The truth about our lives

One day our lives got turned upside-down.
Our parents disappeared, living my young brother, barely 10 and me, a 19 year old teenager all alone.
It all started like a normal day.
Father already left for work, mother prepared breakfast for us, just before sending John and me off to school.
After school, I went to pick John up and went home.
When we arrived home, the house was empty…literally.
No furniture remained, no sign of inhabitance, nothing.
Mother should’ve been home but she wasn’t.
Father’s and mother’s phone numbers were out of service.
The garage, attic and garden shed were all empty as well.
Poor little John broke out in tears, while I frowned.
This was way too weird.
Nothing in our parents behavior foreshadowed such an event happening.
And indeed, in our room, we finally found something.
The only thing that remained in this big house: a letter.
I took the letter and hid inside an inside pocket of my jacket, before calling the police.
Oddly enough, the police arrived in barely 5 minutes.
Our neighborhood was a nice one, but still, it was pretty far away from their department.
And yet, in less than 5 minutes, four cars arrived.
I don’t consider myself a genius, but it doesn’t take one to be a genius to see that something is wrong.
The cops came to our house, went in, “searched” for like 10 minutes and left with: “We will make sure to find your parents.”.
They were rather sloppy with their act.
After all: would they normally leave 2 kids unattended? (even though I am over 18)
Would they leave the house like that, without asking specialists to come and look for clues?
Would they not at least try to contact our relatives?
Not that it would matter by the way, as it wouldn’t work.
I called our uncle, auntie and even grandparents, and their phone numbers were not working either.
I sighed, and went to the safest place I knew.
Star-bolt Café was the place we went to.
This café was our headquarters.
This is the place where our family usually came every weekend to have a family day.
Arriving at the café, we went to the 3rd floor, and entered our usual booth.
John’s eyes were bloodshot, while he was nagging me to open the letter.
The letter was in an envelope that wasn’t even closed.
“They must’ve been in a hurry…”
I murmured.
The envelope had something written on it.
“James, John we are sorry but you have to be brave.
Before reading the letter, please accept and understand 3 things:
1) Supernatural beings do exist. Yes, don’t roll your eyes James, I am indeed talking about vampires, werewolves, giants, gods, demons and so on.
2) Our family is part of a hidden society of watchers and guardians of such beings.
3) You two have been mentioned in a prophecy so brace yourselves.”
“Why would father be so stupid to mention sensitive information on the envelope?”
I said, sighing.
Even John knew that this was wrong.
I opened the letter and continued reading.
“Stop sighing James, I am not stupid.
Only you two can read these words we’ve written, everyone else would see only a blank envelope and sheet of paper.
Your mother says that you should be careful, and stay low-key in the café we always went to.
Someone will be looking for you, and you will know that you can trust them.
We love you, and we are sorry for what is to come.”
The letter ended like that.
I tore it up and ate it.
“Are you okay brother?”
John asked.
I ruffled his hair, while shaking my head.
“I am just getting a head-start to getting used to the bitterness of our new lives.”
I said.
The truth about our lives is uncertain.
I still can’t believe what I’ve read.
But…the disappearance of every evidence that we’ve lived at our house of almost 20 years, coupled with the disappearance of our parents and the shifty behavior of the cops made me question everything.
I don’t know what’s to come, but I will do everything to protect John, and if Fate and Luck smiles upon us, maybe find our parents.
But John’s and my safety comes first.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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