The city of everblooming flowers

“Go to the desert they said.
It will be fun, not dangerous at all, they said.
You like new types of flowers, the oasis has some interesting ones, go check them, they said.”
Lily murmured as she walked on the burning golden sea underneath her feet, while being bathed by scorching sunrays.
She was walking slowly, being completely covered in her clothes, that she both prepared and tore apart to cover herself properly.
As she was walking, the golden sea beneath her gave in, and she started to sunk.
Lily wanted to scream, to struggle, but after days of walking in this hellish landscape, she was exhausted.
“So this is how it ends…
I hope Mom won’t forget to water my flowers…”
Lily thought as she sank deeper and deeper.
But the end she expected never came.
After a period of darkness she found herself in a world of myriad colors.
Falling onto a bush of foreign plants, she avoided any serious injuries.
After successfully freeing herself from the plants, she stood up and looked around.
Above her there was still a thin line of sand descending, but otherwise this new world she found herself in had a solid ceiling.
This ceiling was filled with flowers that were glowing intermittently in different colors of red and orange.
“What the …”
She muttered as she took in the sight.
She was in the middle of a forest, lush grass under her feet made her feel like walking on clouds.
Soon, she started running towards a direction.
There, she found a river, finally she could drink.
The water was clean, and refreshing, not that it matters, as Lily drank greedily, even though she knew she had to be careful.
Thankfully, nothing bad happened.
After drinking, she lay down on her back, and watched the pulsating flowers on the ceiling.
It was oddly relaxing.
The air was filled with enchanting fragrances of the flowers, which was weird.
“First, this is a forest in the middle of a desert.
And to top it, flowers that are like those I know of, yet different, are all blooming at the same time.”
She said, sighing.
Standing up, she looked towards the north, or she thought it was the north.
There, a dazzling light could be seen.
It was a tall tower, made of emerald green materials, that reflected the lights of the ceiling.
“It might be a city…”
Lily murmured, no matter how ridiculous this claim might seem.
Slowly walking, she made sure to check the surroundings.
And just as she thought, some animals were roaming around.
Creatures like deer, boars, bears, wolves, rabbits, owls and many more lurked around the forest and in-between the trees and herbs.
But thankfully, none of them were over-aggressive.
She saw a bear eating some pear looking fruits, and after the bear was gone, she plucked one for herself as well.
As she bit into the fruit, she experienced Heaven.
It was as juicy and sweet as nothing she had ever tasted before, and she could feel her weariness and injuries she suffered heal.
With only one fruit, she felt full and satisfied, even her skin started to regain its healthy luster.
She continued forward, and after half a day, she was out of the forest.
There she stopped, frozen with her mouth agape, watching mesmerized the sight that unfolded before her.
A city of unimaginable proportion appeared in front of her.
In the middle of the city was the sky-piercing tower she saw from afar.
This entire city was reminding her of something she read a long time ago.
“The hanging gardens of Babylon…”
She said, louder than she wanted.
Maybe it was due to her throat being not hoarse anymore, or due fate, but her voice echoed slightly in the surrounding.
“Hehe. Those gardens are just somebody’s try to copy our city’s magnificence.”
A chuckle could be heard from behind her.
Turning around, she found herself facing an “old man”.
He had a head full of snow white hair and beard, even his eyebrows were pure white.
But he was towering over Lily, even though she herself was over 1,8m tall.
His back was as straight as a spear, eyes glistening with life and his voice was vigorous as a lion’s.
“Welcome to The city of Everblooming Flowers.
You are the first visitor in roughly two and a half thousand years.
I will be your guide.”
He said, putting his hand on Lily’s shoulder, before whisking her away to the city of heavenly sights.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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