Just a toy

“Lord David, you are called by Her Highness.”
A maid called for me, as I was jotting down some ideas.
I nodded, and left with her.
Walking the long corridors, I sighed.
“It’s been five years already…”
I thought to myself, as I gazed outside, being lost at the sight of flying whales, dragons and other creatures.
Soon, we arrived at the Empress’ chambers.
“Please, go ahead Lord David”
The maid said, bowing.
I smiled, and thanked her.
“They only treat me nicely, because the Empress favors me…but still, it feels nice.”
I thought to myself, as I entered the room.
Well, room is an understatement.
With spatial magic, the Empress’ chamber is a literal forest, filled with myriad flowers, herbs, creatures and even mountains.
Sighing, I also activated a spell of my own, and flew towards the highest peak.
I am from Earth, but in 5 years, I had to learn a thing or two.
On the peak, the Empress was sitting on a heap of pillows, casually being fed by a servant.
“Oh, Storyteller, you are here.
Tell me a story.”
She said, without even looking at me.
I bowed, and started telling her a story.
Thank Gods I loved reading, and I’ve read a lot of genres, otherwise this moody woman would’ve beheaded me already.
I started talking about a certain intergalactic story, and the mishaps they main character has gone through, but a grape suddenly flew past my head, with the speed of light.
That…could’ve killed me.
“You are losing my interest, Storyteller, which is a very dangerous thing to do.
Although, since you started cultivating, you are looking better, might try you in the bedroom if you aren’t content with being the Storyteller.”
The Empress said, laughing.
I just chuckled, arranged my clothes, and started talking about mythology once more.
This was her favorite topic, of course, with a bit of tweaking from me.
Some characters resemble her, and I told her that her divine powers affected our lowly mortal realm, and had been captured in our legends.
After a few hours of talking, and waiting for her to stop frolicking with her servants, I finally was dismissed.
Going back to my quarters, all the maids, servants and even soldiers greeted me with respect.
“That’s the Storyteller.
A learned sage, with endless knowledge.
Her Majesty respects him a lot.”
Was what they were whispering about me.
I just laughed, and sighed.
Entering my quarters, I took in the beautiful sight.
A sea of books, and papers greeted me.
But it was all for nothing, I just shook my head, and sat down at my desk.
“I am just a glorified toy…that’s what I am…”
I murmured, before drinking a Memory potion, and starting to jot down other stories I’ve read back home…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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