The tribute

Out in the middle of the raging waves, and thunderous waters there is a piece of untouched and untainted land.
It’s an island that is almost big enough to be called a continent, and contains boundless riches.
Due to its positioning, it is protected by weather, and fate from all sides but one.
That one safe route is what is used by merchants, both external and internal ones.
And in that route, there is a small peculiar island.
It is occupied by a forest in its entirety, and is filled year-round by a seamless mist.
It is named the Guardian Island, due to its location and due to a legend.
Anyone who possesses ill will towards the main island will fall dead when it passes the Guardian Island.
Entire armies of men, beasts, demons and gods tried to test the mysterious guardian’s limits, but to no avail.
Be it underwater, or high up in the skies, people with bad intention will fall to their doom once they pass the Guardian Island’s position.
Now, a lone boat with an old man and a young, beautiful lady are travelling from the main island to the Guardian Island.
“Sigh…I am sorry lass…”
The old man said, as the destination came into view.
The young lady, with a calm smile responded.
“Don’t worry, it’s my fate.
Always has been.”
She said.
The old man sighed once more, as she stopped at the edges of the island.
The young lady debarked, nodded to the old man and left.
She went into the misty forest and pressed forward.
Lost between the trees, herbs and beastly howls, the young lady suddenly heard a whisper.
“Who are you? Why are you here?”
A voice whispered.
“I am the tribute for the Guardian.”
The young lady said, bowing slightly.
A cold harrumph could be heard, and the mist in front of the lady moved.
Soon, she saw a green path that lead towards a small cottage.
She walked the path slowly, each step of hers being taken at the same time with one of her heartbeats.
Soon, she arrived at the cottage.
The door opened, and a new world was in front of her.
An endless plain, filled with vegetables, fruits and tea trees.
In the middle of the plain there was a young man checking out the crops.
When the young lady entered the cottage, and stepped upon the plains, the young man appeared instantly in front of her.
“Long flowing golden hair, spring green eyes, with a fair skin and an athletic and well-endowed body…”
The young man murmured.
“Tall, sandy skin, with the darkest hair and red eyes.
I can describe you as well.”
The young lady said, as a retort.
“This is how you speak to the “Guardian”.”
The young man said, smirking.
“You are the Guardian?”
She asked, raising an eyebrow.
The young man just shrugged, then clapped.
The environment around them changed, now being surrounded by Sakura trees.
The young lady was frightened, and quickly kneeled.
“I am sor…”
She wanted to apologize, but was quickly lifted by the young man.
“Stop it.
I don’t like these shenanigans.”
The young man said.
“B-b-but if you are the Guardian…
I am either supposed to serve you or …or…”
She tried to finish her sentence but couldn’t, due to her trembling too much.
“Or eat you, right?
Stupid younglings sprouting legends about me…”
The young man said, sighing.
“So…The dozen or so previous tributes?”
The young lady asked tentatively.
“All have been teleported to other worlds.
Most of them became queens or empresses of a certain kind, but some choose to either marry someone strong, or become the strongest and live alone.”
The young man answered.
“So…I can choose what my fate is?”
The young lady asked.
“As always, yes you can.”
The young man nodded.
“Why are you here?”
The young lady asked.
“Don’t pry too much into me, I am too old for that.
Tell me your choice, otherwise I will just send you off to a random planet.
Of course, I will ensure that you will receive a blessing that will give you a “free” pass in life.”
The young man asked.
“So, you will honor and respect my choice, whatever it might be?”
The young lady asked.
The young man just rolled his eyes, sighed, before nodding.
“Okay! I want to be your servant forever!”
The young lady exclaimed, smiling.
“Huh? What now?”
The young man asked.
“Don’t tell me you are going back on your words?”
The young lady asked, gazing downwards.
“No, I won’t.
I shall make you my servant and give you eternal life, but why?
Why would you choose this?”
The young man asked.
“I am curious. And you seem to be an interesting person.”
The young lady said, giggling.
The young man sighed, and massaged his temples.
“This will be a long eternity…”
He murmured, leading the young lady into the depths of his realm, where he shall teach her everything she needs to know, and more…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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