A game of cats and mice

It started on a day like any other.
The sun was shining, the birds were singing and my father and I were playing board games in the living room.
Then the windows broke, and smoke filled the room.
I don’t know what happened, but my father sighed, and stood up.
Smiling, he took me and closed me into the floor, where we had a small hidden room.
I always thought it was for the board games, but seemingly, dad built it for me.
Then a lot of men rushed in.
My father just smiled at them, but they surrounded him.
Soon they held father and dragged him away.
The smoke in the house soon cleared up and from the ceiling, father jumped out once more.
I smiled, being happy that father was alright.
But then, who did the men take?
I wanted to go out, but father was staying upon the door.
I wanted to shout, but he shushed me.
Right after, a new group of men came in, shackling father and leaving with him.
I was shocked to say the least about this development.
The men left immediately with father, never bothering to search the house.
I found it weird.
Was this just a game?
Or was something bigger at play?
Regardless, soon the sofa in the living room dismantled by itself, and again, a new “father” appeared from with it.
I was getting numb to the situation.
Was this my real father?
Or was this someone else again…
But if this was someone else….why did he look exactly like father?
This time the men didn’t come back.
“So, this time they gave up only after 2 times…boooring.”
My father said.
I quickly left the hole in the floor, and looked at father warily.
“What was that?”
I asked.
That was simply a game, and this time I won.”
Father said.
“This time?
It happened before this?”
I asked.
“And it will happen in the future.”
My father said, as he ruffled my hair.
I was confused, but his warm hands didn’t change, so I chose to believe in him.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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