The haunted house

There was a rumored haunted house, on Alison’s street.
It was an old, Victorian styled house of course, what else could it be?
Alison was not only a horror, history and fantasy enthusiast, but also an adrenaline junkie (slef-proclaimed).
Now, after 18 years of living on this street, she finally managed to create a chance to enter it.
Her parents went on a 2nd honey moon, for their 20th anniversary, and for the first time in her life, she was alone.
The house, was dusty, the boards creaking when she walked upon them.
Nature already overtook this house’s ownership, the walls being covered in crawling weeds and flowers.
The windows are smashed in, and yet nothing can be seen inside, only a pitch black abyss.
As she checked out the house, she was smiling widely.
“This is creepier than from the sidewalk! This will be amazing!”
She thought, as she checked the windows, and doors.
Then she went back to the front door, and slowly opened it.
The door opened creaking, with dust and small wood pieces flying around.
As the door opened, light flooded the dark house, giving it a mystifying vibe.
“Huh, weird, how come now it’s light inside, but when the sun shone on the windows, it was still dark…”
Alison thought to herself, as she entered the house.
And then, as it always happens in such stories, the door closed behind her.
“Haha! I expected that!”
She shouted, taking out a heavy duty flashlight, illuminating the house’s interior.
And the light bathed the figures that slowly started to appear.
Alison was prepared for a myriad scenarios happening.
Floating ghosts missing a thing or two, ghosts of fallen beings, creatures of the night…
She expected the horrors of the countless novels she read, and thousands of movies she watched to come and surprise her.
But…albeit she was surprised, it was nothing as she expected.
Now, in the hallway she stood in, a multitude of figures materialized, with smiles on their relatively normal, a tad bit pale faces.
The two tallest figures were holding a “Welcome!” banner, and were even giggling excitedly.
“Okay, that’s weird.”
Alison said.
“Of course we are weird! We are ghosts!”
A young woman’s ghost said, as she stepped forward.
She wore a black suit, and had her hair in a bun.
But other than being extremely pale, and slightly floating she looked like a normal person.
“Not that. You are too nice, this is weird.
I wanted adventure and chillness not cosy feelings and tea parties.”
Alison said, sighing, slowly turning around.
“Wait! Don’t go.
You are the first visitor we had in 2 decades”
The young woman said.
“So what? This is too normal…”
Alison said.
“Yes, then how about this?”
The young woman said, as she grabbed Alison’s hand, and dragged her back into the hallway.
“H-h-how did you do that?”
Alison asked, as she felt the cold touch on her hand, even through the winter coat she wore.
“Well, you see, you are the first living person to actually see us, so I wondered: “Maybe we could touch you.”
And look! It worked.”
The young woman said.
“Okay, this is worth exploring further.”
Alison said, staying in the haunted house.
After this, she visited the house every weekend, and after a sudden discovery made her rich, she even bought the house.
She knew things someone of her age shouldn’t know, and became a great expert in many fields, but that wasn’t the most peculiar thing about her.
Years passed, yet she seemed to never age…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

3 thoughts on “The haunted house

    1. Thanks.
      I am still training for the writing process of such elements, but I am glad it worked.
      Basically, I simply want to leave as much as possible to the reader’s imagination.
      Is the MC a supernatural being from get-go? Did she become a ghost that can’t be differentiated from living beings?
      Was she possessed by the ghosts of the house or did she consume the ghosts and become something else?
      Clearly, she got a thing or two from the ghosts, and maybe, she met other creatures as well…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would say she dissolved it the realms of ghosts willingly. Supernatural has a broad defination and the scope of what can strech to the limit of ur imagination. So anything could have happened. But i would go with ” She chose that world over ours and gradually did a ghost-initiation course with ghosts may be “. That sounds funny. 😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

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