Close to the goal?

It’s been a century of setbacks, obstacles, failures and tries.
Had it not been for my half-elven bloodline, I would’ve been long dead.
But finally, all my blood and sweat bore fruit.
The last clue to get my hand on the “Grimoire of Ethereal Laws” is right ahead of me.
I took in a deep breath, and entered the tattered hut.
Stepping inside the world broadened and spread, and now what lay before me was an endless row of shelves filled with books.
“The library of everything that was, is and will be…”
I murmured.
Walking through the endless rows, I was amazed by the varied topics that the books explained.
Of course, I expected endlessness but still.
Books from all around the multiverse could be found here, as the Gods of Knowledge, Wealth, Time, Fate and Wisdom worked hard to create this separate dimension.
I had to sacrifice more resources than the combined treasury of the entire dragon race to enter here.
After shaking off the thoughts about everything else but my goal, I started my search.
And I searched for years, decades and centuries.
But my search was in vain.
I accumulated knowledge, and broke through one limit after the other…
I don’t even know anymore how strong I am or what is the name of the level I am at.
And yet, my goal is just as far away as it was at the beginning.
How did this all start?
Oh, I remember…my mother sent me on this journey.
She was a royal elf, and she was fascinated about legends.
Her favorite one was about “the Ethereal Laws”, which are said to be the next step of a God’s divinity.
Basically, after a God masters his divinity and gains control over a law, he can strengthen said law until it becomes “ethereal” and combines with the universe itself.
That is the moment when a God becomes an Elder God, but there’s a catch…
There wasn’t a single Elder God born ever since after the birth of the Primordial Elder Gods that came into being the moment the laws appeared in the newly born universe…
So everyone just accepted the fact: one can’t become an Elder God unless they kill an Elder God and take their place, which happened 5 times.
But this was a ridiculously dangerous and difficult task.
That’s when “The Grimoire of Ethereal Laws” comes into the play.
Legends say that it contains techniques to feel the laws, and can pinpoint a way to combine it with the universe…
And this grimoire is my goal and life-long quest.
But I still…I still have no clue that it exists…
I sighed, and wandered the rows of the library aimlessly…
After walking for who knows how much time, I stumbled.
Looking down, I picked the book which tripped me.
It was “A Complete Guide to the Ethereal Laws: Certainly not a Grimoire”.
My heart beat with the rhythm of a raging storm, while my breathing became erratic like a hurricane.
Opening the book, my gaze brightened, before rage filled me, and I started laughing.
The laughter was filled with anguish, and helplessness.
I threw the book to the ground, and left.
“If there is no such a book yet, I will make one.”
With such a statement I left to gather all the books related to Laws, Magic and Gods.
If my emotions didn’t get the better of me, I would’ve had much more confidence in my endeavor.
After all, the book I threw away had an author, and that author, about whom I found out way, way too later on, was in fact me.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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