Archenemies on a date

It was eight o’clock in the evening.
I was rushing towards my favorite restaurant.
I…I was having a date.
After all this fighting, and struggling to protect the world, I finally met someone I like.
Well, we met online, and we hit it off well.
Finally, we decided to have a date, and meet face to face.
Soon, I arrived at the restaurant, where, Matthew, the waiter announced me that my date already arrived.
Looking over to the table I reserved, I froze a bit.
Even sitting, the young lady was tall, with as straight of a back as one can have.
She was a dark elf, with long red hair, and now was wearing a royal blue night dress.
She was mesmerizing, with her emerald green eyes, but that wasn’t the problem.
She…she was my archenemy.
I walked to the table, and greeted her, kissing her hand.
“Little captain sunny, as always, you arrive after me.”
She said, with a mischievous and melodious voice.
“Sigh…You recognized me as well, huh?”
I asked, sitting down at the table as well.
“How could I not?
We danced so many times, that I could recognize your body from another planet.
And seemingly, you can recognize my body as well…
I don’t blame you, I know that I am quite the catch.”
She said giggling.
I laughed as well.
She was…way more different.
We were living in a supernatural society.
Superheroes, and supervillains being quite common place.
And, while she was the most moody and strongest villain, I was the strongest and most loyal superhero.
After all, she’s the only one randomly popping out causing havoc, and I am the only one that decided to stay on this planet, even after getting generous offers from other planets as well.
“So your real name is Sophia?”
I asked.
“Sophia Debelle. A beautiful name, but it wouldn’t be good as a villain’s name.
And yours is Eric Anishal, just as expected from you, a simple name.”
She said, nodding.
“A beautiful name indeed is yours, but I love mine as well.”
I said, shrugging.
She just smiled, as Matthew brought us the pre-prepared “couples only” specials.
A fine feast, accompanied with a fine wine was nicely spread on the table.
“Let’s eat a bit, before continuing our conversation, okay?”
Sophia said.
I nodded, and waited until she took her first bite, before starting to eat as well.
After all, I asked her on a date, so it would be only normal for her to be the one to eat first.
After eating a bit, and the wine starting to take effect, I started talking.
“So, after all these years of fighting, what are your goals?
What do you want to do next”
I asked.
Taking a sip of the wine, she wetted her already blood red lips.
“Well, I plan on retiring to the Grand Forests of the Northern Plaines and live leisurely.”
She said.
“Oh? No more “having fun” with the banks or “Taking” some humans to visit your “sisters”?”
I asked.
“Nope, I got bored with the villainy act. I want to settle down.
How about you? What are your dreams?”
She asked, smiling.
Her smile was enchanting…I lost myself in it.
“Hello, Mr. Sunny hat? You there?”
She waved her hands at me.
“Ahem. Yes, sorry.
Well, I want to settle down as well.
After all, I’ve done enough for this world, now it’s time to focus on myself.”
I answered.
“Fine synergy we have here, damn.
Let’s see. We shall answer at the same time.
Favorite genre of books/movies?”
Sophia asked.
We both said.
Now, the next question: sea or the mountains as a trip destination?”
She continued.
We both answered.
“Hehe, I like where this is going.
Last one: favorite hobby?”
She asked, giggling.
We answered, first me then her.
“Well, your reading won’t interfere with my gardening.”
She said, laughing.
“Never would’ve thought that the Great Demon of Mayhem, loves gardening.”
I said, laughing as well.
“Well, I am an elf after all, need to stay true to the stereotypes.”
She said, blowing me a kiss.
I blushed, but I noticed, that she was kind of rosy as well.
We finished the dinner, after which I accompanied her to the forest she lives in.
“This was fun, and unexpectedly, we are more compatible than I thought.”
She said.
I nodded.
While I was daydreaming, and watching the forest, she pulled me close and kissed me.
“Let’s meet up for a planet wide forest tour next time! Bye!”
She said hopping away, leaving me frozen in place.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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