Roles reversed

A huge caravan of knights, mages and a royal carriage was passing through the elven lands.
As the only Druid that was willing to talk to others, I’ve been sent to escort them, and ask them for their reason of trespassing our lands.
I walked out of the forest, and greeted the emissaries.
Soon, a meeting with the leading figure in this caravan was arranged.
I went up to the royal carriage, and entered it.
Inside, it was an elegant room, enchanted to be bigger on the inside.
It held a throne, and countless art pieces, and ancestral type furniture.
“A high-elf druid actually came to talk with us, how flattering.”
A voice said from the front of the room, in a less than polite manner.
It was coming from the woman sitting on the throne.
She was beautiful, with golden hair and a fair complexion.
Wearing royal robes with the royal blue and red color combination, she just looked like an angel on earth.
She was “Immortal Princess” of the Empire, one of strongest entities on this planet.
My ex-disciple.
“Kiddo, if I knew it was you, I wouldn’t have come here.
There are drakelings in need of nursing, so hurry up and tell me what are you doing here.”
I said, sitting down in the middle of the “room”, on the fluffy carpet.
“Teacher, you are the same as always.
For your insolence, I could have to executed, you know that, right?”
She said.
“Oh, almight Althexia, forgive this poor soul.
Why have thy Excellence come here?”
I said, rolling my eyes.
Althexia burst into laughter, and so did I.
“Okay, enough with playing around.
I need to save Rolo from a knight.”
She said.
Rolo was a golden-wood dragonling I gave her as parting gift.
It’s quite the rare species of dragons, being able to help both in battle, and land nurturing.
You want to tell me, that you a “princess” is going to save a “dragon” from a “knight”?”
I asked, smiling.
Althexia sighed, and nodded.
I burst into laughter.
“Talk about the roles being reversed!
Oh my…I haven’t laughed so much since you fell into the manticore nest, and thought that it’s eggs are lanterns!”
I said, still laughing.
Althexia blushed, while the maids and servants in the “room” turned away.
But I could see their shoulders trembling slightly.
“Okay teacher, that’s enough.
Lead us through the forests, as the knight took Rolo to the Mountains of Greed.”
Althexia said, in a solemn tone.
“To those alchemists?
He dares to try experiment with one of ours?
I will reshape the forest, you will have a clear path until the mountains, but I already sent a kid or two to check upon the situation there.”
I said.
“When did you…”
Althexia asked.
“Just now.
They are the grandparents of Rolo, so hurry up, otherwise you might end up doing nothing.”
I said, laughing.
She nodded, and a maid escorted me out of the “room”/carriage.
As I watched the caravan moving away, I sighed.
“I could save him for you, but I can’t be always there for you…”
I whispered to the wind, before going back to my forests, and continued tending to the creatures that sought my help.
Walking back, I couldn’t help myself chuckle once more.
“A princess saving the dragon from the evil clutches of a knight…
Talk about not judging someone by its cover and roles being reversed….
I might write a story about this.”
I thought to myself.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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