It doesn’t change a thing

“I have to tell you something”
My girlfriend started, fidgeting a lot.
“Seriously, right now?”
I asked smiling wryly.
After all, I was in a kneeling position, being mid-way through asking THE question.
“Y-y-yes, I really have to tell you this…”
She stuttered out an answer.
I nodded, and stood up.
Thank God I choose this hill with a beautiful view, where we had our first kiss, as the spot.
This way I won’t be embarrassed in front of others, although I hope she wants to tell me something silly.
“So, what’s up?”
I asked.
“I-I-I am a…a dragon…”
She said, the last part being whispered.
“A dragon?”
I asked.
She nodded, gaze downwards, but often taking peeks at my reaction.
“Great! Not many could say that their would-be-fiancee is a dragon!”
I said, smiling.
“You don’t believe me right?”
She murmured, as her beautiful, pale hand transformed into an emerald green claw.
With a swing of her claw, the trees around us were decimated.
I snorted and hit her head.
“Auch! Why?”
She cried out.
“Don’t damage the trees! You know I love nature!”
I said.
She smiled, and her claw transformed back to a hand.
Then, she whispered something, and blew towards the fallen trees.
They quickly stood up, and reconnected with their trunks, becoming whole and healthy once more.
“Now, do you believe me?”
She asked.
“I believed you the first time though.
After all, I knew it for some time already, that you weren’t the everyday girl.”
I said, chuckling.
“What? Why? How?”
She shouted, staggering back.
“I mean, after you got comfortable sleeping in the same bed, you set fire to the pillow a few times.
Normal humans don’t really snore and breath flames, you know?”
I said, smirking, teasing her a bit.
She blushed completely.
I went down on my knee once more and asked THE question.
“Lilith, will you marry me?”
She froze a bit, and bit her lips.
“You want to marry me?
Even after knowing the truth?”
She asked.
“It doesn’t change a thing.
I still love you.”
I said.
She almost cried, but forcefully stopped herself.
“I do. I do want to marry you!”
She exclaimed with teary eyes.
I put the ring on her finger and stood up.
While kissing her, I hugged her really close.
“Don’t go thinking about stupid things anymore, I love you.”
I said.
She trembled a bit in my embrace, but nodded.
“Also, you must tell me if there are other creatures like you.”
I said.
“There are.
There is an entire city hidden from humans.”
She answered.
“When you are ready, you must show me the sights there.
Also, I really want to meet your friends.
Like, supernatural friends.”
I said, giving her a kiss on her forehead.
She just nodded cutely, like a chicken eating corn.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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