents who went on a vacation.
This house was a 2 stories one, with a bedroom being transformed in grandpa’s study.
That study of his was my favourite place in the entire world.
Why was it my favourite place?
Well, because it was filled with books, and antiquities.
Just like how I do every single day, after checking each door and window, I switch the lights on in the living room, before locking myself upstairs in the study.
This study was almost perfect.
It was filled with amazing books on all my favourite topics: philosophy, history, personal development, and a lot of fiction.
Add to that sword, gun replicas and ship, castle scale models and it was a heaven on earth for a nerd like me.
But…there always must be a “but”.
He had an eerie painting that just made me unable to stay put.
It was the painting of a young lady sitting on a rock, and behind her a beautiful ancient forest spread.
She was smiling but not, and the entire forest was dwarfed by her presence.
It was a pressuring atmosphere, surrounding this painting.
“What are you looking at? Never seen a painting before?”
As I was watching the painting, the woman snapped at me.
I stumbled backwards, and fell unto an armchair.
“Oh, you can’t even stand properly, are you really James grandson?”
The woman asked, standing up from the rock.
I gulped, and shivered.
James was my grandpa’s name…but…but how?
“H-h-h-how can you…”
I stuttered.
“How can I talk this way, walk this way?”
The woman asked, giggling.
She was teasing me…with references from songs I like.
“You know me?”
I asked.
“You grew up in this study…Guess how do I know you?”
She said, rolling her eyes.
Closer up, she was even prettier.
Long golden hair, spring green eyes, freckled pale skin.
And that long, pure white dress…
She was the centre of the painting, even though the forest, the rocks, the sky and the clouds were astounding as well.
“Who are you?”
I asked.
“I am the Lady in the painting, duuh”
She said, laughing.
“I can’t get anything out of you.”
I said, sighing.
“I am stuck in a painting, what would you even want from me?”
She said crossing her arms.
“I might be hallucinating…”
I murmured.
“You wished, albeit with your head being so far lost in the clouds most of the time, I wouldn’t be surprised.”
She said, nodding and acknowledging my claims.
“So you aren’t real?”
I asked.
“Maybe you aren’t real, and are just a show I watch.”
She said, shrugging.
I chuckled.
Regardless if it was real or not, it was a breath of fresh air.
Afterwards, I spoke to her on a daily basis.
Albeit, I always was on the losing end in our conversations, it was entertaining.
When grandpa and grandma came back, grandpa took me aside.
“You did well, I will leave the painting to you one day.”
He said, giving me a knowing look, before going back to grandma.
I just shook my head, and left for my home.
But not before looking upstairs, wondering what else does grandpa’s study hide.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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