A slapped immortal

The druid looked at us with astonishment.
“How did it happen?”
He asked, while healing my hand.
“I slapped him.”
I said, pointing to the towering figure behind me.
“You slapped the Deity of the Tree of Life?”
The druid asked, with a smile on his face.
He wants to do something stupid.
Somebody needed to wake him up.”
I said, sighing.
Ygg tried to retort, but a glare from me shut him up.
“You are a human, even shorter than average.
You might be a witch, but still, don’t go hitting immortals.”
The druid said, finishing healing up my hand.
I thanked him, and left with Ygg, while murmuring:
“He deserved it.”
Ygg was uncomfortably silent during our walk.
The forest around us was dangerously fidgety.
The trees shook and the ground quaked.
“You moron! You should stop being so anxious.”
I said, elbowing him in the stomach, which made me yelp out in pain.
Ygg quickly grabbed me, and held me close.
He asked.
Towering over me, and gazing at me with those piercing green eyes, I felt like being watched by the forest itself.
“Why what?
Speak in full sentences.”
I said, smiling.
Ygg smiled as well, he loved our banter, but before long, he was frowning once more.
“Why do you want to stop me?”
He asked.
“Because you want to sacrifice yourself for the world!
Because you would die to breath new life into the ground!”
I shouted at him, trying to escape from his grasps.
“But, that’s my job…
I need to help the people of these lands.
I need to save them from suffering…”
Ygg said quietly.
I trembled in anger, and with a strength I didn’t know I had, escaped from his clutches.
I shouted, sobbing.
Ygg came to me and hugged me.
“I am sorry…
But there is no…”
He began to say.
“There is!
There is an alternative.”
I interrupted him.
He looked at me and raised an eyebrow.
“There is a spell, that rejuvenates the earth, and brings it back to its primordial state.
It will be fertile for millions years once more.”
I said.
“What does it require?”
Ygg asked in a solemn tone, as he knew very well how costly grand spells were.
“A lot of star essence, chaotic essence and a god witch.”
I said, grinning.
Ygg sighed.
“Okay, I will let you train with me…”
He said.
I smiled, wiping away the tears.
There was still a chance for me to enjoy love.
And all I needed to do was to slap an immortal.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

6 thoughts on “A slapped immortal

        1. Sometimes indeed it does.
          Though here it’s more important “who” slapped the immortal and not that an immortal was slapped.
          Albeit, ngl, it was fun imagining this tiny being slapping the behemoth of immortal.

          Liked by 1 person

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