The same, yet so different

“Why would you do this?”
Alex asked, as he parried one of the hits.
“You know what they did to me! What this planet did to us, to so many of us!”
The woman shouted, her anger shaking both earth and heaven alike.
“Yeah, we’ve been in the same batch. Parents most likely killed, and we were used as lab rats.
Such a sob story, I know, but that doesn’t justify you going around, killing innocent civilians.”
Alex said, sighing.
“You have it easy Alex…
You got all the superpowers, without any side-effects!
But how about me? Look at me now, LOOK AT ME!”
The woman shouted, as her entire body lit up.
Her hair was of the brightest red, same as her skin.
Her eyes were red as well, and her blackish dress was starting to become slowly of a bloody red color.
“Lilith…If you control your emotions, you can live a perfectly normal life…
Why torture yourself like this?”
Alex asked.
“So I just forgive them?”
Lilith asked, fuming.
“You were this little angel, who gave her food portions to other kids, just because you were the older…
You would volunteer for experiments, just to give 1 day of peace for the younger ones…
Why…why do you go around wrecking-havoc?”
Alex asked.
“I learnt it from you…big brother.
You were the oldest, and took care of everyone…
So how can you be so happy to protect all these people, when our family died in those labs?!”
Lilith said, gesturing.
The buildings and the street around us crackling, cracking and moving around due to the shockwaves.
“You are just like me, Lilith.
You want to protect, so why do you go in such a roundabout manner?”
Alex asked, slowly containing the power that Lilith emanated.
“If I kill all the scum, won’t the good people be safe?”
Lilith asked, with a smile that wasn’t a smile.
“But you kill the good people in the process of killing the scum…
*Sigh*…I know their death affected you, but losing your mind…
You are just proving that those maniacs were right…
Please, Lilith…Don’t make me do this.”
Alex said.
“Oh, is the great and almighty hero afraid of a battle?”
Lilith teased.
“You know I love you, just stop.
We will just go and live in the mountains, leaving all this dirt behind, what do you say?”
Alex said.
Lilith stopped from raging, and blushed a bit.
But she bit her lips and shook her head.
“I can’t…If I just forget what happened, I will go mad…”
She said.
“You are already mad, little flower.
Let’s end this, I want to show you my improved cooking skills.”
Alex said.
Lilith just chuckled and jumped high in the skies.
The two then started a lengthy fight, that would’ve destroyed the city, had Alex not protected it from the shockwaves and remnant energies.
In the end, Alex won, and knocked out Lilith, before disappearing into the horizon.
Rumours say that enraged fighting can be heard in one of the forbidden mountain ranges, while the city that was damaged was gifted with several trucks worth of gold bars.
And others say that a huge mansion appeared in one of the clearings in the mountain ranges, where a couple could be seen getting busy, day by day.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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