Match made in Heaven

There are legends about men and women that not even the Gods could tolerate.
Such was the legend of the “Heavenly Pair”.
The “Heavenly Pair” is a couple, a man and a woman, who have a story that depicts just how love and hate come together.
And how the Gods plans aren’t easy to understand.
The man, simply called “Zero”, was the first man to ever be cursed and try to kill a God.
Hunting a thousand demons, hundreds of titans the man brought before a certain God the greatest sacrifice ever made.
After the God descended and blessed Zero, he started to absorb the sacrifice’s power.
Right in the middle of the ceremony, Zero stabbed the God in three places.
Head, heart and groin area were his targets.
Had the other Gods ignored the ceremony and not intervene in time, then the God would’ve died.
Zero was a great Hunter and a warrior at soul, thus the Gods designed a perfect punishment for him.
Zero gained immortality, and no matter what danger he braves, he will never die a true warriors death.
There was no way to lift this curse, the Gods made sure of that.
This made Zero lose any kind of will for life, and he started wandering the earth.
He picked up a new hobby after losing fighting and hunting, that is: annoying people.
The woman, simple called “Rose”, was the first woman to offend both the Goddess of Beauty and Love and the God of Fertility.
Rose was beautiful, talented and ambitious.
Born as a royal princess, inside an Empire renowned for its scholarly and heroic values, she was the embodiment of perfection.
Her body and soul were literally crafted by the Gods, after her parents helped a certain God deal with some unpleasant matters.
While growing up, at the mere age of 10, she was already an Imperial Advisor.
She helped her father govern the lands, her brothers wage wars, and underneath her tactics the Empire flourished.
The common people became healthier and richer, while the nobles became stronger and wiser.
It was a perfect combination.
But then, she became 18 years old, and she had to be married.
Of course, king and emperors, nobles and merchants sent their children one after the other to ask for Rose’s hand in marriage.
But how could they compete when even the Gods were interested in this event?
The Goddess of Beauty and Love proposed in the name of her first born son: the God of Pride and Attention.
At the same time, the God of Fertility proposed and asked Rose’s hand in marriage.
Both of them were rejected by Rose with a single statement: “Not qualified.”
This has angered the Gods greatly.
Rose was cursed to have a long life without love.
She would be healthy, and become more and more beautiful, with such a beauty that can never be covered, no matter how many clothes she would wear.
 And as always, there is a “but there was a catch”.
Anyone that married her would die.
And there is only one way to lift this curse: someone needs to fall in love with her, while ignoring her beauty.
These two, “Zero” and “Rose”, were cursed by the gods in different eras, and different locations, so how did they become a legend together?
One day, while emptying a bar’s alcohol storage, Zero heard a discussion.
“Princess Rose is 40 this year, but looks even better than at 18.”
“Yes, but you know, anyone who marries her would die.”
“Why marry her? Just spend some “quality time” with her and it’s good.”
“The curse wouldn’t kill you, but the royal guard would.”
As two merchants talked about this topic, Zero smiled.
“That’s…That’s a good challenge.”
He said with a hiccup, as he left the bar with unsteady steps.
He was already well known in the Empire.
“The Unfortunate Immortal” was his nickname.
No guard tried to stop him as he walked into the palace.
After all, they knew he can’t be killed, many tried.
He went to the Emperor, patted his shoulder, and sat down on his throne.
“Look, I will take a burden off your shoulder.
I will marry your daughter.”
Zero said.
The Emperor’s rage almost burst out, before Zero casually threw a map at him.
“What’s this?”
The Emperor asked, hardly containing his anger.
“You see the 15 little red circles?”
Zero asked.
The Emperor nodded, while the guards had already unsheathed their weapons.
“Those are 15 valuable ore lodes, go and mine them.
Consider them gifts for you from your son-in-law.”
Zero said nonchalantly.
The Emperor was tempted, but he didn’t want to sell his daughter for mere riches.
“I agree.”
A voice suddenly sounded in the throne room.
Rose appeared, in a blood red dress.
“*Whistle*, you do look good.”
Zero said.
“It will be my pleasure to marry you.”
Rose said, with a smile that wasn’t a smile.
The Emperor sighed.
He knew well how revengeful and prideful her daughter was.
She was clearly trying to kill the Immortal, but could she?
Zero went up to Rose, and hugged her.
Rose twitched, but she couldn’t escape from the clutches of Zero.
“You even smell nice.”
He said.
“And you smell worse than a pigpen.”
Rose said sweetly.
Zero just chuckled and left.
Half a month later, the two got married, and got themselves a mansion and a territory in the northernmost forests of the Empire.
It was a barely developed region, so it was a good challenge for Rose to spend her time.
For Zero, it didn’t matter, he just wanted to annoy Rose.
After getting married, Zero felt pain every day, but he never died.
Rose just shook her head and was sad.
She had to be married to someone she didn’t love, and could only wait for centuries to pass until her time actually comes, maybe even more.
So Rose threw herself into managing the territory.
In but a year, it became the 4th richest territory of the Empire’s 12 regions.
Rose ambition, prowess impressed Zero, and he was starting to get motivated.
He started to hunt once more.
He alone provided more than enough prey for the twelve towns and thirty-four villages.
Nevertheless, his hunting didn’t hurt nature.
He only hunted older prey while making sure that other hunters also left the youth of the beasts untouched.
His confident, yet charming posture stunned Rose for a while when she first saw it.
“So he’s not a complete bum…”
She thought to herself.
At the same time, when Rose was reading, and fell asleep amidst a sea of books, Zero often covered her in blankets.
While watching her sleep, he always smiled.
“She isn’t always thorny…”
He murmured, before leaving.
The two spent years after years together, not even realizing that things changed.
Rose didn’t get older, but she wasn’t getting more and more beautiful, not attracting that much attention anymore.
Zero, wasn’t getting older either, but he wasn’t in pain anymore.
Rose’s curse was lifted, while Zero’s curse became a blessing that covered both of them.
The two soon became truly a married pair, and created a family together.
They transformed the region they lived in, into a “Heaven on Earth”, and from being known as “The Cursed Couple”, they become known as “The Heavenly Pair.”
The two became spokespersons of the Gods, and even held festivities with Gods as guests, after they realized that their curses were actually lifted.
The two were punished, and through trials they’ve changed and their punishment became a reward.
The God’s ways aren’t easy to discern: an action that seems vengeful, could actually be just a trial to prove oneself worthy or to simply better oneself.

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