The taxi cab of needs

It was a rainy night, filled with booming thunder and raging winds.
I quickly ran out of the office, and hailed a cab.
I was oddly lucky enough, to have a cab coming right then, thus I didn’t have to bear the wrath of the elements for too long.
“To the Harmony Avenue, number 9345 please.”
I said to the driver, from whom I got a nod as a response.
As I watched the traffic, and weather outside I sighed.
“How tiring…”
I thought to myself.
I am a resident doctor that is being overworked.
Top that with hallucinations that I can mold metals and bend steel pipes, so that I don’t get bored.
“Are you having fun sir?”
The driver asked.
Ooops, seemingly I laughed out loud.
“Sorry, I just thought about something ridiculous.”
I said.
“Well, it might not be as ridiculous as you think.”
The driver said with a chuckle.
I laughed as well, and just shook my head.
“Yeah, I wonder for how long would I be under medication, had I told anyone about the things I think I saw…”
I thought to myself.
Soon, we arrived to a rather hidden neighborhood.
I say “hidden”, because it was filled with mansions and land that spanned far and wide, which for a city as big as ours is quite uncommon.
“Sir, I think you misheard the address…”
I said.
“No, I didn’t.
Harmony Avenue, number 9345.”
The driver said.
“But this isn’t Harmony Avenue, number 9345.”
I said, raising an eyebrow while preparing to open the door.
“I know, but this is the place Sir must be tonight.”
The driver said, as he stopped the car.
I quickly rushed out the cab, while putting my suitcase in front of me.
I waited in the rain for a while, but the driver didn’t exit the cab.
Soon, the cab drove away, leaving me standing there in the middle of an unknown place, in this hellish weather.
Defeated, I ran up to the house we stopped at.
Under its cover, I sighed.
“What could now happen..”
I murmured.
As I murmured, the door opened and a vigorous yet elderly butler came out.
“Doctor Smith, we’ve been waiting for you.”
He said.
I raised an eyebrow, clearly baffled by the situation.
“don’t be worried, we need you, so no harm will befall you.
Now come, Madam Fate will explain everything…”
He said, leading me into the house.
That day, my future changed for the better or worse, but I learnt a thing.
I truly arrived at the place I needed to be.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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