Don’t judge a book after its cover

It’s been two weeks since they started chasing me.
From all over the city, people randomly started attacking me with knives, bats, sticks and whatever they could get their hands on.
I guessed that some nefarious magic was at works, so I was hoping to run into the forests up in the north.
It’s rumored that magic doesn’t work properly in those forests, so it would be the perfect hideout.
But I am exhausted, and there is still some distance to be travelled until I arrive there.
After two weeks of almost no rest, no food, no drinks, I am at my limits.
As I am running, I can hear horses and carriages behind me.
They are coming for me.
I gave my all, and increased my speed, running towards north, towards the endless forests that are there.
But it was just a foolish dream.
As soon as I could see the towering trees in the distance, an arrow pierced my leg.
Falling down, and sliding on the ground was painful, but not as painful as the poison that entered my bloodstream.
“This just enhances the pain felt… It’s not a deadly poison, I need to…run.”
I murmured to myself, trying to stand up, but failed.
As I was losing consciousness, a towering shadowy figure appeared in front of me.
I remember being lifted high up, before everything went completely black.
When I came to myself, I had a wooden roof over me.
Being in a comfy bed, and feeling an unimaginable warmth, I smiled, before realizing the danger I was in.
Jumping up, I looked around, and saw a window.
Looking outside, I saw a raging blizzard, and a myriad of blood-red trees.
I was in the forests up in the north…I’ve arrived.
Just then, the door to the room opened, and a minotaur entered.
“Oh, little runt, you are finally awake.
How are you feeling today?”
The minotaur asked.
“Who are you?”
I asked.
“My name is not important, but in the human language it would be “Taugr”.
Tell me, are you feeling better?”
Taugr asked.
“Yes, I am feeling refreshed.
I don’t know what you did to me, but it worked.”
Taugr said.
“It wasn’t me, but the Lady who healed you.
Come, she wants to meet you, now that you are feeling better.”
Taugr said.
Frankly, I was afraid.
Demi-humans, and magical creatures always were heralded as dangerous individuals.
Mostly because they were innately able to use certain magic types, but now…they don’t seem that bad.
I followed Taugr, and we arrived in an inner garden, where the Lady was waiting for us.
She was a tall woman, with spring green hair and emerald green skin color.
She was barely wearing anything, her vital areas being covered by some golden leaves.
From her long and beautiful hair, branches of roses stood out.
She was a dryad.
“Human, I am glad to see you are okay.
How is it? Can you remember what happened before you awakened here?”
She asked, with a slight smile, while tending to her flowers.
I’ve been chased by a furious horde of bakers, blacksmiths, nobles and farmers…
Hah, I’ve been a librarian and physician for 5 years, and helped a few of them, and now, they are trying to kill me.
It feels so wrong…”
I’ve said, laughing in pain.
“Humans hunting each other is nothing new, but this time, someone with hidden purposes is pulling the strings.”
She said, standing up.
She was even taller than I thought and well-endowed.
“you can stay here, this is a sanctuary.
There are many races cohabiting here, you might learn a thing or two.”
She said, patting my head like I was a child.
Although, compared to her, probably even my ancestors are but mere youths.
“Thank you, but I can’t stay for free…”
I said.
“We have a library that is unorganized, you might take up your old job here.
And although, we have some injuries occurring, your expertise is unfortunately not needed in that area, after all, we have magic.”
She said, giggling.
I nodded, blushing, before stumbling a bit, as Taugr just hit my back with one of his fingers.
“Welcome to the Elysian Garden newbie!
Let me show you around.”
Taugr said, before dragging me away.
I just chuckled, before nodding towards the dryad who just winked at me, before closing the doors.
There are hundreds of rooms here, but only a couple dozen people occupy them.
Mostly women and children live here, having ran away from serious situations.
Taugr and me, alongside an old man who is our cook are the only males that live here.
It’s true what I’ve read.
One should never judge a book after its cover…
After all, elves, dwarves, giants, and many more magical creatures welcomed me with open arms, without any questions…while my fellow “brothers and sisters” whom I sent letters to asking for help, ignored me…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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