The monsters from under the bed

It was roughly a hundred files and reports filled, when Hades arrived at his last task for the day.
Well, “day”, as in this office, time was rather moody, so one couldn’t really count on it.
His job was simple: Hades was a manager, and he needed to decide what kind of monsters are to be sent under the bed of children below 16 years old.
Of course Hades was a monster himself, but he had worked up the ladder…almost literally.
Why were they doing this?
On the “righteous” end it’s because this way they could develop both the imagination and will of the children.
The monsters don’t scare them until they are scarred, so don’t worry.
On the “selfish” end of it, it’s because fear, hope and determination/will are strong emotion that exude high-quality spiritual energy that only several races can harvest.
Using this energy, they can become stronger, live longer and most importantly keep the outsider monster away.
They are rather nasty individuals who desire nothing more than to consume the soul of living beings
Born in this universe, everybody is connected to it, so the monsters can’t wantonly destroy, kill or consume others…the outsiders well, the name of their race explains everything.
Never mind these useless information, let’s get to business.
This file in front of Hades, was of an old costumer.
Erica Tenelum, ten years old and she already changed monsters over 150 times.
At the age of three, she got her first monster: one of the common grinning face beasts, Derbie.
In two weeks, which were equal to only 3 encounters (it is known that if the scaring is done daily, it would be disastrous), she got used to poor ol’ Derbie.
He even retired after this failure.
Afterwards, Hades increased the rank of the monster almost monthly.
From common, to rare then to elite, before even hiring mutants, variants, outcasts, hermits and even royalty as well.
Well, to be honest, the royalty were all newbie princes and princesses.
So even if they do look terrifying and have horrendous illusions in their arsenal, they aren’t really proficient in their usage.
But nothing worked.
Little Erica started smiling, and trying to talk with them at most after 3-4 encounters.
 Sighing, Hades looking at the clock that now was fuming due to its fast rotation.
“It’s time to join the field operations.”
He murmured, walking out of the office.
He went to the wormhole department, and the next moment, Hades was already outside the target’s house.
He casually walked through the walls, and hid himself under the bed.
On the other side of the room there was Erica’s brother’s bed, and underneath it a random smiling monster.
The monster nodded, and wanted to greet Hades, but Hades gestured her to stop.
This time was for business, not for chit-chat.
Soon, deep, long and peaceful breaths could be heard from above.
She was asleep, and so was his brother.
But the smiling monster didn’t act yet.
Hades being a top-brass amongst the monsters, he had the priority.
So Hades took up an abominations form, and slowly rose from under the bed.
The bed sheets were slowly dragged down, and a pressure started to weigh upon the poor little soul that was sleeping on the bed.
Hades towered over Erica, and soon she woke up.
Seeing Hades’ atrocious form, of wriggling pieces of flesh, claws, fangs and randomly moving scales, she actually smiled.
“A new friend!”
She whispered, and moved closer to him.
Hades was flabbergasted.
Turning back to his humanoid form, he slightly arranged and dusted off his suit.
Erica nodded cutely.
“You look better like this Uncle.”
She said.
“Aren’t you afraid?”
Hades asked.
“Why would I be afraid?”
Erica said, tilting her head.
“Well, we are monsters, shouldn’t you be afraid of us?”
He said, while the other monster underneath her brother’s bed could be heard murmuring in accordance.
“Well, there are worse baddies that I see sometimes, so you aren’t scary”
She said, while beaming.
“Worse baddies?”
Hades thought, as he paled at the realization of something.
He took out an ancient coin, and put it close to Erica.
The coin slowly started to levitate and glow.
Erica cheered and clapped, enjoying the sight.
But Hades trembled, and the other monster under the brother’s bed already disappeared.
“They..They are here…”
Hades murmured.
Erica tilted her head, not understanding what her “uncle” was talking about.
Hades touched her head, and she fell into a deep, but peaceful sleep.
Hades teleported back to the wormhole department, and smashed a big red button.
The alarms blasted, and monsters could be seen gathering everywhere.
After a day, hundreds of millions of monsters arrived at the gathering point.
“Prepare for war. The outsiders are within our reality.”
Hades simply said, before leaving.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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