Just a normal human

The space shattered above us, while the ground cracked and trembled.
The skies were bleeding and we were all pressured to our knees.
Cities turned to dust, while oceans evaporated into nothingness.
It was the end of times.
Humanity faced an impossible calamity: a higher leveled life-form civilization entered through wormholes our space.
This civilization was able to control the energies and laws of the universe, making us completely unable to retaliate.
But even then, they mocked us!
How could their great race make a move against some “ants”, as they called us?
So they released their “pets” upon Earth.
These creatures weren’t unknown to us.
They were all resembling one or another mythological creature from our myths, legends and folklore.
And they were just as deadly as in those stories.
The average beasts weren’t hurt by guns, and those who were half-behemoth sized weren’t hurt by tanks or heavy artillery.
We were fighting a losing fight, but we won’t ever give up.
We gathered our armies and fought valiantly, but to no avail.
Brothers and sisters fell left and right, while our lands shrank visibly.
And then he appeared.
I said pointing at the statue.
Looking back at the kids around me, I chuckled.
I was the same when I first came to the Academy, and saw the statue of our savior.
Our armies were butchered, with a mere mountain range campsite remaining for our race to hide at.
The civilization’s commander appeared at this last campsite, and commanded their “pets” personally.
But fate is unpredictable.
When we were trembling, our hands in pain from the strong grip we had on our weapons, a man with a pillow appeared.
Waving the pillow, all the beasts crumbled and were sent far away.
The enemy commander fell from his mount, and sunk deep into the ground.
With a yawn, our savior scratched the back of his head and went deep into the woods.
Both our ancestors and the commander demanded to know who he was.
“I am just a normal human, let me sleep.”
He said, before leaving.
Afterwards, the mountain range and thousands of kilometers around it became forbidden grounds for the invaders.
Nobody wanted to offend such a being.
Old monsters from their civilization tried to scout and test the waters, but with a simple wave of his hands, the savior always solved these issues.
Our race flourished once more, now taking in the methods of the invaders, slowly learning to cultivate ourselves as well.
“Now kids, do you understand why this statue is so important?”
I asked.
They all nodded, but were still unconvinced.
“Why a pillow though?”
One of the boys asked.
“He’s a normal human, he needs sleep.”
I said chuckling.
But underneath the great statue the words “Slumbering Emperor” were written boldly and emanated an aura of utmost reverence.
Whether he wanted to acknowledge it or not, he became our guardian, our hope.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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